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Kiwi Miner Episode VII: The Empire Strikes Back

Discussion in 'Cryptoshekels' started by Null, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. About a month ago we utilized Coinhive to mine on the site. This process idled 30% of the time, but when active would generate proof-of-work that was collected by our server to to mine Monero (XMR). This is a cryptographic currency that could, by itself, do a lot to help the site.

    Coinhive, a website notorious for being used by actual malware applications, ran into 'problems' with us and asked us to remove their assets from our website. It is a complete mystery what would cause them to do this when they pretty much do not care who uses their software, but something did cause them to care.

    Luckily, Coinhive's software was reproducible and indeed with help I was able to run my own backend, shaving off all of Coinhive's 30% fee and keeping all that juicy, delicious cryptocurrency for myself. In the 1~2 weeks we ran this (using only 30% of the processing power of our desktop users), we made almost $400. At that rate, we would have made $900 a month.

    $900 a month from random people and their laptops or desktops mining a couple hashes per second through their browser window. At peak hours, we were generating over 24,000 hps. To compare, the mining rig donated to me (cheers luv) with 8xNvidia 1060s (customized and using Titan drivers) mines 4,400 hps. A few hundred randoms using their computers at 30% capacity will do more for the site's finances and stability than even dedicated hardware specifically made for that purpose can do.

    However, the antivirus companies and anti-advertising groups have made it known they do not like miners. I can't host the scripts here because it'd flag the entire website, which has already happened and since repaired. I am allowed, however, to embed shit from other domains, and I intend on doing so. That is what the top bar is for.

    The remote content is loaded from https://shekel.link, and without that content loaded in no antivirus will flag our page content. Further, when shitheads start marking the domain as "malware", it will only affect that domain, not the Kiwi Farms. To keep good on my end of the deal, I can only load that content with so-called 'affirmative consent', meaning that in order to enable the miner you must manually enable it by clicking a button.

    I ask that you do this. I'll continue to adjust the scripts to give better feedback and more finite control, but even 10, 20, 30 hps helps a lot.


    What currency?

    Monero (XMR). Monero is considered the best CPU-mining Cryptocurrency. Many cryptocurrencies are best processed by GPUs, whereas Monero's algorithm is more suited for a CPU's architecture (i.e. what I can use your browser for).

    How much will you earn?
    At peak hours we were generating 24,000hps, and the average over a week indicated we'd make about $900/mo. I cannot say, with this 'affirmative consent' loadout, if it will hold true.

    I've gotten an error or warning from my malware system.
    This should now only happen if you've loaded the miner. Whitelist these two domains:


    The latter is the 3rd party domain I use for the purpose of storing the miner.

    How much of my computer's resources is it using?
    By default, the miner is "throttled" to idle about 60% of the time, which should equate to about 40% of your CPU's computational ability, but because of how the mining algorithm works, it affects different processors in different ways, resulting in steeper or lesser impositions on different systems. See "What is throttling?".

    What is throttling?
    Throttling is the setting you can configure with the bottom-right circle logo to adjust your resource consumption. A 70% throttle does not necessarily mean you will use exactly 30% of your computational ability to mine with, it just means that the process is idle 70% of the time. The most likely result will be that it consumes about 30% of your CPU, but depending on a multitude of variables it could be far more or far less than 30%.

    If you are using your computer, keep it less than 100%, or your computer will constantly be waiting for a mining task to end. If you aren't using it, feel free to set it up to 100%.

    If running it at all is seriously disrupting your computer or ability to use the site, you are more than welcome to turn it off. See "Can I disable this?".

    How do I contribute more? Does opening many tabs contribute more?
    The miner is configured to run only on one instance at a time, restricting its intrusion on the site's usability and your own computer's usability. If you open multiple tabs across private sessions or browsers, there's no way for it to know you've done this, and each segregated session will run its own miner.

    If you want to contribute more, click the plus button. The more activity, the more it's allowed to mine.

    Can I opt-in to use my mobile phone to contribute?
    No. I've hard-disabled it on devices that use a screen smaller than certain resolutions. Tests into the mining rate of mobile devices are abysmal, between 1 hash per second (hps) and 8 hps on my Galaxy S5. I will eventually disable it on tablets as well, as they yield similar abysmal results. If you are mining less than 1hps it would be sincerely disrespectful to even utilize your resources, as you wouldn't even be donating an amount half the cost of your own electricity at that point, and at worst would be depleting the finite battery life of users out of their house and trying to use the site on the go.

    Does this jeopardize my privacy in any way?
    Absolutely not.

    Can I disable this?
    The miner does not run on devices with an 'orientation' flag, indicating they are mobile. This includes tablets and potentially some weird laptops with rotating screens.

    If you want to turn off the miner, locate the miner statistics in the bottom right and click the minus button it it says it is off.

    Will there be rewards in the future?

    I was going to add in rewards before but with the latest setbacks integration is looser than I'd want and integrating them is no longer something readily doable.
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  2. Sweet, I'm glad you found a way around the problems.
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  3. YAY! I'm so happy! We'll mine like a champ.
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    #3 Ido, Nov 2, 2017
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  4. FeelsBadMan
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  5. Dude, if the Kiwi Farms stay up by using the miner, that's enough of a reward to me.
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  6. noice, I'm bad with computers but I'm pretty sure I have KF whitelisted and everything.
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  7. I'm currently only getting "Just one moment..." in both my normal browser with an ad blocker and in incognito mode.

    I did go ahead and delete local storage for kiwifarms.net and I have nothing for shekel.link.
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  8. As an owner of a weird laptop with a rotating screen, anyway I can make sure I'm contributing when I use it?

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  9. I'm not seeing the statistics.
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  10. Meanwhile in Hertfordshire, England:
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  11. Great to know the malware listing people have been dealt with.
    Though I'm afraid that in the future people who maintain the lists that automatically flag stuff will get mail that will push themto block KF for linking to the shekel domain, as a method of waging war on our "muh freedums".

    One of the standard uBlock Origin filters ( http://www.malwaredomainlist.com/hostslist/hosts.txt ) would automatically block us from browsing KF.
    The malware listing seems to have been rectified however, it is always a good idea to check your ad-blocking software/hosts file/router settings automatically provided by ISP (as was the case with us, we are on Bell Aliant) if you can't access the Farms.

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  12. This is the actual iframe page: https://shekel.link/kiwifarms-miner

    It's very fucking annoying to style shit inside an iframe because the iframe has a hard time understanding the boundaries of the page and thus where to place shit. It becomes very inflexible.

    I've actually enabled it now, so give it a try.

    No, that's the point of putting it on another domain. They won't flag us because no shekel.link content is ever present without ""affirmative consent"" which sounds like a rape thing no matter how many times I say it.
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  13. trombonista

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  14. I look forward to helping with a bit of mining.
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  15. Hi, @Null. I am getting the same thing, but once I click on that, it opens this:

    When I try to click on it, I get this symbol like I'm about to type: Untitled.png (sorry, I have no idea what that's called), thus I can't enable the miner.

    I made sure to whitelist KF and shekel.link, but it's making no difference. I've refreshed the page after I whitelisted the sites on my anti-tracker and anti-virus applications and extensions.
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  16. what was our monthly goal again

    DICKPICSRUS Tfw no salt mine

  17. cheers. glad this is back up and running
  18. please ask me about my bitcoin fetish
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  19. I get the same thing, but clicking on the + button (Regardless of it being a text cursor) increases the load bar.

    I just heard my laptop fan spin up, so it must be working.

    Semper Fidelis Based Null! Good show!
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  20. How big is your monitor? Do you get some sort of condensed, mobile view?

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