Lolcows that you personally like -


Silly Swamp Bird
Ugojesse is one of the few cows on here that tries to have a positive impact on his environment and society through cartoons and comics. Love that guy and I wish him the best.


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I like him in small doses, even if he does come off as a bit pretentious sometimes. I would not go out my way to defend him, because I could not give a fuck to do so though.
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Candace Owens i know she is the token black of Republicans but she still makes some point.


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Hbomberguy and Contrapoints, personally. They're among the few tolerable leftists and I usually find myself agreeing with them both.
I would have agreed with you if it was 2017/2018, like the person posting a couple pages back, but no. They have both become insufferable faggots and the entire Breadtube group is as cancerous as Sargon and his buttbuddies. The only leftist in their crew who can actually be right even if he's insufferable sometimes is Three Arrows. If he stopped sniffing the farts of his commie buddies so much and went back to the Iron Front roots of hating commies too he'd be a-ok.


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Forever Failyn: Must be great to have zero self-awareness or ambition. It must also be great to not give a flying fig how far behind you in life milestones compared to your peers of a similar age group. Must be great not to have the determination to better yourself and want more out of life than to rot in the lavender dungeon. I blame Lisa for this mess. I'm only interested in Kai because I want to watch Gracie grow up and beat the odds. Repeating the cycle is most likely Gracie's fate thanks to mama big belly and grandma Wheelchair.

Crappy Beauty Dummy: She shows me that even middle aged adults cannot manage their money and blow it on garbage. I love watching Mariar repeat her mistakes and never learn. Save for retirement? What's that? There is a reason why her daughter wants nothing to do with her.

I feel sorry for these poverty-stricken, mentally disabled, white trash women, but I cannot wait to see their endings.

ADF: Let's make bets on his next new phase and name change.

Chris-chan: Because isolation causes insanity. I wonder what the next storyline in Sonichu or the next saga will be.
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PL 001

Spoony, because I legitimately did enjoy his content at one point and have a nostalgic spot for his old videos. His Ultima retrospective in particular is probably my favorite thing he's done.

He's obnoxious and washed out now, but I can't help but still feel a tad sorry for his state. He had so much talent and potential compared to other reviewers in the day, and he completely squandered it. It's a cautionary tale not to waste what's given to you and take it for granted.

I dislike the person he's become, but I can still go back every once in awhile to his older videos and remember why I liked the person he once was.
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Linkara: most of his lolcow shit happened in his past and I do think he’s actually ashamed of it now

Nostalgia Critic: Guilty pleasure of mine. Old content hasn’t aged gracefully and his new stuff ranges from terrible to decent but I still have a soft spot for him

TV Tropes: Fuck the Mods Fuck a portion of the Userbase but I still like browsing the site and as long as politics didn’t come up their were some fun discussions to be had

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