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Law Legal battle underway for Charles Manson's remains and possessions

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by Tranhuviya, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) The body of murder mastermind Charles Manson was barely cold when competing bids began for his remains and belongings among relatives and longtime associates.

    Their plans have not been divulged, but some fear they might create a shrine for those who are still fascinated by the man behind the bizarre celebrity slayings that terrorized Los Angeles nearly a half-century ago.

    The value of Manson's belongings -- said to include music, artwork, writings and at least two guitars -- is unclear.

    But probate attorneys said the real value of his estate could be in controlling the use of his image and the power to authorize any biographies or documentaries.
    At the very least, it seems, Manson devotees want to prevent his ashes from being anonymously interred with other indigent inmates.
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    Tranhuviya 天下御免

  2. Cremate him and dump the ashes in the ocean.
    Any money made from licensing his image should go to the families of his victims.
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  3. Throw his body overboard where they allegedly threw Bin Laden's.
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    CWCchange ǝƃuɐɥɔƆMƆ

  4. If I had his body, I'd preserve him Lenin style and charge people money to see him.
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  5. you're telling me they didnt just ditch his body and possessions into a ditch in the middle of nowhere?
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  6. Lol who give a shit about his ashes? He was too big a psycho killer, his art is going to sell at an insane price.
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    Kiwifarmed The green eye of Sauron

  7. Either auction off his shit and give 100% of the money to the families of his victims, or burn it all and dump the ashes in the sea.
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    Senior Lexmechanic

    Senior Lexmechanic hand-Illuminated copypasta

  8. Just throw his body into the local volcano.
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    REGENDarySumanai Man of excellent taste

  9. I hope they give his body to Squeaky Fromme, I would love to see what mad shit she would do with it.
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  10. Giving money made by selling Manson's stuff to the families of the victims sounds like a good idea... it only comes with a slight downside of also giving money to Polanski.
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    RomanesEuntDomus Ask me about DIN Standards

  11. There's probably some weirdos out there that would love at least a small portion of his ashes. I don't even want to know what they'd do with them. Courtney Love said she smoked some of Kurt's ashes.

    But people making money off his his art and other possessions is pretty sick. I'm sure that some of these "associates" were just hangers on waiting for ol' Charlie to kick the bucket. They're probably arguing over who he liked the most.

    Whoever ends up controlling Manson's image is going to have a goldmine on their hands. And they may choose to use that to pander to edgy teens. I've seen Manson shirts. But I'd hate to see the image cheapened any further.

    I'm surprised Rob Zombie isn't trying to get a piece.

    That's the only bad thing about that. Polanski.
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    Dysnomia You do not have DID

  12. I'd give it to Rob Zombie just to see what he'd do with it if he agreed to donate the proceeds to charity and/or the victims.
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    AnOminous By dog’s wounds, that was some whoreson villain.
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

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    Rumpled Foreskin

    Rumpled Foreskin Definitely not a prepubescent yellow boy
    True & Honest Fan

  13. 5 million and I'll bury him in Hicktown, Kentucky with a subtle gravestone, put the music on an anon soundcloud, and donate the guitars to a homeless guy.

    Tbh I can't really hate Manson or loathe him. He was messed up and taken advantage of, and moreso just grew to be a hardened criminal while incarcerated. I don't technically see him the same as people like Albert Fish, who ate and raped kids.

    Just me though. :optimistic: :dumb: :powerlevel:
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    m0rnutz Maybe not a spy

  14. Any money made off outright selling the possessions of a murderous ringleader is trashy, whether it goes to the victims or not. Put his shit in a travelling museum exhibit about crazy murderers and donate percentages of the ticket money to charity. Then dump the glass boxes in some creepy, wet corner at the Smithsonian.

    End of story. Then there's no private or corporate owners exploiting a dead cultist mass murderer's stuff to try and glorify him as some 60s cultural icon like Andy Warhol, but it also doesn't just get burnt up and thrown in the trash.

    Microlab Agreeable

  15. Wait, with Manson gone, who's going to manage the mint?
    Should I start stockpiling nickels now?
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