Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt / "Kengel" / Saturnella / Thundersteam / OnionNull / sailfish8964 - Autistic adult cyberbully, ISIS apostate, failed lolcow collector, dickgirl lover, CWC stalker

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Kengle now has 10k+ twitter followers, is he still a lolcow?

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Buster O'Keefe

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He was migrating to a new host yesterday. At first I was excited that he fucked up the site because I had made a bet only a few hours before with someone about how long it would take him to delete the place by accident.
He has an admin who seems to know his stuff, but then chooses to go on solo runs without consulting anyone. I guess it's a good way to learn? 🌈


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IIRC Kengle said he puts stuff online - only to shortly take it down - because he's "developing his skills". I think the real reason is, people make fun of the stuff he puts online, so he takes it down. Then he puts up similar stuff later, thinking "surely it'll go different now".

Thus the kengling cycle goes on and on...

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Anyone want to make a transcript of it?
The formatting isn't ideal, but it should do the trick:
0:03: Hello?

0:06: Hello?

0:07: Hey, is this Ken Englehardt?

0:10: Yes, who is this?

0:11: Uh, this is Flowers for Sonichu, from Kiwi Farms.

0:16: Wait a minute, hold on, I- hold on just a minute.

0:20: For sure, for sure no problem.

0:23: (NOISE) This is- this is what?

0:27: So uh, this is Flowers for Sonichu from Kiwi Farms.

0:32: From who?

0:34: Kiwi Farms.

0:36: Yes, well, why- Why are you calling me?

0:39: Um, so I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about some of the issues we've been having together between you and the userbase. Um, as you know, it's my job to resolve conflicts between Kiwi Farms members... And, uh, I felt like in the past couple days, uh, we've been having some issues together, uh, that we need to resolve, and, uh, talk out. Is that okay with you?

1:04: I'd simply like to be off Kiwi Farms and I'd like the wiki off. Okay?

1:09: Okay, but, like, the thing is-

1:11: I'd like to be off Kiwi Farms; I regret getting involved in that. I'd like that- I'd really like that, the wiki off.

1:17: Okay-

1:18: 'Cause uh-

1:19: I have no power over that. Um, so what I've gotta do-

1:23: Well-

1:24: If you, if you want to be off the Farms why do you keep coming back?

1:29: Huh?

1:30: Why do you keep coming back?

1:33: Because that thread keeps growing regardless of how many times I come back.

1:38: Okay, sure.

1:39: The thread keeps growing.

1:41: Well, to be honest with you... Even before your thread was a thing, uh, you were originally banned. Right? You were banned years and years ago, even just-- I, I've been a member of this forum for over [ten / two ?] years now, and even before then you were banned as a way to, y'know, protect yourself from causing all the conflict that you're talking about. Why did you come back?

2:07: Okay, I'm- I'm not really interested, goodbye. There's- there's nothing I'm gonna say that's gonna make any difference, so... y'know, goodbye.

2:15: I- I- I opened up this dialogue with you, I wanna- I want to know where you're coming from (...)

- END -

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what the fuck did he mean by this?