lemon loaf - livestream 9/14/2021 -


Boring livestream?
So nothing changed?
Empath tendencies.
No Amber DO not prostrate yourself to Callie. You felt bad? For what?
There they are.
IMAGINE paying money to a fat chick to simp for a crazy person.


Bull Dykes and Twitter Psyches
She looks ridiculous - and did she not wash her hair...... just now I was not sure if my screen was buffering or if she had died

What has Becky done???!!! Must be more than than #JadeGate

More going on behind the scenes? - Becky is fucking Wifey and they are all hanging out at Rafe's
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It's probably 3000 steps per mile for a 5'3 600 lb waddling monster. Of course, she'll never do this and is incapable of it now.
Yeah, I remember during the weight loss doctor era Amber said that she could only walk for about 3 minutes at a time and that her doctor told her she should get up and walk 2 minutes 5 times a day which she seemed to think was a significant ask. I don't know why she expects anyone to believe that she's capable of walking for 45 uninterrupted minutes when it's been years and she's the same weight if not heavier than she was then.

Turd Fergusson

Is there a typo somewhere in your math there? Roughly 2000 steps equate to a mile so 6000 would be more like 2.5 miles.
If she walked at one step a second, or 60 steps a minute, it would take her 100 minutes (1hr 40min) to do 6,000 steps. Again, she sets herself with an unattainable goal. She has done the same previously, namely, setting an unreachable goal (weight, exercise, etc) then quickly quit them as they are too hard.
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