Kelly Lenza / LividLipids / softbodytendermind / ass_child - "Radical body liberationist”, Intentionally Repulsive, Uber woke 40-something SJW influencer wannabe, doxed her former therapist for getting WLS and later accidentally doxed herself

It's the one issue I actually agree with Kelly. Israel is a colonizer nation with systemic racism built into every facet of the government. It is everything these woke types should hate.

Ironically, any criticism of Israel has been declared as anti-semitism and is likely to be the thing which brings down their woke side. They'll be back tracking soon.
Newsweek: With Israel Under Attack, Watch for Progressive Anti-Semitism
Decades ago, when it was taboo in the US to not be on Israel's side, I independently thought "Hmm, Palestine has a point, though." It's about being informed, which people like Kelly are not. They just glom on to "oppression" and go to town, which is why your last paragraph makes perfect sense.

If you want to go all the way to the other side, its the same for Trumpism. His followers take anything he says as gospel, without fact-checking.

(EDIT: I am probably going to get in trouble with the mods for political-tirading. I promise, no more. I will skulk on back to the Chantal thread and just point and laugh.)
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the sign on the wall behind the kiddo says "keep my skillet good and greasy"

Old timey American music sperg:

"Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy" (or, "Skillet Good and Greasy" or any number of variations) is a traditional American folk song popularized by "Uncle" Dave Macon in the 1920s. The innuendo is most definitely intended, but just thought I'd mention some context. Also I highly doubt Kelly knows that ol Uncle Dave had another hit called "Run, Nigger, Run" lmao

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I'd totally forgotten about this thread (and this person) for several months. Now that I'm back, I'm glad to see nothing has changed, especially not Kelly's habit of superimposing novella-length blocks of text over close-ups of her grimacing face.

P.S.- Why is it that I constantly feel so fatigued and depressed? Could it have something to do with the fact that I'm 300 pounds overweight and spend 12 hours per day on social media? No, it must be because I'm excessively compassionate.


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Kelly Lenza and Virgie Tovar have to be two of the most aesthetically revolting people I've ever seen. It's hard to grasp how some people could possibly be so homely -- and that's putting it far too nicely.

Both also have utterly grotesque personalities and attitudes to match.

They must be doing something right though, because they gots a man and I don't. So, credit to where credit is due, ladies!
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I really don’t think Kelly understands just how much variation there is in fit when you’re the size of the deathfat.
If you have large breasts (imo anything DD or higher) the bra sales ladies won't recommend cup/padded bras. As the breast mass increases, each takes on its own shape, so cups aren't recommended. Cloth bras only. Knowing this, shape wear, damn near everything outside of a woman within muimui is not going to work for a fat fuck.
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Why does Kelly need athletic shorts? They aren't going to be used for actual athletics.

Also, I'd never heard of this brand, so I looked it up. LOL.

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View attachment 2174635
I feel for this woman with the fucked up knees the way I would feel for a child with cancer who gets their make-a-wish. Good for her getting a day in the spotlight and getting to be a BOPO inspiration (eyeroll), cause let's face it, her life probably sucks. What rubs me the wrong way is these athletic companies looking for the most grotesque models they can so they can tap into the freak market. It's not usually amputees, acid attack victims or people with extreme scarring, birth defects, etc. It's people who disfigured themselves by not putting down the fork. But all these fat chicks care about is their right to be pandered to by companies selling shitty overpriced sportswear which sells an idea of exercise more than any actual lifestyle changes. Just something I've noticed for a while and I'm sure others have said it better before. And despite the BOPO on this site, it is still not good enough for Kelly because they don't have a specific option for how she destroyed herself. She even pitches herself as a model for the super mega morbidly obese demographic with the added niche of "my breasts look like bowling balls in stretched out plastic bags".

TL;DR If I had legs like that, I wouldn't be in the market for shorts.

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And why do superfats' knees end up inverting? When the fat overtakes the joint, that should be concerning.
I think this happens because the knee cup itself doesn't have much fat tissue. So then everything fattens up, knee cup remains the same, what makes the illusion of inverted knee.
Same for elbows.

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