KF Investigates! (Spring 2020) The Pedophile Dogfucker Files - Tom tries to groom a child and gets exposed on Instagram

F. Murray Abraham

Grazie, Signore.
In case you haven't noticed by now, Tom's lust for children, like his lust for dumpster food, is insatiable. Despite numerous instances of questionable and outright wrong behavior, Tom has attempted to lure transteens and youths in crisis to live in his backyard in exchange for being sex slaves or help peddle his pebbles. Tom often masturbates to the pictures of girls in the 8 year old range and imagines himself as being the girl while he does it. These are video documented admissions that are no longer available on his YouTube page but have been preserved at archive.org. Here are just a few of his pedophilic proclivities preserved for posterity.




The beginning of the year, like most years since Tom found Kiwi Farms, has sent him into a tailspin of fucknuttery, attempting to bring trolls to justice with impotent threats and screaming at 911 dispatch. He succeeded in doing nothing but finding other trolls who have swatted him at least three times, ordered pizzas to his house and hid in the shithovel when he thought people were waiting outside in white van. During these shenanigans, Tom has found time to learn about Instagram, follow child models online and attempt to lure children from Sophie Labelle's page and the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance, into his decrepit grasp.


Why does a nearly 70 year old man care about a child? Because talking to parents is one of Tom's favorite grooming techniques. Unfortunately, Tom has autism and tards out in anger all the time, leading to these relationships getting shattered.


SAGA responded in kind by blocking Tom from all social events, in person and online. Of course, he blames the trolls but the following posts are really what killed any chance at scoring his mitts on young flesh.




Since Tom doesn't know how to talk to ANYONE, nevermind parents AND children, Tom resorts to being a White Knight to teens in troon slapfights. It goes as well as you'd expect. Hilarious bonus burns as Tom gets called out by minors for following them on Instagram.




This led to a SUPER DUMP of Tom's follower data on Instagram that was scraped by an agent over on AMB:


Bore of Babylon - Indeterminate Age, Instythot/Pagan @ Aɳ Eʅϝ Fɾσɱ Tԋҽ Eɱҽɾαʅԃ Iʂʅҽ (@boreofbabylon) • Instagram photos and videos
Sarita Ferrari - Indetermiante Age, Teen Model @ i'm sarita💖 (@sarita_ferrari) • Instagram photos and videos
Zoey Coco - Indeterminate Age, Random Teen @ Zoey (@thezoeyzoco) • Instagram photos and videos
Teagan LaPage - Indeterminate Age, Tiktok Tard @ Teagan Marrie LaPage (@teaganlapage90) • Instagram photos and videos
Jasmin Terry - 15, Teen Model @ тєєи мσ∂єℓ ιиfℓυєи¢єя . 🔅 (@jasminterryofficial) • Instagram photos and videos
Kelly Cadigan - 16, Teen Model @ Kelly Cadigan (@kelly_cadigan) • Instagram photos and videos
Darren Beau - 16, TS Teen Model @ 🇩🇦🇷🇷🇪🇳 💓 🇧🇪🇦🇺 (@darren_beau) • Instagram photos and videos
Valery Henao - 17, Columbian Teen Model @ valery_henao (@valery_henaoo) • Instagram photos and videos
Juliet Evancho - 17, Teen Model @ Juliet Evancho (@jmeevancho_) • Instagram photos and videos
Loren Gray - 17, Tiktok/Instythot/YouTuber @ loren gray (@loren) • Instagram photos and videos
Sophia/Ivan - 18 Year Old Crossdresser, ꨄ𝒮ℴ𝓅𝒽𝒾𝒶 ꨄ (@itssofg) • Instagram photos and videos & Iᴠᴀɴ🧿 (@ivgprivvv) • Instagram photos and videos
Corey Maison - 17, TS Youtuber @ Corey Maison (@coreymaison) • Instagram photos and videos
Natalia Hart - Under 18, Teen Model @ Natalia Hart (@veiled_heart) • Instagram photos and videos
Emily Tressa - 18, Random Troon/YouTuber/Got Dicksnipped @ 👸💮Emily Tressa💮👸 (@emilytressa) • Instagram photos and videos

Also, lets not forget about his Kim Petras obsession:

Kim Petras

pctras - Fan Page for Teen Singers Kim Petras & Poppy @ alex ♡ (@pctras) • Instagram photos and videos
kimpetras_uk - Fan Page for Kim Petras @ Kim Petras UK (@kimpetras_uk) • Instagram photos and videos
kimpetrascloset - Fan Page for Kim Petras clothing @ Kim Petras Closet (@kimpetrascloset) • Instagram photos and videos
Marsama - Fan Page for Teen Singer Kim Petras & Brittany Sheets/Page run by 13 year old @ marsama (@m.a.r.s.a.m.a) • Instagram photos and videos

Tom also follows models for fap pics. Many of these are scam accounts and require you to follow the person and then do extra backflips to get access to their content. It's quite possible Tom is spending some of his retardbux on this.


Brittney Anastasia - Over 18, Model Thot @ Brittney (@brittney.anastasia) • Instagram photos and videos
Kendall Hadid - Over 18, Model Thot @ Kendall Khair Hadid (@kendallhadid) • Instagram photos and videos
Paula - Over 18, Model Thot @ paula🦄🌸🐩💗 (@derexpauli) • Instagram photos and videos
Skylar - Over 18, Model Thot @ sky 🐆 (@sk.ylar) • Instagram photos and videos
Erin Eternity - Over 18, Random Troon/YouTuber @ @erineternity • Instagram photos and videos
Isabella Asher - Over 18, Model Thot @ איזבלה שר (@isabellasher) • Instagram photos and videos
Lea Membrey - Over 18, Model Thot/YouTuber @ https://www.instagram.com/leamembrey/
Jazz Jennings - 19, Trooned Out as a Kid/Got Dicksnipped @ https://www.instagram.com/jazzjennings_/
Evalyn Jake - 20, TS Model Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/evalynjake/
Paula Suu - Under 21, Model Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/paulasuu/
Vivi Lessa - Over 21, Model Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/missvivienl/
Morgan Harrison - Over 21, Model Thot @ https://www.ujenanetwork.com/model/morgan.harrison
Ester Ribeiro - Over 21, Model Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/esterfanyribeiro/
Evelyn Bouwman - Over 21, Model Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/evelyn.bouwman/
Yesica Munoz - Over 21, Model Thot/Columbian Lawyer @ https://www.instagram.com/yesica_munozm/
Jordyn - Over 21, TS Model Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/iamjustjordyn/
Jennifer - Over 21, TS Model Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/littlejenny_1/
Llane Mitchell - 23, TS Model Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/llanemitchell/
Gigi Gorgeous - 27, TS Instythot/Married to Nats Getty of Getty Oil @ https://www.instagram.com/gigigorgeous/
Kayla Ward - 29, TS Model Thot/Actress @ https://www.instagram.com/kaylaautumnward/

Tom follows a bunch of pornstars.


Monica Chavez - Over 18, TS Porn Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/monica_chavez_oficiall/
Melly Maya - Over 18, TS Brazil Porn Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/mellyssamellmaya.oficial/
Capri Celia - Over 18, TS Porn Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/capritbh/
Lexis Anderson - Over 18, Porn Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/lexis_anderson/
Brittney - Over 21, TS Porn Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/barbiedollbrittney/
Lilli Luxe - Over 21, Fat Porn Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/lilliluxe/
Nicole Ferri - Over 21, Argentinian Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/nicoleeferri/
Victoria Jolie - Over 21, Model Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/victoriajolie.mx/
Angel Cheere - Over 21, Escort in GB @ https://www.instagram.com/realangelcheery/
Karol Cuenta - Over 21, Venezuelan Porn Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/cuentaoficialkarol/
Gabrielle Lobo - Over 21, TS Porn Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/scarpagabrielle/
Princess Ruiz - Over 21, TS Porn Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/laprincesaruiz1/
Danielle Johanse - 22, Porn Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/daniellejohansen15/
Renata Montazine - 24, Porn Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/renatamontezine/
Bianca Mello - 34, Porn Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/biancamello.ages/
Ana Mancini - 35, TS Porn Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/officialanamancini/
Ana Mancini - 35, TS Porn Thot @ https://www.instagram.com/anamanciniofficial/

tl;dr: Tom attempts to lure a child, gets drop kicked and then banned from SAGA for being a creep.

If anyone has the Lizette Trujillo dump, post it here. It's a part of this SAGAsaga where Tom thinks he's being threatened by the parent of a transkid, chimps the fuck out and threatens to firebomb her house, but not before calling the cops to whine about being blocked from SAGA. :story:


This is a hilarious chimpout. :story:
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What’s his autistic fixation on “millennial mental midgets?” Makes him sound like a 60s Batman villain, except child molesting is a bit dark for that series.
Tom thinks alliteration makes you sound smart. It's the equivalent of a CWCism.
He used to use "maggot" too, but I haven't seen him do so since I called him out for talking like the villain in a bad 90s movie. Pretty sure that was the post that made him mute me.


True & Honest Fan
@F. Murray Abraham

Why is tom so addicted to looking at teenage trannies on the internet? how is he finding "very young models" and why would he "spank his monkey" to them if not for fear? why is he otherwise sexually aroused?

this is from him on usenet http://archive.md/CNdII
there have to be 3000 transgendered teen prostitute for every kim
petras and all the young, straight t-girls on the web combined. i
think there's heavy slave traffic in kidnapped kids for it. i've seen
a huge upsurge in very young models who are clearly being groomed for
prostitution with normal and transgendered sexual orientations. many
of the ones i see are obviously very unhappy and some frighteningly
horrified. way too scary for me to be wanting to spank my monkey
looking at them.

the sheer numbers of new
models i see every year looks like a bigger number and a lot of them,
especially the phillipine and thai ladyboys look like they're no more
than 15 years old. kim petras's family and several others went through
a heavy four year legal thing starting at 12 until her implants and
SRS at 16.

F. Murray Abraham

Grazie, Signore.
@F. Murray Abraham

Why is tom so addicted to looking at teenage trannies on the internet? how is he finding "very young models" and why would he "spank his monkey" to them if not for fear? why is he otherwise sexually aroused?

this is from him on usenet http://archive.md/CNdII

Trannies are Tom's version of Sonic the Hedgehog; autistically obsessed with someone or some thing to the point of delusion.

The funniest part about Tom being "scared" to jerk off to pictures he thinks are trafficked children says more about his porn collection than it does about his moral virtual signaling. Ironic also considering he has no problem trying to lure at-risk people to become his shithovel slaves. He really does think you need money to be a trafficker and not being a creepy grooming fuck by guilting people into living with you.

Tom also loves blackmail and will attempt to secure dox or information about children he likes in order to talk to parents to get close. It's disgusting. His sexual arousal arises from pedoautogynephilia. The man needs to be institutionalized.