Lolcow crossovers: Questions and speculation deathfat edition - For all the things you want to know that don’t quite fit in a thread.

I’ve been thinking about our big three beheems. One of the shared traits is their spectacular stupidity. I know one death fat, and she’s not particularly bright. I’ve only seen 600 lb Life a few times. The few people I’ve seen on that show were not intelligent.

Do people become deathfats due to stupidity or do they become stupid due to the garbage they constantly eat?
people this disfunctional almost definitely have PDs, which come from childhood trauma and manifest in different ways. Self harm (like eating disorders) are classic BPD. Nic also fits the histrionic category too, being as overtly sexual as he is, same with chinny. I think ALR fits covert narc, seeing as her personality is very limited and she is a permanent victim. The 600lb life people almost unanimously have been molested at some point, and I would assume the death fat crew have SOMETHING horrific in their pasts, more than what they’re letting on.

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