Disaster Koch Brothers Team Up With George Soros, Patreon and Airbnb to Fight Online Extremism - The final boss of the internet has appeared?


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Why do I have a feeling this has to do with next year's election?
It absolutely is. The 'After Charlottesville Project' is headed by Michael Chertoff's wife, Meryl Justin Chertoff. Their son Phillip Chertoff even bangs the same drum for GLOBSEC and the GCSP, and is part of the Aspen Institute like his parents. See here more about Michael Chertoff's key role in the attempt to engineer a centralized control of elections in every Western nation. Joe Biden also is a key member of the cabal working behind that project. Notice how often Biden and Mike Chertoff yowl about Charlottesville. Not a coincidence.
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Funny, when Rupert Murdoch started buying up media companies, everyone started screaming that he was going to take over the global news agenda and conquer politics. They even made a thinly-veiled Murdoch analogue a literal Bond villain. And Murdoch ran his empire at a profit. Now Soros et al not only control nearly as big an empire as Murdoch as his height, but they don't even pretend to do it for money. What does the mainstream news media even imagine the agenda is here? I'm not normally a tinfoil hat type, but this is being done in the open, to everyone's applause. Well done Soros you sonovabitch. You're smarter than Murdoch or Kerry Packer, I'll give you that.

I hate Trump. But if I was American I'd vote for him next year just to keep these people away from power.

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How is Airbnb and Eventbrite going to fight right wing online rhetoric. They don't host online discussions or content
It's a canary in the coal mine to see how much they can get away with refusing services to people IRL based on a customer's perceived views.

Its going ro get to a point where your workplace is going to determine your social status in ways we've never seen before. Like in Jennifer Government.

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