Kiwifarms Users as Sonic Characters - A thread where you can request a sonic character to be made in your (relative) image

Jared Car

I just had this pic in my album
Thank you very much @Jared Car for your help! I'd work on it a lot more, but honestly homework is a bitch!
Senpai noticed me :oops:
Its cool I understamd I dont really mind drawing these, their fun and only take 10-15 minutes to make although I do worry about how this will affect my drawing skills

Purple Pepsi

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Gender: female
Species: Crocodile or alligator
Attire: tank top and pyjama pants, and glasses. And if it's not too much some dark circles/bags under the eyes
Holding: a comically large can of Pepsi


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Gender: Twins
Species: SpoO0oky cats
Wear: What's on the avatar. You can make it simpler if you'd like

I just have one request:
If by only drawing the girl makes it fair, by all means I don't mind!
Thank you and good night. c:
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Name: Vegeta the Hedgehog
Species: Saiya-hog
Attire: Semper Fi Saiyan Armor with a badass deagle that shoots final flashes
maybehe could be doing like a sick blast on feline darkmage's character and it'd be like BOOOM *bam* wooooosssshhh and he'd be like totally obliterated and it'd be really chill and then after he destroys him with his blast he says some really chill action movie line like "I guess that'll help him transition.... INTO THE AFTERLIFE" or something really cool and chill like that.
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