Killstream Discord Cabal - Discussion of Ralph's Discord server members; orbiters, jannies, and callers.


You have to worry about federal gun laws everywhere. I'm going to laugh when this retard gets a visit from the ATF.
It reminds me of IP2 meth head Stop Speeding just a couple days ago getting stopped by the cops and telling them to watch his livestream. His logic was I guess if he has enough bravado the cops wouldn't call him on his bluff, but instead he just handed over all the evidence they needed to prove their case.

Like attracts like though, cows attract cows. It's not a surprise a Ralph hanger on thinks livestreaming committing crimes is a good idea.

Alright, I have some updates about the Discord community.
  • ChaseFace is no longer a mod; he isn't in the new server at all.
  • CECA Loather is not a gold star caller. I don't know if he ever was, but he has yet to be ejected from the caller server even after talking shit and lurking around on this board.
  • Pantsu is a mod lol.
  • PeptoBysmal, who calls in almost every fucking night, isn't a gold star caller either. He's definitely angling to become one but no dice yet.
  • PensiveCowboy, who was famously one of the biggest paypigs from the Dlive era, is NOT a gold star caller.
  • There is a "Senior Researcher" role that a handful of people have been assigned. I am guessing it designates users who contribute a lot of show prep or something like that, but I'm not certain. That name is Krautian.
I will update the OP with some new information before long. In addition to those updates, here's this:
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

PensiveCowboy's Twitter

Pepto's profile links:
1step_Too Far has a youtube channel. He has recorded one of his calls. It’s mostly a 💩 posting channel


All Horses are dead horses if you beat them enough
Yeah the Feds don't screw around with gun shit. We may get a sequel to Ruby Ridge.
I think he's relying on this, and the Missouri statutes that claim supremacy over all federal gun laws if all parts, labor, and construction are done/produced in state (to avoid the commerce clause). Something that's yet to be relied on in court iirc. So yeah. Paper won't save you from the alphabets yeeting your kids and your puppers.


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Discord moderators

Chase McCaskill / ChaseFace / ChaseFaceShow (MIA)

ChaseFace is a weird. You’ll never hear him mentioned by anybody in Ralph’s circle, but he is a moderator in the caller Discord for some reason. Looking at his profiles will reveal that he’s been trying to make it on the internet for years doing YouTube videos, music, and other content. I don’t know if he was an associate or Ralph’s during Gamergate or what, but he'll interact with Ralph tweets occasionally and just sorta lurks around the community beyond that.
Twitter | YouTube | Bandcamp


Nothing on him except a few profile links.

Twitter | YouTube | Discord: Goregothe#6009

Green Danger

You’ve probably heard Green Danger’s name via Ralph reading out his donations on air. He usually sticks to posting in the Discord server and submits shit for show prep. He used to have a Twitter account that has been deleted. He's probably the must elusive Killstream janny since Ben C. More info on him would be appreciated.
YouTube | Xbox: GreenDanger1812 | Discord: Green Danger#8002

Kaz / Kazeeas / Chillstream Uncut / Chillstream Clips

Kaz is a longtime Discord moderator who is also tasked with running the Killstream YouTube mirror, branded as “The Chillstream”. Across late 2019 and early 2020, Kaz occasionally appeared on the show as a co-host. Most notably he was on the episode where Jesse PS went at Dick Masterson and attempted to kickstart the Simpspiracy. Credit where it’s due, Kaz has historically been lax about moderating the Chillstream live chat, and shit talking Ralph is usually allowed to slide.

Twitter | YouTube 1 | YouTube 2 | Discord: Kazeeas#6684

Gold Star Callers

1 Step_TOO Far

1 Step is a name you may be familiar with if you keep up with Mersh’s foolery. He's a kiss-ass who won Mersh's favor by making low effort shitpost videos related to Nightwave. Recently he's tried this strategy on Ralph to a less than warm reception.

Twitter | YouTube | Discord: 1 Step_TOO Far#7404

Butters / YellowLantern19

Butters is an annoying, autistic Killstream caller who Ralph chooses to force down everyone’s throats, even though half the chat hates him. Butters is a classical violinist, Russian speaker, and history geek; this is to say, Butters is a guy privy to babbling about shit nobody cares about. Ethan Ralph chose to exploit this with the creation of the Patreon bonus show, Bourbon With Butters; a program that sees Ralph drinking and smoking in his bedroom/office, and Butters happily gabbing to the gunt, who isn’t paying attention to a word he’s saying.

Twitter | Discord: YellowLantern19(Butternut)#5585

Dark Butters / The Ghost

Dark Butters is a regular caller who has recently tried launching an eCeleb career away from the Killstream. Under the name The Ghost, he streams games as an anime girl FaceRig, reaching single digit viewers across YouTube and Trovo.
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The fucker has already set up associated Patreon and SubscribeStar accounts for this project, which are doing about as well as expected:
View attachment 1901379
Archive of his shit numbers

YouTube | Trovo | Patreon | SubscribeStar | Discord: the_ghost#9506


FlowEuphoria is a recently christened Gold Star Caller. Outside of this he is a co-host on the Chimpin’ Out podcast; a show hosted by Isaac Jackson that also features The Dick Show orbiter Crippled Jesus in a co-host position. It’s worth noting that the Chimpin’ Out logo was drawn by Mint Salad, as stated in Isaac’s Twitter bio. For those of you who don't remember, Mint Salad visited Ralph's house along with Pantsu (Ralph's current GF, server mod), Digibro, and TDS employee, Riley.
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View attachment 1901385
Archive of this claim

FlowEuphoria also has his own Dlive and Trovo accounts that aren’t home to anything remarkable.

Twitter | Trovo | Dlive | Chimpin' Out | Discord: FlowEuphoria#8012

Don’t forget the YouTube!

i assumed joining the karen farms was a caning level reprimand amongst ralph's nigger cattle
I’ve actually been on the farms before I found out about Killstream but I never posted and I forgot the exact wording of the account something like KekistaniKiwiFarmer
I guess talking about broke dick farms so much ended up just being an advertisement.
It’s a road that goes both ways. When I found this thread I felt like this
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Crystal Golem
I’ve actually been on the farms before I found out about Killstream but I never posted and I forgot the exact wording of the account something like KekistaniKiwiFarmer

It’s a road that goes both ways. When I found this thread I felt like this

I'm not here to judge your sexuality but it really wasn't very nice to scare your little sister like that.

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Crystal Golem
Yeah it sucks, the only reason I want views is because I can then approach people for interviews without it looking like I’m trying to get them on my show JUST for views.
Well I'm not going to pretend I know the secret to getting views but have you tried changing up your aesthetic a bit? Skull mask, vaporwave sunset, suit, fashy haircut these are all dime a dozen across a million streaming platforms.

You should let a bit of your actual personality seep in rather than trying to just be like other shows. People will watch just about anything if the streamer is passionate and into what they are talking about.