KFC announces Colonel Sanders dating sim for release on Steam in September - Finger lickin' lovin' with sexy Sanders for Mac and PC.


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KFC launches bizarre Colonel Sanders video game where you can win the heart of the main man while also getting a 'degree' from a miniature culinary school

Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced that it is releasing a dating simulation game called 'I Love You Colonel Sanders' (ILYCS) where chicken-lovers can try their best to date Colonel Harland Sanders.

The choose your own adventure-style dating game will be released on the Steam platform and will be available to download starting on Tuesday, September 24, at 8am.

'KFC’s soon-to-be-released and free dating simulator game follows your journey as a promising young student through University of Cooking School: Academy for Learning as you navigate relationships, social challenges that the fast-paced life in the kitchen can bring,' a spokeswoman said in a release.

The game has three acts and allows players to go dates with the Colonel.

Described as 'suave' with a 'folded-to-perfection bow-tie', Colonel Sanders most easily resembles the hot 'virtual influencer' that dominated social media in April.

He appears to be in his 30s or early 40s and has certainly lost the seasoned with wisdom look he was so known for.

In the game, Sanders is embarking on his own journey to become the world’s greatest fried chicken salesman.

Steam shared that the game will feature nine lovable characters and will include multiple hours of game play.

The game also has secret recipes and a secret ending as well.

Similar to the popular anime show 'Food Wars,' the game will also feature cooking battles. And of course, will include miniature food and KFC's signature '11 herbs and spices.'

'I Love You Colonel Sanders' even lets players 'earn a degree from a fictional culinary school.'

KFC has said little about the game, except for a tweet on their KFC Gaming Twitter account poking fun that the game even exists.



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I have always loved KFC's ad campaigns (even if their chicken is shit). They are always so creative and unique.
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>an sfw powerpoint game with cooking minigames.
Interest piqued. I'm curious about the player character now.

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