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Smug Freiza

Muh 6 gorrillion Namekians is Saiyan propaganda.
Feb 22, 2020
Liam Gray / RetroBoy1983 / Akashic Soldier / TYNE / Conquest Comics

Liam Gray is an overweight Australian, self confessed weeb and ginger nerd who is currently mostly known for creating the crowdfunded manga Xenotype [Archive] and producing Comicsgate videos and livestreams on Youtube. Despite experiencing relative success compared to other competitors within the crowdfunded comic community, Gray's behavior can only be described as deceptive, hypocritical, vindictive, childish, resentful and malicious towards others who occupy the space. He is surrounded in controversies and accusations which lead him to lash out at others on his livestreams or twitter. Due to these very public displays of sperging out on his own streams he has become a magnet for trolls and viewers who enjoy watching his antics.

This has led Liam into paranoid delusional thinking whereby his detractors are viewed to be in collusion with one another in one giant conspiracy against him. Everything from his critics conspiring to sabotage his business:

To walking around a mall claiming to have received encoded Anonymous type messages and had his routers repeatedly hacked:

Then claiming his laptops were hacked:

In addition to paranoia and general sperging behavior, Liam Gray is also a notorious liar and throughout his years on the internet has claimed many unbelievable things including:
  • To be an accomplished author, who ghost writes under a pen name.
  • To be a former writer on Young Justice, alleged by a user on dakkadakka.
  • To be a veteran of the Australian military, possibly special forces.
  • To have been raised by biker gangs and been homeless.
  • To have had an extensive career in animation.
  • Previously dated three different women simultaneously and once dated a supermodel.
  • Has travelled the world.
  • To have toured the world with punk bands.
  • To have met celebrities and rock stars.
  • To have owned four houses in his life time.
  • Claimed to be a member of MENSA.
A clip summarizing many of the struggles of Liam Gray:

The following opening post will contain a timeline of Liam Gray's history on the internet including: prior to Comicsgate, joining Comicsgate and the various bizarre accusations levied against him and his responses to them.



The earliest digital footprint of Liam can be found on a Christian Forum called Christian Chat from which he was subsequently banned.

In addition to revealing his real name in the thread, he also reveals an email address associated with his Blog Profile [Archive] and a now wiped blogsite [Archive]

Kiwis will notice that making enemies and being banned from multiple communities is a reoccurring theme with Liam, which further feeds into his belief that he is consistently a victim of hate groups. In the following thread [Archive Page 1 & Page 2] we can witness Liam's desire to acquire a Christian wife. It is currently unknown why he was banned from the site.

Liam Gray was also a regular contributor to the Megaverse forums, a forum dedicated to tabletop RPGs from Palladium Games like Rift under the username Akashic Soldier from 2011 to 2017. Similarly to Christian Chat he was repeatedly temporarily banned for engaging in arguments with other users and for being accused of being racist and homophobic. His reputation was so well known within the community other users can be found complaining about him off site.
why (1).png

4plebs.PNG [Archive]

Liam believed the other users were united in a conspiracy against him and complained of being targeted due to his Christian faith in an extremely long and autistic goodbye post.




He didn't leave however and Liam would again defend himself when responding in a thread where many users were complaining about him. It is in the following post he claims to be ex Australian military, be a member of MENSA and raised by biker gangs (as accused in the dakkadakka screenshot above). Liam also threatened both physical violence (fite me IRL) and legal action against his detractors.



The accusations of racism seem to stem from several posts similar to the following where Liam stereotypes Australian Aboriginals. While Liam is not incorrect with his assessment of Aboriginals, he can't understand why expressing race realism on a tabletop RPG forum could be seen as a bad look.


He also posted a question to the board about whether it was moral/ethical in the Rifts Universe for interspecies crossbreeding including relationships between humans and "dogboys."

Which leads into our first allegation of whether or not Liam Gray fucked his own dog.

During May of 2013 a conspiracy Bigfoot enthusiast called Rick Dyer wrote an article claiming that Liam Gray had sexual relations with his dog. The original article has been lost however a retraction [Archive] still exists, along with a counter argument [Archive] from rival Bigfoot enthusiast called Sasquatchdetective in defense of Liam, along with a petition [Archive] from Liam himself requesting Rick Dyer be charged with fraud. The original article by Dyer has been deleted so we can't find out where the allegations originate from other than perhaps the Megaverse link posted above.

Verdict: Since the original article was deleted, another individual defended Liam, the petition was created and the original author issued a retraction which admits the claims were false, it is extremely unlikely that Liam Gray fucked his dog.

Liam's association to the cryptid community leads into our next section of his timeline.

In March of 2013 an individual known as Shawn posted a video from Liam's Youtube channel "Akashic Soldier" on a Bigfoot Evidence New Blog titled "Smart British Guy Posts Video Response To Extinct? Podcast About How To Succeed In Finding Bigfoot." Unfortunately the video is unavailable however the description and comments section gives us an insight into the content of the video. "YouTube user, AkashicSoldier is a member of Mensa, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. In this video, he discusses the world of Bigfootery and tells us what we're doing wrong and why we can't catch Bigfoot." From the screenshot offered on the blogpost we can clearly tell that is indeed Liam Gray.

The comment section remained skeptical.




Liam Gray remained relatively unknown in Comicsgate always hanging around in the periphery, the first time his name received some recognition was his involvement on the now failed Comicsgate crowdfunded comic SWAY [Archive]. Liam attributed the failure of the campaign to deliberate sabotage by former fellow Comicsgate creator Nasser Rabadi (@NasserRabadi13 ). Nasser however disputes this claiming that the project failed due to creative differences between Liam and his co-creator and the possibility of the artist being a scammer. Nasser's version of the events can be found in the kiwifarms Comicsgate thread quoted below:
Yeah, I have no clue why liam blames me for that book failing. I had him on my channel to promote. I think his failure comes down to his super high goal, the fact that the writing on the sample pages were pure cringe, and the fact that he had no audience.
No clue what his problem is. I even had him on my channel once to promote.

You might not remember this but his goal was $15k on that one, and he said he made it $15k essentially because he wanted a lot of money. When he didnt get $15k after day 1, he made a video crying and blaming cg. He deleted it but J Ishiro made a roast video in reply.

Liam, before all this, was actually going to work with a shady artist named David Jaxon, and when I warned him about David he got super mad at me.

I really dont know why Liam always spergs about me. He lied on a yellowflash thread once saying I tried to drive him to suicide. I asked him for proof amd he couldnt give any because it doesnt exist, but yellowflash and cg spread that lie as part of a smear campaign.

Honestly I think liam is just mentally ill. Notice you had no clue what I "did" to him because he can NEVER say it, because theres nothing to say. Hes just crazy.
The video mentioned by Nasser in the above quote by J Ishiro Finney, another former Comicsgate creator, who also states that Liam and his partner were responsible for the failure of SWAY to successfully crowdfund can be found below:
Oh man, thanks for saving me 2 hours of time dude.

The only thing remotely true might be that Liam's mad that when he posted on facebook how he was leaving Sway, I commented something like "That's even more reason to back it now." I wonder if that's what got him mad, but again, he can't produce evidence for anything else and honestly sounds like a deranged man.

The thing about David Jaxon is he is a scammer. He has an unfulfilled Kickstarter, and I paid him for pages back in 2017, he did 5 of them, looked for excuses not to do the others, and it took me months and months to get refunds on the others--and it's not like I paid him $300 a page and he needed to get an insane amount of money to pay me back, he was charging $35 a page. Liam said I harassed this dude while he was in the hospital but he always claimed to be in the hospital with medical emergencies, and yet always seemed to take on new work and never get my pages done. I tried to warn Liam about this dude, and Liam ignored everything I told him about David.

I still don't know where any of his "NASSER INTERFERED WITH MY CAMPAIGN" bs comes from, but if he says he's gonna leave cg if I come back, then maybe I should come back haha. @FROG and I will have our reunion soon.

At the end of the day, the only person who hurt Liam is Liam. If he had any supposed dms where I harassed anybody or told anybody not to work with him, he'd show them. But all he's done is gone on stream sounding like a crazy person, while I've constantly given you guys dms and evidence that I've done no such thing to Liam besides promote him (I posted that stream link a while back).

The Sway artist Joe White, I had messaged before in all honesty to work with AFTER Sway, but I didn't because he proved to be unreliable when he'd take forever to read scripts, then when he did, he'd get all the details wrong, making me thing he just took a quick glance. Didn't feel comfortable working with him so we never did. Liam and even Vic King have been saying "Nasser was trying to work with you artist" lol as if I ripped him off the project for one of my own--but me and Joe never made a project, so I don't know why they keep bringing up the fact that I liked his art.

Nasser even included screenshots to prove he had nothing to do with it in the following quote:
Sway artist admitting Liam changed the goal from $3k to $15k just to grift
View attachment 1439636

Liam admitting to the sway artist that it was his fault:
View attachment 1439650
View attachment 1439651


Liam to this day maintains that Nasser was responsible for the failure of the project in an unlisted stream here, which was summarized by @Mister Dongs in a post here. Given the screenshots and assertions by Nasser that he had nothing to do with SWAY's failure, Liam has shifted the blame to both Nasser and his former partner.



It was around this time various SJW elements began accusing Gray of being involved in the alt-right which he vehemently denied. Gray would often claim since Comicsgate is viewed as an online hate group he was being gaslight and lied about, however previous tweets lead credence to the possibility of Liam Gray having some alt right sympathies. He previously claimed to know Brenton Tarrant, possessed and had read his manifesto.

He is also an familiar with the Murdoch Murdoch cartoon, an alt-right comedy web cartoon popularized on /pol/.

In Liam Gray's defense however he had previously celebrated Comicsgate purging two alt-right authors; Jon Del Arroz and Vox Day from the movement and admitted the Mosque shooting was "fucked up."

Verdict: It is possible that Liam Gray previously had some interest in the alt-right, however currently he completely disavows the movement.

Undeterred from the failure of SWAY Liam embarked on his own crowdfunding campaign as the creator and writer of Xenotype [Archive], a love letter to Tokyo Ghoul, Super Sentai, Ultraman and Guvyer: Armored Bio Booster. Gray teamed up with a talented Greek Mangaka known as Ody and began livestreaming the creation process to an extremely small but dedicated audience of Comicsgaters. Eventually this got the notice of Ethan Van Sciver (@FROG) , former DC artist, Comicsgate Youtuber and Cyberfrog creator and he invited Liam on his Comicsgate livestream show.

Shortly after Liam reorganized his livestreams into something of a Comicsgate Jerry Springer show called "Live with Liam" with his fellow Australian co-host Oz Arts. The premise of the show was to resolve interpersonal drama between members of the movement but usually devolved into Comicsgate Internet Blood Sports. Some of the most notable streams included Ro Kabir, the leader of Warcampaign (a subgroup of Comicsgate) being chastised by ThatStarWarsGirl, former Marvel artist Jon Malin arguing with fellow creator Rob Cacy and most famously a stream involving Warcampaigner Panboy [dox] arguing with Ethan VanSciver. Below are some sample clips of the various streams:

Anna v Ro

Malin v Cacy

Pan v Ethan

Due to Liam's volatile personality sometimes as host he would get pulled into the drama himself most notably with Comicsgate's resident brain damaged, Puerto Rican, military veteran Sketch Therapy. The full stream can be found here with the main event in two parts below:

It was also around this time that two more allegations against Gray began to circulate online, whether he had previously murdered puppies and whether he had assaulted his own mother.

Individuals from anti-Comicsgate began spreading rumors that Liam Gray had murdered puppies. Liam himself had previously tweeted and shared that his previous rural property had been infected with the parvo virus and seven puppies had contracted it. Various individuals claimed that the puppies had been murdered by Gray, who disputes this claiming that he treated the dogs and found them all new homes.

Verdict: On puppy killing I'm willing to concede that Liam Gray is innocent. The incident itself is tragic and at this point it has become something of a meme which trolls use to torment him. As with many allegations that appear throughout this OP, Gray's exceptional ability to be baited into responding to trolls is one of his biggest flaws.

Roughly at the same time as the puppy murder allegations another rumor began circulating on twitter and youtube, that Liam Gray was being charged for assaulting his mother. Unlike the previous allegation, there is plausible evidence to these claims. A Liam Gray from Grafton had appeared on a New South Wales registry as the recipient of an apprehended violence order by a Faye Gray.

Which matches Liam's name and current location.

Liam vehemently denied being involved and claims he is the victim of mistaken identity, however when previously defending himself he contradicted himself on two occasions.
Liamresponse1 (1).png

liamresponse2 (1).png

1. Liam Gray claimed that he was innocent because the individual being charged is one Liam Cameron Gray and Cameron is not his middle name, which he proved by providing a photo of his medicare card.

However the individual being charged in Grafton does not have the middle name Cameron and Liam Cameron Gray is being charged for crimes in Sydney and the Central Coast several hours drive from Grafton.
lies (2).png

2. Liam claimed that the crime could have been committed by one of three Liam Grays who live in the Hunter Valley. The only problem with this is that Grafton is not in the Hunter Valley, but five hours away in the Northern River Regions.
map1 (1).png

The contents of this information would be extrapolated on in a livestream between VikkiVerse and youtuber commentator DA TALKS.

Liam would respond by bringing his mother on stream to profess her son's innocence.

Verdict: This is a tough one and my mind has gone back and forth on it. Initially I was 50/50 on Liam Gray being involved in this matter, after he was deliberately deceptive on Liam Cameron Gray being named and the location of the three other Liam Grays from the Hunter Valley who could be been involved I was convinced he was lying to protect himself. However taking the testimony of his alleged mother into consideration and since there is no conclusive evidence it is unlikely he is the same Liam Gray, however it remains possible. Once again with previous allegations Liam's terrible job at defending himself from these allegations only further fuels the fires of trolls.

UPDATE: The following screenshot was supplied to the thread by @Spectre_06 from DA Talks, who was given it by a reliable source in the Warcampaign discord at the time on the 03/03/2020. The screenshot shows Liam admitting he was the one mentioned in the AVO, however it was the police who filed it on behalf of his grandmother.

After a combination of posting "dear diary" posting and repeatedly trying to prove his innocence and disrupting the flow of the Comicsgate thread, Liam Gray was thread-banned.

And a large portion of his posts moved to spergatory.

Liam previously made allegations that a rival youtuber was a pedophile based on screenshots shared on twitter by a Comicsgater called Reinoe. Liam was one of several high profile Comicsgaters who signal boosted the information and repeatedly tagged the FBI in an attempt to target FAN. During this time Comicsgater's had flagged FAN's twitter and he was suspended and unable to defend himself.

However what wasn't discussed was how the source of this information, Reinoe, is renowned for making fake discord accounts, photoshopping fake screenshots and being involved in multiple gayops. It was quickly proved that the discord account didn't belong to FAN and his suspension and targeting was a gayop organized by Reinoe and Warcampaign to destroy him. Liam in a now deleted stream reuploaded on bitchute discussed the situation with former ThatGuyWithTheGlasses contributor Micah Curtis, who was also involved. In the stream Liam expressed remorse if FAN was innocent while Micah Curtis doubled down. Your's truly pointed out that Micah Curtis had history with JewWario, who was grooming children while at Channel Awesome and was subsequently banned from the chat.

Ironically Liam would get a taste of his own medicine in our next allegation.

Several months ago several DMs were leaked of Liam talking to a 14 year old boy over twitter. While the DMs themselves were innocent several anti-Comicsgater's insinuated that the DMs were inappropriate in nature, the DMs will be spoilered below:









Although never being openly accused of being a pedophile by anyone significant other than various sock and troll accounts, Liam immediately livestreamed a fiery defense blaming several individuals for the insinuations. It should be noted that the individuals named in the video below did not themselves ever call or imply that Liam was a pedo.

Verdict: Given the non-sexual nature of the DMs and his reaction I think it's safe to say that Liam is definitely not a pedo. Once again however Liam finds himself being trolled by individuals and his reaction is to immediately pour gasoline on the fire.

After repeated trolling, the breakup of Warcampaign and Comicsgate largely facilitated on his channel and multiple copyright violations from music videos and using Stan Lee's likeness to promote a comicbook, Liam abandoned the IBS Live with Liam format. The show's format would continue on the fresh new channel of Liam's former regular co-host Oz Arts. Unfortunately many of the original streams have now been deleted or private and are only available on several archival channels on bitchute.

With all our allegations out of the way we get to our most recent drama involving Liam Gray. A pair of comic critics Shitty Web Comics, or SWC, reviewed several of his free comics that he had previously entered into the Tezuka Awards and brought up several of the allegations previously listed in this thread. Liam Gray took exception to this and immediately flagged several of their videos for copyright infringement.



The SWC brothers were convinced this was an attempt to take down their channel and obtain their dox since they were overly critical of Liam and his comics. They provided the details of an intermediary acting as an agent on their behalf and disputed the claims under fair use. DA Talks an associate and friend of the SWC brothers pleaded their case on a Nick Rekieta livestream, which Liam later joined.

Timestamp for DA TALKS entering the stream [1:02:15] timestamp for Liam entering the stream[1:31:14].

DA TALKS brings up the hypocrisy of Liam flagging others for copyright infringement when fair use reviews and criticism were some of the founding principles of Comicsgate while Liam lashes out at DA accusing him of being apart of a cabal attempting to sabotage his business. Liam also threatened legal action against SWC and several others for defamation and insisted that "The Crown" (The Australian Government) would be paying for the lawsuit. Clip below:

Shortly after the stream DA Talks twitter was flagged and taken down which Liam gloated about.

Later Youtube would decide against Liam Gray and that the videos were indeed fair use and the matter seemed closed, however several days the SWC's Youtube channel was taken down for "targeted harassment."


After being confronted about Liam's recent wave of flagging, Ethan Van Sciver disavowed Liam's actions and leaked private messages where he advised him against doing it.
So no, Liam shouldn't be copyright striking reviewers under those circumstances. I fully disavow and I have no use for him.


Emboldened by defeating one of his imagined enemies, Liam recently sent an email to Preston Poulter, an anti-Comicsgate figurehead, who is also critical of Liam and negatively reviewed his comic. In the email Liam threatened to strike Prestons channel unless he provided the names and addresses of the SWC brothers and offered to pay for any information regarding Doug TenNapel, the creator of Earthworm Jim and former Comicsgater, attempting to sabotage Liam's business.

Liam Gray's behavior could have been mentioned in the Comicsgate thread, but due to the sheer amount of lore and history I and several others believed he was worthy of his own thread. He is one of a handful of lolcows within Comicsgate who despite being quite successful, simply cannot correct his behavior. His perpetual victim mentality, constant ostracization from various communities, inability to prevent himself from being attacked by trolls and hypocrisy on stances of copyright, free speech and de-platforming make him a case study in what not to do on the internet.

EDIT: Corrected spelling and layout, added spoilers for allegations and moved special thanks to second post.
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Smug Freiza

Muh 6 gorrillion Namekians is Saiyan propaganda.
Feb 22, 2020

Liam Matthew Patrick Gray
DATE OF BIRTH: October 3rd 1983

Twitter [Archive]
Facebook [Archive]
Youtube [Archive]
Patreon [Archive]
Indiegogo Profile [Archive]
Blog Profile [Archive]
Blog Site [Archive]
Soundcloud Profile [Archive]
RPGMaker Profile [Archive]
Deviant Art Profile [Archive]
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Ebay Profile [Archive]

Kiwifarms Account

Post 1 [Archive] Comicsgate hangers on and drama whores
Post 2 [Archive] Comicsgate hangers on and drama whores
Post 3 [Archive] Comicsgate hangers on and drama whores
Post 4 [Archive] Comicsgate hangers on and drama whores
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Post 13 [Archive] Autisitic Slapfighting from the comicsgate thread
Post 14 [Archive] Autisitic Slapfighting from the comicsgate thread
Post 15 [Archive] Autisitic Slapfighting from the comicsgate thread
Post 16 [Archive] Autisitic Slapfighting from the comicsgate thread
Post 17 [Archive] Autisitic Slapfighting from the comicsgate thread



[email protected]
[email protected]

@Devilish Bodhisattva
@Junk Dog
@Salty Boris

@Mister Dongs
@Analog Devolved

Liam Gray files a privacy complaint against the Trash Compactor show for their ongoing series #OrangeDragon, which highlights his bizarre behavior. Following this Liam Gray filed a police report with the Maine Sherriffs Office against Trash Compactor cohost Ciderhype for releasing an email between the two of them which was the subject of a video.

Upon hearing of @NasserRabadi13's return to Comicsgate with Ethan and Jon Malins approval, Liam goes into a half an hour rant about Nasser, Ethan and the state of CG marking his first "I'm leaving the movement moment." Shortly after @Spectre_06 provides a screenshot taken from the Warcampaign discord he obtained from DA Talks which has what appears to be Liam admitting he was the recipient of the Apprehended Violence Order listed in the OP.

After threatening to strike @9th legion centurion 002 (Big Daddy) live on air, Liam Gray launches three false flag copyright complaints against @NasserRabadi13, Mike S Miller and @TESTEFY-HD for use of his likeness. Following criticism from both Comicsgate and anti-Comicsgate Liam streams a Finale stream explaining his reasoning and going into various rants. Liam Gray then posts a "Goodbye Comicsgate" video which he quickly privates before a second "Goodbye Comicsgate" video narrated by Micah Curtis is posted to his channel.

In response to a reupload of the 1st Goodbye Video on bitchute, we give an honorable mention to Comicsgate observer and Youtube commenter Jim Tuner, who gives a humorous and concise history of Liam's history in Comicsgate and why he is so despised in multiple communities.

Liam's artist Ody Theodoratos publicly announced he was leaving Liam Gray of Conquest Comics and would not be working on a Xenotype sequel comic after a pay dispute. Several days later a female former Comicsgater called Nerdwonder came forth leaking DMs of Liam's unwanted sexual advances. Nerd Wonder turned out to be an employee of Liam's at the time and was fired from the project she was working on shortly after. Liam accused the DMs of being photoshopped, however Nerd Wonder would then produce a video showing the DMs to be real.

I would then add another "Goodbye" post of Liam's from RPGmaker forums which was cut content from the already bloated OP of this thread.
EDIT 1: Moved special thanks from OP to this post due to character limit, added social media and archives.
EDIT 2: Removed spoilers for allegations, updated allegation 4, inserted timestamp links for the Rekieta stream, in the OP.
EDIT 3: Added Liams full name, Australian Business Number, Date of birth and ebay account to this post, added @Spectre_06 to special thanks, updated post history archives.
EDIT 4: Added a Running thread updates section to this post.
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Smug Freiza

Muh 6 gorrillion Namekians is Saiyan propaganda.
Feb 22, 2020
First impression is, this is way too long and nitpicky. Maybe try condensing the OP to his greatest hits and let all the details come up in the thread if they're interesting.
Personally I agree, but I cut a lot out of this OP already. There's no shortage of cringe from this guy, the Megaverse forum has over 5500 posts and there's other fanfiction his wrote and streams where he gets trolled by women and spergs out. Then of course there's him offering Christine Chandler an offer for a Xenotype/Sonichu cross over variant cover for his manga.

I'm sure the other's will fill it up regardless of the OPs size.
great job, It's a little long, but, to me, the more the better.
Thanks! It's my first time as OP.
Oh lord, the Australian Crown isn't going to like this one bit.
Not at all. ;)

May 27, 2020
Did a little digging for some gold dms I never posted (they weren't really relevant, but since he has his own thread now...)

Rigjt off the bat, Liam started messaging me with sob stories. This was back in 2018 when we met on Facebook in the comments of a post by scam artist David Jaxon.

Liam brags about how he has written so many comics under J.M. DeMatteis, but can't name a title.


Here is where Liam messages a letterer I was going to use, who decided not to do the project cuz she didnt like CG, but he comes off as a weirdo all "Oh okay well... maybe we can get to know each other😏"


My views do not reflect the Kiwi Farms in any way.
Person of Interest
Aug 28, 2018
Parvo is an incredibly dangerous and deadly virus that kills puppies. In order to help them they require constant supervision in a controlled environment, usually a vet's office. You don't bring them home at all. More to the point, the odds of all seven managing to survive are astronomically low.

Liam's simply a compulsive liar, doing it for attaboys and to make himself seem like a good person. In reality he's a piece of shit.


We did a little trolling
True & Honest Fan
Jan 22, 2019
Good job, the thread OP is lengthy, but you can't do much about it, especially with his big internet foot print.
I appreciate the completeness since I knew a bit about Liam myself, but seeing even more of his lolcowdom is great.

Since Preston released the e-mail he got from Liam, other people started to look into him as well.
Testefy HD made him cry 2 days ago when they teased him with a bit of his internet history.
Sadly no one archived it because he privated the stream right after it.

Apr 8, 2020
The stream that Testefy-HD revealed they had their hands on stuff we sat on for months in order to compile for this thread had tipped Liam off, and it's no longer viewable because the guy who posted it, Dark Gift Comics, privated it. Anyways, Liam tried to deny that poster on the Rifts forum was his brother, and not him.

unknown (14).png

unknown (15).png

unknown (16).png

unknown (17).png

The stream is still available in Bitchute as someone else had uploaded it there, although it is only partial. This led to Liam doing a short half an hour stream where he cried about being backstabbed, not feeling appreciated in the community, and that he had to give up a lot of time to build something people would want, questioning whether or not he should just dox himself to get it over with, and then breaking down at the end and crying, before immediately privating the stream and started up a new one, which promoted @FROG aka Ethan Van Sciver to try and cheer him up, but also take slight jabs at Liam here and there since Liam was deadset on kissing ass.

unknown (19).png

Analog Devolved
Mar 23, 2020
Personally I agree, but I cut a lot out of this OP already. There's no shortage of cringe from this guy, the Megaverse forum has over 5500 posts and there's other fanfiction his wrote and streams where he gets trolled by women and spergs out. Then of course there's him offering Christine Chandler an offer for a Xenotype/Sonichu cross over variant cover for his manga.

I'm sure the other's will fill it up regardless of the OPs size.

Thanks! It's my first time as OP.

Not at all. ;)
Screenshot_20201023-075118_Samsung Internet.jpg
Jesus Christ Liam is a crybaby turbofaggot. What kind of idiot reaches out to Chris and offers him money to be involved with their comic? Trying to recruit a lolcow troon to do a variant cover. Who does he think this would appeal to? Not only would Liam be breaking copyright by having a sonic/Pikachu abomination on the cover but attempting to sell to Chris's "fans" is exceptional.

Chris should have done what he usually does, take Liams payment then never deliver the commission. Anyone who pays Chris is too stupid to have money.

Jun 15, 2019
IDk whose the biggest autism, the comicgasters or the person taking the time to makesuch a well detailed OP. Good job i guess.

Either way, doesnt comicsgate have their own section or something? i fail to see how it relate to weebwar. I know a lot of folks have sorta crossed the stream of CG and WW but hes just another CG drama dude shilling for his own comic. If theres some proof hes a dogfucker and/or dogkiller it might be more interesting but i find the CG guys drama extremely boring and petty.