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I like it when my cat climbs up in my lap and curls up to purr and sleep on my chest without a care in the world. No amount of typing, fidgeting to get comfortable or readjusting myself is enough to disturb her. She just rides it out, reaches out a paw and curls it around one of my fingers, and starts purring again. It makes me happy to know she trusts me like this.


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Aside from using it to wake up and relax in the evenings, a decent cup of coffee always manages to prove a satisfying creature comfort after a stressful period of time.

Panty Shroom
Sitting on the settee with my family.

The way my Mum's dog, Doodle, wiggles her whole body and holds a soft toy in her mouth when she comes to greet me.

The way my Mum's other dog, Piper, stamps her feet and "sings" when she's excited.

My boyfriend's pronounciation of "beach" and "sheet" (he's Portuguese).

The way he giggles like a little boy despite being in his 50s.

The way he awkwardly greets strangers in the street. He's only ever polite but people seem baffled by him.

Walking along the highstreet in the evening and smelling takeaway food.

Being by a stream and watching the water rush along, making plopping and trickling noises.

The sight of squirrels hopping along a pathway in Autumn

Watching clouds pass by the moon

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For a huge chunk of my life I didn't have my own bed. First thing I did when I got to a place where I could was buy a full King with a nice mattress and silky sheets. Last year I leveled it up with weighted blankets and shredded memory foam pillows.

I love my bed.

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