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Nov 25, 2017

Kevin Gibes, also known by their trans persona as "Kathryn," their primary online handle of "TransSalamander," or other usernames "RageTreb" and "The Green Salamander," is a Colorado autogynephilic, sex-obsessed post-op transsexual in their mid-30's who checks nearly every box to an almost parodic degree. His hobbies and interests include countless paraphilias such as diaper fetishism, discussing his struggles maintaining a neovagina, constantly sharing or discussing pornography, or engaging in erotic role plays over Twitter while apparently bashing his head against his keyboard and hitting "post," as demonstrated in the musical guide below.

To the relief of many, Kevin has sectioned himself away from the rest of the world in a bizarre and cult-like trans-only alpaca ranch known as The Tenacious Unicorn Ranch, which has spawned its own thread due to its own antics.

By @Bani

Throughout the existence of this thread, Kevin has proven just how destructive he and his habits are. Outside of his limited hobbies, Kevin has adversely impacted the lives of people who interact with him, presented absurd stereotypes of women as reality, caused the direct suffering of his family, and regularly attempts to convert people into his damaging lifestyle. Kevin himself isn't safe from Kevin either, as he's gone out of his way to destroy his own body.

By @mickey339

Special thanks to @stupid fuck for the thread in general, the assistance of @heathercho, @Gizmoduck, @Dustlord, @Crunchy Leaf, and @remiem, and @meinhausinneuberlin for the original information. Additional thanks/unthanks to @mirrorcrayon2 for the discovery of Kevin's NSFW accounts.

!2.png loop.gif
By @Puddleduck



For quite some time before he was ever given direct attention, Kevin was spotted lurking around the trans community of Twitter. While some listen to his words with genuine awe, he mostly was being passed around as a laughingstock who openly discusses revolting or bizarre topics such as a countless list of fetishes he has (including rape, hence the header image) which, in all honestly, would be easier to name off fetishes Kevin doesn't have, as scat porn seems to be where he draws the line (although he has a strong fascination with urine).


By no exaggeration, Kevin is open to any topic which is sexual in nature, and supports "feral" porn (pornographic drawings depicting bestiality) while sharing his only reservations regarding loli/shota porn (pornographic drawings depicting children) is that they can be used for grooming kids.


Paraphilia aside, of special note is his understanding of undergoing sexual reassignment surgery, as his magical thinking regarding the topic is a particularly laughable display.


What helps perpetuate Kevin's notability as a trans Twitter creep is his simply staggering amount of tweets which he makes daily. Kevin, by his own admission, is addicted to posting grotesque comments on Twitter. He is obsessed to the point where when he received but a single account strike, he broke down into a complete wreck of a panic attack, frothing at the mouth from the mere thought of not being able to use Twitter for a few days. Another notable instance involves Kevin promising to take a one week break from Twitter, which he has still failed to uphold to this day. As a result of this addiction, at the time it was last calculated, Kevin's Twitter averages roughly 5.3 Tweets every hour, uninterrupted, for over half a decade.

Throughout its creation, the existence of Kevin's thread remains a constant source of ire for those who share the residence with him, on top of Kevin himself. Starting with Kevin's reaction, while he touts how many people have viewed his Twitter profile, even more have viewed this very thread, leading to him complaining how his name now autofills in search engines to suggest Kiwifarms. Kevin also often flip-flops between becoming extremely angry and upset when people mention his thread to instead acting proud of its existence, fooling nobody and entertaining many.


This peaked in a particular episode where the above animated image became the top suggestion when users searched "trans" on platforms Discord and Tenor. Once again, Kevin backpedaled on the existence of his thread and pretended to enjoy the fact this image made to mock him became popular, contradicting his earlier complaints.

1642120037766.png 1642120109447.png

As for the ranch itself, they reacted to the thread with how they typically react to any form of dissent, being they waved a gun around and challenged people to trespass so they could shoot them, demonstrating they are an equally amusing source of comedy as Kevin is. Kevin's defenders also watch his thread with a careful eye, and will run to alert him whenever they believe he may be in danger of Kiwifarm's wrath. While in reality Kevin is "never" in danger of Kiwifarms doing anything, his defenders instead believe he "always" is. Of note, one of Kevin's creepy e-boyfriends, called "Wedge" for the unfortunate shape of his triangular penis, will interact with the thread and has directly responded to mockery of him and Kevin. On that note, hello Wedge!



During the moments where Kevin isn't blubbering on Twitter or raging over his thread, his primary hobby besides being a de facto Drew Carey impersonator is watching pornography. But with the understandable notion claiming "excessively masturbating to pictures of inflatable pool toys" isn't a hobby, Kevin is a man of few talents. He occasionally draws, but his skills have not improved for years. The best demonstration of his poor capabilities is the (NSFW) page containing his pornographic drawings on a "Rule 34" website. On this site with users accepting of the most bizarre or badly made drawings, Kevin's art skills were heavily criticized to the point where even the poster of his works (who was unaffiliated with Kevin) was specifically told to stop sharing it by viewers.


Drawing may very well be Kevin's only productive interest, as he otherwise spends excessive amounts of money on games or literal children's toys. However, Kevin has expensive tastes, and so he quickly discovered how profitable it is grifting online, with him managing to beg nearly $3,000 in only four months. It is not simple speculation or conjecture which claims Kevin takes this grift money, which he assures is for rent and utilities, and spends it on toys, as Kevin is not only arrogant, but also shameless in how transparently he is lying about needing money for basic survival. There have been instances where Kevin begged for the exact price of a plastic toy he wanted while still lying and saying it was for bills, and he seems to "mysteriously" gain stockpiles of plastic toys or figurines to collect dust immediately after a grift. Kevin himself has even noted this was a problem, yet continues to purchase a literal horde of toys regardless.

!33.png 1641253069187.png

Kevin is also certain to make his scams indefensible, as he does not merely buy cheap toys he won't do anything with besides set them on a shelf, he will buy the most expensive toys available which he won't do anything with besides set them on a shelf, such as a figurine worth $850, which he once again gained after a successful begging session. As if it wasn't abhorrent enough, if he is confronted with his blatant lies, Kevin will then grow indignant, opting to mock the person for noticing what is blatantly obvious. In this specific example, Kevin then immediately went from insulting the person who called him out to buying inflation porn. It is observable, as time goes on and more people begin identifying his scamming, how Kevin becomes increasingly more incomprehensible yet desperate trying to defend this blatant misuse of others' trust and money.

By @Johnny Clyde Cash


As his daily routine entirely revolves around Twitter, Kevin inevitably is forced to interact with other people, usually in the form of Kevin's tendency to present outlandishly stupid concepts. In a particularly confusing post, while using argumentation and hypotheticals, Kevin states using argumentation and hypotheticals is bad. This reveals how while Kevin does actually enjoy arguing and presenting dumb ideas, he absolutely hates when dissenters argue back. Kevin is certainly no stranger to posting instigative comments spurring arguments, as he is prone to childish or magical thinking, as demonstrated below, and he will present his nonsensical ideas without elaboration and immediately block anyone who questions him.


This is just simply annoying, but it leads to Kevin's inherently antisocial behavior. As stated before, Kevin hates people who disagree with him. This is not hyperbole in any sense, as merely holding a differing opinion causes Kevin to form a vendetta against the dissenter. Dissociative fantasy being a favorite of Kevin, he has stated how he enjoys imagining torturing and killing people who disagree with him. And, should a person he disagrees with genuinely die, Kevin will promptly laugh about their death and celebrate. Even the well-being of random people who haven't crossed Kevin yet are deserving of his scorn, as he expressed his glee during protests where individuals were hurt and buildings were being destroyed.


Besides being uncaring towards others, Kevin also tends to hold his transgender status as a point of superiority over others. To Kevin, the fact a person is trans makes them immune to all forms of negative interaction, including mockery, dissent, and criticism. This is best exemplified by the above, where Kevin blindly defended an outed pedophile while excusing pedophilia using the logic of trans people never experiencing a "proper" childhood, which is expressed through sexualizing children. Additionally, Kevin also tried to dismiss Chris Chan's alleged rape of his own mother by claiming the audio evidence was faked. Sometimes Kevin will even formulate new ways to flaunt his trans status as a point of superiority over others, as he has insulted and blocked people simply for sharing his original name pre-transition, and described himself as part of a "protected category" immune to mockery. Nonsensically, he also feels an exceedingly vindictive rivalry between himself and heterosexual people, evident by how he unsympathetically stated he found spousal abuse funny, but only if it specifically affects straight couples.


If it isn't clearly demonstrated, Kevin does not value others in any capacity. When a child no older than twelve years of age tried helping Kevin, his first response was to respond rudely while finding amusement when the child decided to stop giving their assistance. No action is too little, benign, or meaningless to earn his scorn either, as when a random woman politely asked him to not stand too close to her while waiting in a line, Kevin would later refer to her as a "cunt," which is his standard response when any natal woman disagrees with him. With Kevin being absurdly petty apparently not being bad enough, he seems to believe others can read his mind, as he will often assume people will completely understand his viewpoint when he's never met the person nor spoken to them meaningfully. The best example of this is when he became angry with a random user for joking with Kevin precisely how literally every other person does, which Kevin decided to take umbrage with without reason.

What will become increasingly apparent is how Kevin only sees people as a means of serving his masturbatory habits. The only time he interacts with people while not berating them, besides when making idle chit-chat discussing toys or politics, is when the topic is sexual in nature. Kevin seems to never have any form of platonic relationship. People are either a wall to bounce sexual comments off of, or they are a nuisance to him with no middle ground. If Kevin speaks to a person for an extended period of time without pushing them away, he will instantly start trying to do erotic roleplays with them, leading to Kevin claiming to be in a serious relationship with people he both has never met in person nor even heard the voice of. Worst of all, Kevin is fully aware of how he treats people who don't want to serve his sex-focused nature, as he has expressly stated he seeks to improve how he interacts with acquaintances; Kevin then went on to prove this was an empty platitude by instantly yelling at literally the first person who responded receptively to that very statement.


As evidence demonstrates, Kevin's selfish and uncompromising nature of emotional manipulation cultivates the interactions people share with him. Whenever he encounters any form of dissent, he will attempt to guilt his followers into submitting to him through deleting their own posts or immediately apologizing, sometimes both. As a demonstration of the subserviency of his "fans," they all invariably beg for Kevin's forgiveness shamelessly and cave to his demands unconditionally. Those who fail to submit are immediately blocked by Kevin while he naturally always tries to get the last laugh before doing so when the recipient is unable to further respond. This all goes to show that Kevin treats individuals despicably and culls those who do not take his abuse in stride while praising individuals who submit to him.


Kevin's behavior may be the result of his limited interactions with others. What also may stem from this is his frankly misogynistic perception of women, a bitter irony concerning his obsession with becoming one. Kevin has never been spotted interacting meaningfully with a woman (besides calling one a "cunt" when it suited him, of course), but how he sees them is almost certainly the result of standards set by pornography and fiction.

The list of laughable traits he attributes to women is rife with prominent examples. Kevin regularly shares his belief that it is natural for women to be difficult to pleasure and is typical of them to struggle to orgasm, which he uses to excuse the expected loss of sensitivity as a result of his sexual reassignment surgery. When he experienced a worsened libido, explained by the removal of his testicles, Kevin instead calls it a "feminine libido." If his neovagina smells, he demonstrates how he believes all vaginas smell bad. When he becomes irritable and begins insulting people at random, or being "bitchy and weepy" as Kevin puts it, he will excuse this as him simply acting like a woman on her period. He even blames his inability to do basic math on his transition, implying women are naturally bad at mathematics. The worst example is his pregnancy fetish, where he finds intrigue in the idea of women being "domesticated" through pregnancy, although Kevin has bemoaned that he'll never be a biological mother (to the relief of many).


Yet Kevin's perception of women goes beyond disturbing and into insulting when he describes activities such as buying children's bandages (brandishing Disney princesses) as distinctly feminine instead of childish. Most telling of all is that Kevin notes acting feminine triggers his humiliation fetish, meaning he quite literally finds being a woman (or at least his warped idea of one) humiliating. Then, taking a step even further beyond degenerate and into the insane, Kevin has managed to fetishize topics involving women which aren't even overtly sexual or conventionally feminine, demonstrated by how he expresses sexual excitement from imagining the genuine danger lesbian women born centuries ago faced.


Yet despite his best efforts, Kevin humorously displays stereotypically male characteristics as a trans woman. For example, Kevin doesn't understand how to hook or unhook a bra, took entire weeks to find his own makeshift clitoris, believes it's common for women to orgasm from penetration alone, describes himself as a "bottom" (which is exclusively homosexual male terminology), and expresses his interest in "frotting" with his neovagina (a sexual act done between two homosexual males).



Readers may expect Kevin's family to be exempt from the contemptible way he treats others, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Kevin's family is otherwise exceedingly normal other than a deceased father, but it is Kevin's interaction with them which is exceedingly strange. It is unknown how Kevin's relationship with his sister has panned out over the years, although some speculate Kevin's early attempts to transition involved emulating his sister's appearance. As for his brother and mother, he is evidently estranged. But it is predictably Kevin's own fault for his estrangement, especially regarding his brother. In short, Kevin's first (and only) ex told him to kick his brother out of their shared living arrangement, and Kevin obliged without a second thought. Soon after, the pair broke up, sacrificing the bond with his brother in favor of what was an observably volatile relationship which dissolved immediately. Still, Kevin regularly talks about his estrangement with his brother as if his brother is the one at fault for no longer speaking to him.


Kevin's additionally poor relationship with his mother is likewise his own fault. He regularly blames her for not accepting his transition, but his only evidence of this is her referring to him as "Kevie" in a few exchanges (and apparently on her personalized answering machine, a function which is not known for any phone).


Given that Kevin can only think in terms of himself, he fails to even pretend to care that his mother is expressing her hardships and opts to lecture her for calling him the nickname she presumably used throughout his childhood. After happily sharing this exchange, he immediately badmouths her with a random stranger, further proving that Kevin can only see the world through a selfish lens, uncaring of the difficulties his family faces (some of which are because of him).


Ironically, it is due to his own family as to why Kevin can continue his lazy existence, as he has confirmed he receives monthly inheritance checks from a deceased aunt. This may also explain why he is still allowed on the "Tenacious Unicorn Ranch" even though he offers nothing more than being a drain on resources. Regardless, despite having everything handed to him while being owed nothing, Kevin has a thankless relationship with his family as a whole, and may never work a single day in his entire life.


Of course, women and his family aren't the only ones subjected to his nature. Since he only values people based on whether or not he can gain any sexual satisfaction from them, Kevin takes the proactive approach and often will try to groom any and everyone who interacts with him if they aren't transgender already. Besides his cruel nature, this may be one of Kevin's most detestable traits. The extent of which Kevin does so borders on the edge of sounding similar to a paranoid conspiracy theory. In all seriousness, Kevin both aggressively and maliciously tries to convince any person he meets to transition. A common tactic is for Kevin to blame any issue a person has, no matter how mundane or unrelated, on the fact they haven't transitioned yet. Kevin himself is aware of how he grooms others, as he has stated how he genuinely tries to groom any individual who gets close to him, and how he wishes he could go back in time and groom more people he knew sooner.

(Yes, this is real.)

The most prominent target of his grooming is a male named mode_view, an emotional leech in their own right, who Kevin has been trying to groom for ages. Even when Kevin was explicitly turned down, he went on to refer to mode_view using feminine pronouns and hounding him incessantly to transition. While describing such tactics as "cult-like" is rather trite, it is still an accurate descriptor, as not only did Kevin proceed to become increasingly angry and curt when his attempts to groom mode_view were turned down, other people in Kevin's circle joined in to continue pressuring him to transition (as Wedge himself is also prone to grooming, evident by his discussions of trying to induct individuals in a Discord server he frequents into his multiple fetishes). This is a reoccurring trend as well, as Kevin's social circle literally group together and furiously demand mode_view transition as if they are an authority over him.

While mode_view demonstrates how Kevin "aggressively" grooms others, there are multiple examples showing how Kevin "maliciously" grooms others. Kevin wears successfully groomed individuals as badges of honor, yet he will completely ignore how he has destroyed their lives directly due to this. For example, Kevin convinced the creator of a webcomic to transition (or "cracked the egg," terminology used by trans circles which basically means "groomed"). As a direct result of this, the comic creator's marriage begun to be increasingly strained, leading to his wife having a mental breakdown and requiring therapy to cope with the stress of her husband's transition. Kevin, of course, chose to ignore this and still has not made a direct statement regarding it.


This is merely an example of Kevin's malice through willful ignorance, however. A particularly awful episode demonstrated Kevin will not only groom a person even if it ruins their life, but he will then use this groomed individual as a pedestal to lecture others. When Kevin groomed user blaze_casual to undergo sexual reassignment surgery, blaze_casual immediately shared their complications and regret regarding the procedure. Rather than take responsibility, apologize, or even so much as show sympathy, Kevin opted to point at blaze_casual and call him an exception before sharing how Kevin still believes transitioning is something anyone should undergo. Worst of all is Kevin warns against assuming undergoing the surgery is a magical process with little complication, which are statements Kevin makes precisely.

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Oct 5, 2017
gonna get fucked in my new vag
I had to get this in text for copypaste reasons, figured I'd share.


fml tbh
Sep 6, 2019
I have a theory that Kevin's sex drive is no longer what it was and deep down he's panicking about the state of his hellhole, but degeneracy is his comfort zone so he pulls all this "hell yeah! Totally can't wait to get fucked in the vag! Totally just excited for sex and not freaking out about this separating wound!" as a way of whistling past the graveyard. I don't think "fake it til you make it" works for a crotch one describes as a ratty sock that's coming apart.

Something about the way he looks makes me imagine he smells like hot cabbagey garbage.


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Dec 20, 2019
This might not be the best place to ask, but since Kevin talks about his neovag daily, can troons actually feel anything from penetration? It seems like the procedure of inverting a penis would do considerable nerve damage but I'm not a doctor.


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Sep 7, 2016
For completed-ness, even though they're boring :


May 22 matches his Deviant Art birthday, but 32? Nigga... you're WRECKED.

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Nov 25, 2017


Thankfully, whatever supernatural force is responsible for the world's existence, it seems to be a proponent of karma, or at least has a sense of humor based in irony. Despite all of Kevin's blind positivity regarding sexual reassignment, Kevin is the ultimate nightmare scenario of the procedure. Best of all, Kevin must constantly use the coping mechanism of denial despite such statements contradicting complaints he himself has made.

As a side note, Kevin's neovagina is often referred to as the "am hole," referencing to a bizarre post Kevin made composing solely of that single phrase.

Ignoring how his perception of women is already heavily warped by fiction and pornography, Kevin isn't a particularly good judgment on what is feminine in general. In fact, there is evidence which suggest Kevin may have face blindness, as he has stated he can only differentiate male and female faces by the presence of facial hair. However, it is questionable as to whether or not he says this as a means of grooming more people into transition, as he has gotten angry when questioned on his supposed inability to differentiate faces. But Kevin isn't just simply bad at making out female faces either, as this inability extends to female genitalia as well. As one would expect, Kevin has undergone gender reassignment under Jennifer Hyer, a surgeon responsible for 15% of all sexual reassignment surgeries who is also known for being a student under the doctor behind Jazz Jennings's surgery. Since Jazz Jennings surgery has been overwhelmingly disastrous, Kevin has experienced similar results, yet he continues to assert his neovagina is indistinguishable from the genuine product.

[Theme of The Am Hole - Akihiko Narita, MHW OST]

Readers are asked to draw their own conclusions. They are also warned, however. Photos of Kevin's am hole carries a Lovecraftian psychological effect which may induce suicidal ideation or at least a strong loss of libido upon witnessing it.

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

Needless to say, Kevin is autogynephilic, a term which gets thrown around haphazardly but still accurately describes him. Kevin, more than anything, is aroused by the fact he can enact his fantasies of being a woman. He expresses this in multiple ways, such as before his transition when he expressed sexual satisfaction from apparently growing breasts during hormone replacement therapy, when it is generally agreed he still maintains the same moobs he always had. Most notable is his often-cited excitement of fulfilling his fantasy of being a woman who is used by others sexually and discarded, treated like an object rather than a person. He even explains how he mainly underwent sexual reassignment to satisfy his castration fetish. Kevin, by all means, is a victim of his own insatiable lust, and goes through great lengths to satisfy even the most damaging or bizarre fantasies.


As an aside, Kevin will usually try to describe said autogynephilia by referring to the sexual pleasure he gets from enacting his fantasies as "gender euphoria." An amusing yet stunningly accurate joke is to replace all instances of "gender euphoria" with "a boner" to decipher the true meaning and motivation behind Kevin's statements.


Ignoring the jokes, not even his own body can keep up with his ceaseless desires, as Kevin has suffered from countless complications regarding his am hole. Of note, it had a flap of skin which was rotting and ready to fall off (which he says his doctor claimed was "normal and safe"), he's depressed (inexplicably, according to him), he's been struggling to orgasm constantly (which he attributes to being a woman), he still had sutures months after the surgery (exceeding ten times the length most wounds require stitches for), he's suffering from an extreme dehiscence (a clinical term for the seams of a wound ripping apart), his neovagina is itchy yet he can't scratch it (a tell-tale sign of extreme nerve damage), he's been bleeding "extra" during each dilation (well past the date most surgeries at least heal shut), and his neovagina has been discharging an unknown fluid (which he has been eating for some reason).


Naturally, Kevin's surgeon couldn't care less about his woes, and will often refuse to see him in person or will tell Kevin to come back a few months when he has a medically urgent complication. As time goes on, the reality of his situation is visibly beginning to seep in, as Kevin begins to struggle to deny how badly he's hurt himself with this procedure more and more with every passing day, and has slowly progressed to him admitting in between his expressions of denial that it is taking its toll on him.


Despite his struggles, Kevin is extremely defensive regarding his am hole, and he heavily uses denial in response. The excess bleeding from these complications, according to Kevin, is simply him making up for all the missed menstruation cycles he never got to experience. When Kevin's am hole reeks of rot, as a neovagina is unable to produce anything other than body sweat and is effectively a tunneling hole made of skin, it is "unmistakably vag-scented."


Kevin will even contradict himself, which requires more careful elaboration. A neovagina is simply inverted male genital tissue (using the penile inversion technique Kevin underwent), and thus it does not have any of the same autonomy as a natal woman's vagina. Since the body identifies a neovagina as a wound, it will actively attempt to heal it, which must be disrupted through dilating, a process which every post-op describes as painful and horrible. Despite acting excited at first, Kevin has grown to hate dilating and has attempted to cut back on something he must perform on a daily basis. As Kevin has shared, this carries the consequence of his neovagina sealing shut, which he has experienced. And so, even though Kevin has just directly provided evidence contradicting the following, Kevin denies neovaginas will heal on their own without the constant disruption of dilation.


If for some reason a neovagina still sounds tolerable, it also completely destroys the nerves stimulated during sexual arousal, as the head of the penis (which has the densest area of nerves for the male genitalia) is quite literally shaved down to form a clitoris, the female equivalent. However, while a natal clitoris has the same number of nerves as the head of a male's penis (although some theorize it is even denser), nerves are lost during this procedure due to this slicing and shaping. Thus it is extremely difficult to gain any sexual satisfaction with a neovagina, something Kevin expresses regularly. A common excuse Kevin uses while denying how he has effectively destroyed his genitals beyond repair is claiming his inability to feel any pleasure is just the nerves still "healing" or "waking up" well past when he should have been fully recovered, and he often will excuse needing to take almost an hour to orgasm as simply being the standard for women.


Possibly a mix of him attempting a form of denial and his already hypersexual nature, Kevin often acts following a "slutty" persona, which may be his ideal woman. Naturally, Kevin's sexual escapades are non-existent on a physical level. His only sexual interaction which has even been confirmed is an interaction with the aforementioned Wedge (DO NOT CLICK), where the two rammed their faces into each other's genitals and Kevin was allegedly urinated on, with no actual penetration of his am hole taking place. Although Kevin lives with his dom "Steampunk Penny" (real name Phillip Matthew Logue) in a BDSM relationship (hence the metal collar Kevin can be regularly seen wearing), Penny has expressed being completely asexual (he himself having had both his testicals removed), quashing any potential sexual interaction in that regard either. Even before his transition, where Kevin attempted a "himbo" gay persona, Kevin has never performed any form of anal penetration, which he seems to dread needing to engage in if the complications regarding his am hole continues.


Whether it is to compensate for his sexless, non-existent love life or not, Kevin's sex-obsessed nature seems to know no filter. Kevin will regularly allow his lustfulness to seep through even in the most inappropriate times, and invarying forms of inappropriate. When discussing the relationship between a preteen girl and an adult man in a children's movie which presents a clear daughter/father relationship between the two, Kevin remarks how he sees the relationship as overtly sexual, an inappropriate implication. When Penny was sharing how his parent had passed away, an inappropriate moment, Kevin still saw fit to continue engaging in his BDSM relationship with Penny and offering a completely tone-deaf response while still calling Penny his "mistress." When talking about David Reimer, a man from an infamous case study whose genitals were destroyed from a botched circumcision which led to him and his brother being sexually abused by the psychologist overseeing them (which ironically led to the idea of transgenderism and David's eventual suicide), which is an inappropriate context, Kevin could only express his jealousy and wishes he could take David's place. Presumably besides the "committed suicide" part.


As he shows, Kevin has an overactive libido and a reduced capacity to satisfy it, and thus he tries every avenue possible to achieve some form of satisfaction. This sex-focused obsession he expresses, which ironically led to the destruction of his genitals, now becomes Kevin's most prevalent trait. Coupled with his sociopathic nature, Kevin simply doesn't understand where lines are drawn and grows frustrated when people respond appropriately. Either way and more often than not, masturbation is a common topic Kevin feels he needs to start conversations with, including the embarrassing fact his damaged genitals now take hours at a time to achieve orgasm.




A side show to Kevin's self-destroying nature which regularly fights for the spotlight, the "Tenacious Unicorn Ranch" (referred to as the "tranch" or "tran ranch") is the farming equivalent to Kevin's am hole: disgusting, destructive, and concerning due to its owner's overwhelming laziness. While this was originally contained in this very thread, the tranch has spawned a thread of its own which can be found here.

Kevin found his own way onto the tranch thanks to his ex, who introduced Kevin to Steampunk Penny, starting a strange BDSM relationship with Penny as his dom. Kevin himself does not get along with the other tranch members, and not just because Kevin's "musk" fetish means he will only properly bathe once a month. Kevin not only has shared his dislike of the other tranchers, he also does nothing to support them as his am hole prevents him from performing any physically strenuous activity.

As for Wedge, he is not present at the tranch. Amusingly, however, when he has visited Kevin at Kevin's expense, Kevin didn't even get first dibs, meaning he effectively paid for his date to see somebody else. The polar opposite of Kevin when it comes to anal sex, Wedge has been explicitly told by his doctor to stop destroying his rectum (described as "anal trauma"), and he may soon get a matching am hole of his own at Kevin's behest.


The tranch and Kevin are, at the end of the day, inseparable. Not simply because Kevin lacks the ability to move out on his own, but because they are one and the same: destructive, lazy, and ready to deflect any criticism proving so. As the ranch affects the local community, Kevin has a negative influence on those around him, stranger, acquaintance, and family alike. If he isn't grooming individuals, he's trying to scam money off of them. Kevin has and presumable will live his life through an entirely selfish mindset, and as history has proven, any blame or fault laid at his feet is quickly passed to anyone and everyone else. Kevin is unable to learn, yet finds no drive to do so, ensuring an unending stream of entertainment for his viewers.


Click here.

Kevin Gibes
Penellope Logue at 2530 County Road 305, Westcliffe CO 81252, phone #: (303)-261-7039
Discord: TransSalamander#4439
Twitter (archive)
NSFW Baby/Diaper Twitter (archive)
NSFW NSFL Nude Twitter (archive)


This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.
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Jan 26, 2019
Speaking of the unicorn ranch, I saw these floating around tumblr
View attachment 1098672View attachment 1098673View attachment 1098674
I'm still genuinely perplexed as to where this troonharem is getting funding from.

82 Alpaca needing constant care, the land, the utilities, a home, feeding all of them, meds and a half dozen troons. As much as I dislike them and think they're nuts I really hope one of them isn't carrying most of the financial weight in this suitation.

Also, riddle me this. If sloughing off salamander lives with a bunch of people in unholy troon matrimony, as in the same home, what was up with the begging for sex or to give oral a few days ago on twitter. Logically you could just walk down the hall and get it, unless all y'all are full of shit and actually consider one another repulsive. ๐Ÿค”


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Dec 20, 2019
There's two answers to this, and they're "no" and "no but in bold."

No: The inversion is one of two things, the shaft of the penis literally being inverted or a skin graft, both of which irreversibly damages the nerve endings to the point that if you're not completely numb, any sense of feeling you do have is minimal.

No: The makeshift "clitoris" is the head of the penis. A real clitoris has the same number of nerve endings as the head of the penis but in a high density given the smaller surface area. However, you can't shrink a penis to the size of the clitoris, so the penis is literally shaved down to the size of one to form the neovagina's, well, "neoclitoris," I guess. The result is the actual loss of nerve endings , irreversibly again, and the damage to whatever nerve endings were left. Thus your sexual function is severely limited, if not non-existent.

With the removal of the testicles, your libido would also be adversely affected but not removed entirely. Much like the castrated eunuchs and slaves of history past, you'll be left with a sexual drive but an unfeasible or extremely limited means of relieving it.
So basically all of this "can't wait to get fucked in the neovag!!" stuff is either hype that will be inevitably crushed the moment he tries to have sex, or his way of coping with the fact that he permanently damaged himself and will probably never get off again.

stupid fuck

*neighs softly*
Oct 30, 2019
I'm still genuinely perplexed as to where this troonharem is getting funding from.

82 Alpaca needing constant care, the land, the utilities, a home, feeding all of them, meds and a half dozen troons. As much as I dislike them and think they're nuts I really hope one of them isn't carrying most of the financial weight in this suitation.

Also, riddle me this. If sloughing off salamander lives with a bunch of people in unholy troon matrimony, as in the same home, what was up with the begging for sex or to give oral a few days ago on twitter. Logically you could just walk down the hall and get it, unless all y'all are full of shit and actually consider one another repulsive. ๐Ÿค”

no idea about funding, but it may be the case that Penny is the tugboat. they're also moving soon, and they've got that GoFundMe up begging for $40,000



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Oct 20, 2018
Its weird. He's seems to be a complete degenerate, but at the same time feels like the most run-of-the-mill degenerate I have seen, a really boring one.
Nothing about him seems special and if it werent for his transition, I woulda thought his entire persona was a poorly done shitpost.

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Feb 27, 2015
So basically all of this "can't wait to get fucked in the neovag!!" stuff is either hype that will be inevitably crushed the moment he tries to have sex, or his way of coping with the fact that he permanently damaged himself and will probably never get off again.

And from what I've read in various troon threads, HRT causes the prostate to atrophy, so not even anal would be pleasurable post-trooning.

Excellent thread by the way, been hoping he'd get one.


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Jun 25, 2013
He was so horny and so fucked up he chopped off his cock and balls, and got a neovag. He will never get his rocks off again, and his extreme horniness is what passes for his personality. In trying to satisfy his hunger for gross sex, he's ruined his sex life. His kinks are legion, and he's the platonic AGP. Perfect.

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Jun 3, 2016
This might not be the best place to ask, but since Kevin talks about his neovag daily, can troons actually feel anything from penetration? It seems like the procedure of inverting a penis would do considerable nerve damage but I'm not a doctor.
It's probably less pleasurable than surprise buttsex, but troons won't admit it.