Let's Talk - Livestream - March 22, 2020


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Apr 18, 2020
Not paying any attention to big Al's chimpout is probably the best response. I bet she'll be fuming because she didn't manage to get an immediate reaction from her nemesis. I hope the other haydurz won't pay any attention too, but I'm not holding my breath.
This *would* be the sensible thing but Sara is such a narc she won't be able to help flexing all over Amberlynn about how wonderful and intelligent she is. They're quite similar people really...


Jun 7, 2020
It would be a mistake for her to try and moderate the comments. The only way she could beat Chantal at this point in terms of entertainment value is by letting chat go insane, let people superchat mean shit, and just yell at everyone all day.
She likes when people pay to insult her. It still bugs her but she's at least getting some compensation. Personally, I don't like to pay for something I can do for free. She reads all the comments anyway, why throw cash her way?

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Jan 19, 2018
@Pepper Jack Sorry to be nitpicky but the mistake in the thread title threw me off while I was catching up. It is 2021, right? Right?

Or did she title her own livestream with the wrong year or something?

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Jun 16, 2020
I dont think anyone mentioned it, but when she was trying to make a point about how saying someone weighs more is not fat phobic, she said that if someone said she weighed 150lbs more than Chantal that would be a fact... anyone knows how much flobby bobby weighs these days?

EDIT (because I dont wanna double post):
I dont understand the hate against YDHB here. I quite like Sara, she always makes sure to have screencaps, clips, articles, etc to back up whatever argument she makes. Sure she can be a little dry, but its not too much. She works very hard for the life she has and that absolutely gives her bragging rights and that doesn't make her a narc.
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Sep 6, 2017
She works very hard for the life she has and that absolutely gives her bragging rights and that doesn't make her a narc.

She makes Youtube videos whilst doing a masters. There are junior doctors that don't boast about how hard they work anywhere near as much as Sara does. Let's not overstate things here.