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It's October 8th, 2020. Foot amputation when?

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Picture by @dotONION and @TANK JESUS

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Hello. If you are not a regular Kiwifarms reader, you most likely discovered this thread because you decided to investigate more into Louis "Lou" Gagliardi (who typically uses aliases such as "Ace" or "Diana") or you were linked to it by a friend or associate. There are a multitude of reasons why Louis should not be trusted in any capacity, either with money or with genuine faith of his good will, which this thread explores in its entirety. As for a convincing short summary, the section "The Post-Grift" serves as an excellent briefing for the uninitiated.

Louis will use the fact his history is documented as an active means of deflecting any criticism shamelessly, and will aggressively point to this fact as if it justifies his current behavior even in scenarios where it is not relevant. That said, Louis and his defenders, the latter who surprisingly even exist, will try every trick and fallacy to discredit what is contained within this thread. One of their most common tactics is claiming nothing from this forum can be trusted, which is an absolute lie. This forum has formed a community which not only prides itself on unquestionable, irrefutable evidence, it also actively antagonizes users who fail to provide such proof, and additionally bans any individual who directly interact with a thread's subject. The reason for both of these is specifically to dismiss claims stating threads such as this are composed of lies and only exist for the sake of harassment. In addition, it heavily utilizes archival websites, which not only are third-party and wholly independent of this forum, but are also impossible to fake or manipulate. Furthermore, there are an entire series of incidents which predate the existence of this thread, making it impossible to blame this forum. There is nothing to gain from fabricating evidence or direct interaction, and doing either would undermine the entire purpose of any thread on this forum. The users are not Saturday morning cartoon, mustache-twirling villains, and some have been directly affected by Louis's behavior. The evidence contained in this thread are so conclusive that even Louis himself has admitted to its validity.


If a simple summary is suffice enough, do not give Louis your money. Louis is a hateful, immoral liar and any perception to the contrary is irrefutably wrong. He does not know how to spend or save money, let alone the value of it. He is known to scam individuals, commit fraud, and lie about where his money is going and where it went. He will regularly threaten suicide, and he is well aware that doing so will convince people to do what he wants. He does not need money, as his parents regularly support him and he often makes expensive and frivolous purchases. He is not starving, as he currently wears around 6XL shirts from overeating, and has been caught drinking excessive amounts of soda while literally refusing to drink water instead. But, most importantly of all, Louis is violent, hateful, selfish, and cruel. To those curious, this thread shall further explain and document how and why.


Louis Dominic Gagliardi III is an obese grifter and pathological liar who has managed to unite furries, lefties, righties, Kiwis, TERFs, fundies, and just about everyone else under the sun with one unifying trait: his hateful, obnoxious, selfish nature. A highly cyclic individual, Louis's behavior can be broken down into three distinct and unchanging phases contained in a cycle; the pre-grift, mid-grift, and post-grift. Sprinkled throughout is a constant and uninterrupted stream of lies, abuse, and hatred spewing from his unflinching maw at any individual who crosses paths with him, including those simply seeking to assist him or uninvolved bystanders.

All credit goes to @Great Dane for the thread as a whole. Further thanks goes to @Dustlord for the initial post about Louis and @AirdropShitposts for further information.


As a direct result of Louis's grift cycle, he constantly changes his identity, often to avoid accountability, thus his usernames do not fit into the thread's title nor even Kiwifarm's character limit for posts. Therefor, a focused effort will be made to always have his active Twitter account's username in the title. However, user @Norman B. Normal has documented both Louis's usernames and the duration of their use for curious readers and to give a comprehensive grasp of how frequently Louis will swap aliases.

1628399475167.png 1628399482533.png




After first being discovered by Kiwifarms mostly by his own volition, multiple individuals and reports have surfaced which showed his spiteful nature, revealing Louis as a liar, a grifter, a scam artist, but worst of all, an immoral and selfish person who only sees other individuals as tools to use and cast aside once they no longer serve a purpose. However, before Louis himself can be properly expanded upon like his ever-broadening waistline, his initial discovery must first be explored.

As Louis himself will openly state, he is a (questionably) trans furry nearing his 40's who lives with his mother, step father, nephew, and occasionally his brother. He's also a virgin, which apparently is important enough for him to share unprompted. Louis tends to shift moods instantaneously, and will fly into a rage upon having information he himself had posted used against him, and will delete any evidence as a response. This demonstrates the extreme importance of archiving anything of note Louis shares.

Establishing a theme for the majority of future new users, Louis made his Kiwifarms debut by an individual directly affected by him, being user @Excellent at Mediocrity who mentioned him twice in the Personal Lolcows thread. Louis was only discussed in passing and zero attention was brought to the post until Louis himself decided to provide a spark for the fire, resulting in a a little post by the user @Dustlord, followed by Louis doxing himself, with user @AirdropShitposts serving as a mere messenger of the information Louis offered up on his own.

As per standard Kiwifarms fashion, since Kiwifarms users lack object permanence, Louis was forgotten to have ever existed once he fell out of their collective memory, but Louis decided to incur more attention unto himself by explicitly mentioning Kiwifarms and quickly interacting directly with the forum, beginning both a new grift cycle and an era for Louis.

6.png 7.png 8.png 9.png

Mirroring his actions whenever his behavior comes back to haunt him, Louis flip-flopped between acting arrogant, cocky, and bold to scared, suicidal, and desolate in response to these events before ultimately using the whole scenario as a means of grifting.


Louis still refused to learn well after his thread was posted, directly contacting Kiwifarms' admin with a request to take down the thread while incomprehensibly citing unrelated terms and conditions from a service the forum doesn't even use.

Since then, Louis has been archived repeating this cycle countless times, and will presumably do so indefinitely, as he has indignantly refused to learn from his mistakes for literal decades.


It is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when Louis's grift cycle truly begun. According to those originally acquainted with him, it all stems from a formative experience where Louis stumbled across great fortune and was signal-boosted by others, spurring a multitude of people to immediately donate a combined total of $1,000. Louis allegedly spent all the money within a week. Since then, Louis has had an absolutely mangled perception of how money is valued, earned, and saved. In terms of its cost, he fails to properly correlate money to its intrinsic worth and demonstrates this by ridiculously overshooting the value of items when he grifts for money, the most infamous example being when he claimed to need $50 to buy lettuce and tomatoes. Even now, Louis has since outdone his formative spending experience by managing to double that amount, spending $2,000 in single week since then.

As this demonstrates, Louis shouldn't be trusted with money not only on principal, but also because he does not understand how to properly use it. No better example of Louis's inability to save money for the future exists than his laughable attempt to bargain with the I.R.S.. During this farce, Louis attempts to persuade the I.R.S. towards giving him a stimulus check, promising to not apply for disability should he receive it. As an added touch, Louis got his check and applied for disability anyway and was promptly denied, painting the humorous if not terrifying scenario suggesting his plea worked and he proceeded to lie to the I.R.S. by going back on his promise. Jokes aside, this serves as a fantastic explanation of how Louis approaches money.

Shown by his actions, the long-term benefits of disability is nothing compared to the immediate gratification of a one-time stimulus check which would gradually become overshadowed by the former. Louis cannot and does not plan for the future. If money exists, it must be spent immediately. If he does not have a necessity to spend it on, it will instantly and invariably go towards a luxury. Like a textbook example, Louis proves this observation during one key moment where, mere moments after spending $25 on furry art, Louis bemoans he has no money for a hospital bill of a measly $18 which he was sent just hours later. And in a twist not even the most talented writers could have fathomed penning, he also accidentally doxes himself because when he attempted to censor his information present on the bill, he failed to properly do so as he was using an electronic art pen which he had previously grifted for, leaving a transparent shade of gray as he did not apply enough pressure to the pen.

Refocusing on the cycle itself, and Louis's horrendous understanding of money aside, the pre-grift proper is signposted by several key hallmarks.



While Louis laughing at a person being unemployed is certainly ironic, to say Louis hasn't worked a day in his life isn't entirely true. Fittingly, the singular, sole job Louis has ever worked was community service mandated by the American justice system as he had decided to attack a stranger at complete random. But even with this misdemeanor, Louis does not have any struggle to find a job, he simply chooses not to. He is certainly not being discriminated against as a resident of Pittsburgh, the 19th most liberal city in his country. To the contrary, he is surrounded by literal thousands of entry-level job opportunities within no more than a one hour commute from his residence. Of course, Louis has no shame in pointing fingers every which way but inward when he is asked why he's too lazy to find a job, such as when he insults and belittles a female doctor in India while insisting Louis himself is the more oppressed.


Even his attempts to eke by emulating the standard tactics of the furry community he tries to involve himself in are pathetic. Completely devoid of any talent, Louis has next to no marketable job skills despite him nearing four entire decades of life. Stunningly, Louis seems to have the same upbringing as a human trapped in a sensory deprivation chamber since graduating high school. At best, his claim of being of a writer is laughable, with his writing exceedingly childish and simplistic, which often only serve as vehicles for his fetish of anthropomorphic animals, men transforming into women, and breast expansion. And, as his tendency to constantly purchase art from others shows, Louis lacks any capability of drawing beyond his self-proclaimed talent of being a "colorist." In other words, he is only able to use the fill tool on pre-drawn art, and fails not only to shade, but to also variate or coordinate the colors in any meaningful way. Worst of all are his actual attempts to draw, which speak for themselves, ignoring the photo-realistic parodies made in mockery of his skills.

13.png 14.png

When Louis grows tired of lying about being unable to find work, a second lie soon follows: his claims he lacks any money before his grift begins proper. As expected, Louis will lie about where his money goes, and acts indignant when people catch him lying, Louis countering by insisting their money is now his, and therefor donators have no say in where it should go. He has lied about how much money he needs and what it's needed for. The most dramatic instance of his tendency to lie is a cataclysmic encounter where he went from claiming to be starving from having no money to gleefully splurging $240 on art of Wonder Woman, which led to him getting the boot from yet another community; kicking and screaming while he was given every chance possible and preferential treatment.

Another common trend in Louis's begging is that he claims he is on the verge of starving. If the fact Louis could instantly kill a person by falling down some stairs onto them isn't proof enough (he himself pushing upwards of 400 pounds), Louis does not need food as his parents regularly support him. Often times when he complains that his family dared to get food without him (which can also be used to signal the start of the mid-grift phase), it is predictably because Louis is a picky eater and an obnoxious person, and so his family ignores him once he gets in an irritable mood. As one would expect in order to maintain his figure, Louis eats meals big enough to feed a large family for each dinner and drinks soda like it was water, having lost his front teeth and developing type II diabetes from how much sugar water he ingests.

If it isn't clear enough already, Louis does not need any money whatsoever. As a matter of fact, Louis's excessive spending is perhaps his more infamous trait, as he currently is known to have recently bid nearly $240 on an art pin-up as mentioned earlier, purchased airpods, a wireless mouse and two speakers, an expensive touchscreen pen, an iPhone, an additional phone, Alexa, a Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch, is currently seeking to upgrade to the newest generation of consoles, has gleefully made recent game purchases/pre-orders for all three, some even being the same game purchased twice, and has spent nearly half a thousand dollars worth of purchases for his Switch alone, most of which are games he either has yet to touch or invest more than an hour into.


When he isn't buying needless electronics, he has a long and consistent history of needlessly buying pornographic art of his ever-changing fursona, or just porn in general, and he has spent enough money on porn commissions of his fursona (and happily offered to pay for ones made by trolls to mock him) to total nearly $2,000 within a few months alone (and that's just on pieces where the price can be irrefutably confirmed), all while needlessly donating to furries on Patreon or splurging it all going to furry conventions and buying pointless trinkets and memorabilia there.

Picture by @Theophilus Thistler

If the aforementioned isn't excessive to the point most readers would allow their eyes to gloss over, or flip to their backs of their heads from rolling them in exasperation, user @Norman B. Normal, after completing their extensive documentation of Louis's excessive name changes, also completed an extensive documentation of Louis's excessive electronics purchases and resales over the course of just a year which is most likely already outdated by the time most would view it, given how frequently Louis will purchase and toss aside electronics. He goes into further detail regarding Louis's purchases here. Of note is how Louis will occasionally either sell these products for equal or greater than the price he originally purchased for, and occasionally for the same price as the newer model, lying about the price of his initial purchase to artificially raise the value on resales.



Despite what these lists and tables would lead one to believe, Louis isn't in a rush to find a job to afford his expensive buying habits, as his mother is content to allow him to squat at her house while he offers less than nothing in return, as he regularly pumps out lies regarding his family to make himself seem more sympathetic (such as claiming to be Jewish, which he demonstrably and irrefutably is not), lies to make his ancestry seem more interesting or "oppressed" than it actually is, or just lies saying that his parents are outright dead, his most infamous of bold-faced lies.



While it doesn't need repeating, when Louis says he needs money, he is lying. If he is still in the pre-grift phase, he frequently makes purchases claiming they are anonymous gifts as the list above shows, Louis believing himself to be a master of manipulation while his observers and potential donators are none the wiser. For years, Louis has claimed a mysterious benefactor has dropped expensive electronics at his doorstep without so much as a name, return address, or claim of responsibility. But if all else fails, he will try outright scams.

The first scam attempt noted by his observers was the Anthrocon scam. During this instance, Louis attempted the "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" approach. While this indeed made it difficult to pinpoint the truth, all it truly did was make it unquestionable that Louis had lied at some point. For this scam, he had claimed to need $500 to visit a convention which was no more than an hour drive from his home, despite claiming to only need $200 out of a $1,000 donation total for it earlier. In this instance, Louis was either lying about needing only $200 earlier and fully intended to take more from the $1,000 he supposedly set aside for essentials, or he lied about needing $500 when he originally needed just $200 before, and intended to use the extra $300 for himself. This is all assuming he isn't lying about needing such a ridiculous amount of money to begin with, however, which seems to be the most likely scenario. Regardless, when the convention was cancelled, Louis claimed to never receive the money he spent on his ticket back and needed it immediately to purchase food despite initially claiming he was being responsible and only using money he didn't need for food on the convention. Once again, excluding the most likely scenario of him not needing the money to begin with, Louis was either lying about only using money he didn't need or lying about needing his refund for food, neither of which portray him in a positive light.

Being a more direct and less confusing, yet still obvious, scam following the Anthrocon scam was the broken glasses scam. During this foray into swindling, Louis posted glasses he had not been seen wearing before while claiming to need replacements, either lying because they are not actually his (and possibly lying according to how the glasses appear intentionally disassembled), or lying by omission by wittingly leaving out that he has a backup pair (which he had actually been seen wearing). As per standard Louis fashion, he provided the evidence contradicting himself, well, himself. He would later waste money buying glasses he didn't need after being caught to sell the lie nobody could possibly believe, posting the receipt as if it meant anything.


But any fallout from his scams pales in comparison to the pin-up scam. As mentioned earlier, the art pin-up of Wonder Woman which led to his exile from yet another furry community serves as an additional example of Louis's inability to convincingly lie. Before purchasing the pin-up by bidding an excessive amount of money totaling at $240, Louis claimed to have lost a pen for his touchscreen and said he needed nearly $150, yet mysteriously and unceremoniously "found" the pen in his small little room after purchasing the pin-up, heavily implying he spent the money he received for the "lost" pen on the art auction instead. But, as mentioned earlier, the purchase of this pin-up was sandwiched between Louis begging for food both before and after, and when confronted with this fact, Louis threw a tantrum of then-unseen proportions at the time. The perfect, crimson-red cherry on top of this souffle of stupidity, Louis eventually disposed of the art for some unfathomable reason, presumably because he believed destroying the pin-up served as a retroactive apology to the people he had already willingly alienated himself from.

Given the poorly planned and abysmally executed nature of his scams, the most effective scam utilized by Louis was allegedly learned from his mother, being return fraud. Whether it be items delivered through online retailers or feast-sized servings ordered over the internet, Louis seems to frequently be subjected to his transactions being failed on the supplier's behalf. Making it as obvious as possible, he will regularly antagonize and insult the cordial help staff over services such as Twitter, which suggests an even more vicious treatment off of public forums such as over phones or chats. During each of these attempts at fraud, Louis will demand a refund. While he certainly wouldn't post the evidence himself, at least not intentionally, it is clear to all observers that Louis receives his items and acts as if he did not, and either pockets the money "recouped" from his loss or sells the replacement products. The invariable responses from the support centers he harasses, who note their documentation shows the deliveries were fulfilled, also lends credence to this.

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I am so mad at myself for not archiving shit when I first discovered this asshat on their pghfur Twitter account. Especially watching them shit on some con they supposedly paid to attend, then spent that entire weekend hiding in their hotel room while whining that no one was hunting him down to make him feel special!

EDIT: Here's when I first mentioned his sorry begging that I was sick of seeing.


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Nice job OP.

Louis has been bragging that we didn’t have the right Lou Gagliardi because the screenshot got his middle initial wrong. His “I don’t know who to trust” freak out was in response to his full name, Louis Dominic Gagliardi III, being posted. He seriously thought he was safe because of that middle initial even though the dox had everything else correct.

Also his dad is dead. And here’s his old blog.

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A domino effect of failure, once Louis's lies and scams fail to provide him the money for his precious toys and porn, Louis begins the grift proper. Fittingly, the first example of the mid-grift (henceforth referred to as "the grift") observed by Kiwifarms was using Kiwifarms itself as a reason to donate.

Unfortunately, the grift is the most uninteresting phrase of the cycle, which serves more as a build-up towards phase 3. No colorful commentary in the world could spice up a sequence even Louis himself does not offer any creativity towards, as he often will simply copy and paste the same message over and over begging for money, occasionally throwing in obnoxious and desperate pleas, such as constantly asking "please" or using repeated phrases like "I am on my virtual hands and knees." If it isn't clear enough, these grifts are solely done to gain toys and trinkets like electronics and video games despite Louis's often-stated claim of "wants before needs." Nothing demonstrates this better than when Louis, being offered food while he was expressly begging for food money, turned it down without realizing what he had just revealed.


Perhaps through classical conditioning, Louis has learned not to variate too much from the grift's sequence, since he will often contradict himself should he actually try to engage with anyone during the grift. One such example is when he happily shared how he purchased a $10 D.V.D. on some stupid furry topic most likely about urinating on plush toys or whatever, and promised to purchase a copy for the first few degenerates who asked him to. Immediately following this, Louis begun the grift. Not only does this suggest he didn't need any money, the grift begun immediately after he offered to pay for another person's copy, well before he feasibly could follow through on his promise and making it impossible for Louis to claim he mismanaged his funds as a defense.

His failure to keep his lies straight during his grift even transcends between other social media accounts, as Louis was keen to demonstrate using a furry Twitter-like. During this particular disaster, Louis had revealed the unthinkable: his power briefly went out, and the grift demanded a sacrifice of dozens of dollars. However, as Louis revealed on his other social media, his power went on minutes before he ever even decided to use the outage for the grift. Somehow, Louis made the fact he somehow needed money due to a power outage the least unbelievable part of his lie, instead proving the power was back on by the time he tried using it to make a quick buck.

His only other attempts at boosting the grift, although equally sad, is Louis faking his harassment, which he has attempted multiple times. While he often attributes these emails insulting him to Kiwifarms, there are multiple flaws in his claims which suggest otherwise. Beyond Kiwifarms' strict policy against interacting with the subject of any thread, the addresses of the emails can be found by a surface-level search for email spoofing websites, and the content thereof are typically insults regarding information only Louis would know or consider writing, none of which address nor show a proper understanding of actual criticisms against him. The most damning evidence, however, is the timestamp for the emails which Louis didn't realize until it was pointed out by the very thread he claimed to avoid. Every last message was sent and received instantaneously, proving Louis was actively lying in wait for these messages before he could feasibly notice otherwise. Even when he became aware of this mistake, his subsequent attempts to fake his harassment afterwards were instead all systematic, each email then being sent and received within the same uniform time in minutes apart, nonsensically suggesting both the writer and receiver each waited the exact amount of time to both send and receive the messages despite allegedly being two separate people.


Yes, that's real.

Also referred to as the "manic phase" by many and the "refractory period" by nobody because that's awful, the post-grift is the most destructive, cataclysmic, horrible, disgusting, and highly entertaining part of the cycle. Louis's behavior during the pre and mid-grift is certainly obnoxious, but that alone would make him dismissed as a mere scammer and fraud and ignored by any who stumbled across him, including by those who are active posters within this very thread. The post-grift is the fireworks display which makes Louis an active nuisance to everyone he involves himself with. From his friends and defenders, to the community he involves himself in, all the way to random people who aren't even speaking or involved with him in any remote way, Louis will insult, attack, and alienate anyone during the post-grift. It does not matter if they stand in his way, by his side, or aren't even on the path of his rampage, absolutely nobody is safe from Louis post-grift. It's also the phase with the most subsections titled after paraphrased quotes.



The key signifier of the post-grift, Louis threatens suicide quite literally more often than he greets people, and he is well aware these statements are taken seriously by others, since he regularly will use them to manipulate people. As expected, his threats to kill himself are empty, especially considering threatening suicide is his default approach to any situation where he doesn't get what he wants, and he immediately ceases these supposed suicidal tendencies when he realizes it won't work each and every time it fails. Not only that, but Louis becomes genuinely furious when people don't buy his suicide threats and tell him to stop, spurring him into insulting them personally, then turns around and claims the same people telling him to not kill himself somehow and inconceivably want him to do it, demonstrating how he uses these nonsensical assertions to deflect justified criticism of his behavior.


Whenever Louis claims he shall take his own life, it should treated with disgust, not concern, especially considering his reaction to his threats being treated with genuine worry, as when his post saying he was going to kill himself was reported to Twitter and he was sent a form letter for how to cope with suicidal tendencies, Louis could only angrily post about it in a rage, demanding the person who did so out themselves in order for him to block them. Louis wants all the benefits of threatening to kill himself, such as pity and caring compassion for his behalf, without any of the downsides, being treatment of his non-existent tendencies or others trying to involve themselves to "save" him.



What may come as a shock to many readers, Louis is not the most respectable person. Past all the lies and emotional manipulation, Louis is bankrupt of all morals imaginable just short of being a complete sociopath, and even that claim is arguable. Most notably, Louis prolonged the suffering of his dying cat specifically so he can use its death for grifting. Beyond this, and as a non-exhaustive list, Louis has assaulted strangers in public (as mentioned earlier), used racial slurs against people he disliked (multiple times), decided to dox people for disagreeing with him, sent violent threats directly to those who unwittingly exposed his lies through trying to help him, admitted to wanting to teach his 5-year-old nephew using furry porn characters, had wished death on someone being polite to him because they were religious (as friendly Christians are the most frequent target of his ire), defended his misogynistic comments calling women "sluts," "whores," "bitches," and "cunts," used a woman's dead father to insult her, celebrated the death of a woman he disliked, insulted people for objecting to his scam of taking money donated for his bills (which were already fulfilled) and spending it on take-out, games, and porn, ironically created an account on Kiwifarms despite (or, perhaps, fittingly) claiming all who come from the forum are evil and liars, and is known to use his donated money to start his attempts of return fraud, meaning he used a donator's money given to him in good will to fund a theft. In short, there may be a few of reasons to, perhaps, dislike Louis.



Believe it or not, Louis likes confrontation. What he doesn't like are the consequences for confrontation, especially regarding his horrid actions. Louis argues just about every single day. If it isn't with people he speaks to, then he goes out of his way to find people he disagrees with for the express purposes of confronting them. A regular trend for Louis is him butting into conversations which, while not private, did not involve him. Sometimes these conversations do not have any engagements with any other party besides those directly involved in the discussion, yet Louis will still find a way to barge in to say his piece, which is often just flat insults. As expected, these individuals do not take kindly to him intruding on their conversations. Unlike Louis, however, they are actually able to hold their own in an argument. Even the most absurd and laughable positions held by Louis's opponents seem respectable when paired against Louis, which helps with how he paradoxically manages to unite groups of people who would otherwise hate each other together, all unified with their sheer dislike of him.

While conversations between Christians are Louis's normal hunting grounds, even when they aren't actively talking about their faith, Louis does not discriminate and will attack just about anybody, including people who agree with him, especially regarding politics where he will change his own position just for the sake of arguing. Nobody is safe, as Louis has been caught insulting a cancer patient and mocking their recovery after butting into their conversation as he tends to do. Not even people who said nothing to upset Louis are free from upsetting him anyway, as Louis was found insulting a random teenager for no perceptible reason before embarrassingly losing the ensuing argument against a person half his age. When a topic Louis disagrees with isn't present, he'll even formulate his own, utilizing the power of his stupidity such as when he misunderstood a woman talking about "cycling oxygen levels" as her discussing literally cycling on a bicycle, leading Louis insulting her over something she didn't even say. As he shows by his own actions, Louis simply cannot stand a person daring to exist while they do not share his opinion, as perfectly exemplified by him getting angry and blocking a person because they disagreed with Louis's preference for pizza of all things. This trait is what helps fuels the hungry, smoking engine propelling his rage. As long as Louis and another individual happen share the same plane of existence, the probability he will act absolutely vile to them off of a mere disagreement or misunderstanding rapidly approaches 1.


Calling Louis a "wolf in sheep's clothing" is giving him too much credit. Louis is a leech in sheep's clothing, and it's less "sheep's clothing" and more just a wool sweater. There are those who will take umbrage with any criticism to Louis's self-proclaimed minority status even in the face of the awful way he treats others. Unfortunately, there simply is no effective means of stating the following outside of bluntly: Louis lies about his status as any form of a minority solely as a shield against criticism. While this statement seems inflammatory, this idea is convincingly presented by providing direct proof.


The first claim is often the most questioned, being Louis's statement of being a transgender woman. While some believe a mere statement is evidence enough to prove a person is transgender, Louis's claims should be heavily scrutinized, especially given how he both uses his claim of being transgender as a reason for his grift targets to give him money and as a means of avoiding accountability.


Beyond this, Louis makes no effort to pass nor does he express any observable body dysphoria. He does not shave his beard, wear women's clothing, nor make any attempts to appear or sound feminine. On the contrary, he regularly identifies himself by his male name and, as mentioned earlier, only changes aliases to avoid the fallout from whatever last got him negative attention. There is sufficient evidence which also heavily suggests he only identifies as transgender to satisfy a fetish he regularly express regarding gender swapping transformations, which are frequent topics in both his writing and art requests.


His demands to be held at a higher standard simply for being transgender also clearly only apply to him, as he will attack the fact another individual is transgender as if it were a source of mockery. Additionally, he has used the term "transtrender" as a means of gatekeeping other people who claim to be transgender as possible projection. Furthermore, despite crying out when he is misgendered, he will misgender other people who identify as transgender and defend himself doing so if it suits him.


Thus, Louis has a vested interested in being seen as transgender and uses the minimal amount of effort possible solely so he can use it for his personal gain, and nothing demonstrates this better than his interactions with those he pretends to share transgender status with.


Speaking of sexuality, Louis claims to be asexual, perhaps the most absurd claim of all. Plainly speaking, if Louis is genuinely asexual, he may be the most sex-obsessed asexual on the planet. The list proving otherwise is endless, and key examples are Louis hosting an "18+" My Little Pony podcast (which may or may not have been sexual in nature), straight-up buying not-so-straight furry porn, posting an entire list of his personal fetishes, expressing his interest in anatomically correct horse penises, purchasing porn indulging in his bizarre multi-limb, quad-breasted centaur fetish, regularly musing on his pregnancy fetish, and last but not least, Louis has uploaded an image of him fingering himself. The last one is a joke, but readers are still advised to not open that link in particular.


Another lie Louis pushes out is his claims to be Jewish, which had been thoroughly proven false earlier. As with his claims of being transgender, Louis seems to believe all the benefits of being seen as Jewish should only apply to him, as he directly called a person who genuinely has Jewish ancestry a "Jewish rat" in German to insult them. To further push this point, besides fishing for pity, Louis will often use his claims to be Jewish solely to act as an authority when speaking on matters of the Jewish faith, often to its detriment. In other words, Louis fakes his involvement in Judaism not only for personal gain, but also to actively undermine it. It was only after extensive criticism and ridicule he finally admitted he isn't Jewish.


Next on the chopping block are his claims of being suicidal, which as expected, should only benefit him, and anyone else who is suicidal should be mocked for it.


The last thing Louis only wants himself to reap the benefits from is his claim of being disabled. Although his self-inflected diabetes (which was forewarned multiple times, but he responded to these concerns with blind rage) could be thought as a disability, it is hardly an egregious form of the condition and does not limit his ability to function. Regardless, people with actual disabilities or medical trauma are, as per the established pattern, to be mocked and insulted since only Louis should get to reap the benefits of otherwise debilitating conditions.


And, just to salt the earth, Louis has done other actions against minorities which are equally reprehensible, such as calling a Hispanic user a racial slur, using homophobia to insult some person he doesn't know, doing the same to a Polish man while trying to insult them in machine-translated Polish, being racist to a foreign woman while laughing at people who got offended and defending being racist because he thought the recipient wasn't actually the race they claimed to be, and an eerily similar scenario where he called somebody a "retard" while ironically calling them "ableist," also defending his own ableist statement by stating he's not offended when he uses it, which certainly carries interesting implications.

1613594677770.png 1642528716363.png



You can't spell "Gagliardi" without "liar." In the event readers have suffered from a mild stroke while going through the aforementioned, Louis lies. A lot. However, it has been proven Louis will lie, no matter how obviously, for any personal gain, no matter how trivial, on a complete whim. While claiming his mother is dead is the lie most frequently cited, there are other examples which are so ridiculous or easily contradicted they deserve mention. Of note, Louis has lied about owning his own house despite not even paying rent for it, lied about not having a criminal record, lied about becoming a priest, and the most absurd of all, lied about being accepted to two universities and burning the letters of acceptance for zero reason, all for the sake of insulting a football team he doesn't like. In general, anything Louis states which implies he has any form of competency or that he isn't an active detriment to society can be dismissed as a lie.



When Louis is called out on these less-than-respectable behaviors, "sorry" is equivalent to a magical spell. It makes everyone immediately forget his transgressions, see his honesty and willingness to improve, and shower him with money and praise. Or that's how he seems to believe the word functions. In reality, Louis might as well have spoken absolute gibberish for how much meaning is behind his apologies. He will make empty promises of "improving" and fail to actually identify what he thinks people are upset over, using the umbrella term of "being toxic" to hide the fact he doesn't actually know what he did wrong.


That is, of course, assuming he doesn't just apologize for something not even tangentially related before calling it a day and going back to either grifting or being awful, sometimes both. He will even contradict apologies later on while proving he only said "sorry" to grift, as demonstrated when he apologized for conflating religion to a mental illness before going back to doing so anyway. Alternatively, he will completely lose track of the horrible things he's done and just guess what he did, apologizing for the completely wrong thing to an entirely different person. Louis will even occasionally let slip how he genuinely doesn't believe he's done anything wrong after apologizing, portraying the people upset at him as being antagonizing specifically for the sole purpose of putting him down. Then, given some time after begging for forgiveness, Louis will quickly backtrack on it, instead gleefully stating he enjoys being malicious or directly and explicitly confirming he didn't actually mean it while saying he takes back his apology. It goes to show, if somehow an individual manages take Louis's apologies at face value, Louis himself will correct the record by explicitly stating they really were empty. Even when confronted with his behavior, it is nothing more than another opportunity to garner pity, and he will readily swap between pretending to be remorseful because he can't help being willfully malicious or acting victimized from others holding him accountable with zero introspection, all according to what he thinks will make people start doing what he wants again.



While Louis is the primary subject of interest, his immediate family and those around him also serve as sources of intrigue. Everything one would expect is present, front-and-center. Incompetent parents, family members Louis exploits for the grift, his critics, and a selection of brainless defenders.

The only possible source of such a wonderful individual, Louis mother is oddly similar to himself. Despite showing some competency as a homeowner (as in she managed to figure out how to own an home, not as in she's competent at actually doing so), Louis's mother is her own league of obnoxious, to the point where it actively affects the surrounding neighborhood. Ms. Gagliardi is no stranger to drama, as she had been caught stealing toys from a family whose home had burnt down, leading to her angrily insulting anyone who criticized her online in a manner identical to her son. The Gagliardi name is genuinely identified as a nuisance by the community as demonstrated by local news articles, although the family actively attacking anyone who belittles them on said articles certainly doesn't help. As for Louis's nephew who lives with them, the child's upbringing is of genuine concern by readers, but all that's known is Louis's dubious statements regarding his nephew, which invariably always leads to a grift. Naturally, because it wouldn't be any other way, Louis's faux-compassion for his nephew is also a lie as evident by moments when he complains how he hates dealing with him.


Although his family is seen as nothing but a sideshow to the main attraction, the only individuals possibly as disliked as Louis are his defenders. Some naive, some sanctimonious, seeing any form of good in Louis worth defending requires excessive denial from both him and his defenders, defying Louis's claims to the contrary in the above image. As such, Louis's defenders will not only ignore Louis's behavior, they will actively reject evidence brought forth by his critics. Louis's critics themselves are deserving of their own thread, especially regarding how their highly attractive physical features unfairly and negatively influence the sexual selection process against their lesser, non-Louis-criticizing peers, but that is a tangential digression.


What is of relevance is Louis's interactions with his critics. Denial is something Louis himself is an active practitioner of, as his history of grift cycles shows. The most powerful tool of both Louis and his defenders is the delete button, as Louis will remove posts he made not seconds after being criticized for them and pretend as if they never existed. Thus, the power of archiving always shines through as the websites cannot be altered or manipulated in any capacity. This assures if Louis's posts are archived at all, it is evidence of them existing. When the denials of his posts are, in turn, refuted, the most satisfying result emerges: admissions of defeat.


Second to the delete button, rejection of evidence is Louis and his defenders' other most prized asset. When unquestionable archival data shows the evidence of Louis's actions, he will instead attack the source, which is most often Kiwifarms. For those confronting Louis, nothing is owed to Kiwifarms and Kiwifarms as a website does not need to be cited. Their involvement in the creation of the archive is irrelevant, but when presented to Louis, it is also detrimental. Louis is well aware he cannot dismiss anything archived on Kiwifarms and has been caught falsifying fake posts composed of incorrect or deceptive information and attributing it to the website solely to discredit anything gathered from it, ironically lying in an attempt to assert others are liars. To circumvent this, the existence of the archives are the ultimate end-all of any of Louis's denials, the middleman who created or delivered them is not. Furthermore, there is archived documentation proving Louis's behavior before the very creation of his thread, further undermining his pitiful counters to this evidence.


While Louis's interactions with his critics are quite humiliating, they are not nearly as humiliating as how Louis treats his own defenders. As Louis has admitted, individuals are not "friends" or "defenders," but tools to serve him. When speaking to them, his interactions are rife with flat insults and he will simply continue his disparaging of them when asked to stop. If he has a target for them to attack, he will rally them to do so, even when he cries about being a victim of what he believes is the very same thing. If he doesn't want to take the burden of responsibility, he will pass the blame onto his "friends" without a second thought. Outside of these interactions, Louis's exchanges are as minimal as possible, only offering simplistic smalltalk or responses to his defenders while turning on them in a moment's notice should they defy him.


Yet the only thing worse than how Louis treats his defenders is how he treats anyone who has the audacity to be polite to him. Should anyone give Louis advice, no matter how gentle, helpful, or positive, he shall respond similarly to the above, which was his response to an individual offering their support for Louis's fake woes. Not even the bare minimum and most innocuous of interactions with Louis is safe from earning his scorn, such as when a user offered to buy art he was dissatisfied with in the most bubbly, happy-go-lucky manner possible. Louis's response, in a twist not even the most jaded could have expected, was to insult this user, threaten to call the police on them, post the chatlogs online, and identify them by name to publicly shame them, all while believing Louis himself was in the right.


At a glance, Louis may genuinely appear helpless to the uninitiated, which are the primary individuals he preys upon. But, as Louis's true nature reveals itself, he finds that he has created more enemies as, either willfully or though a lacking capacity to do so, he cannot empathize with others. If a person is in poor economic status like Louis pretends to be, he will call them liars. If a person is worse off than Louis, either by being substantially more penniless or physically handicapped, Louis will mirthfully mock them for their misfortune if he doesn't just try to trick them into giving him their money anyway. Most ridiculous of all, Louis's attempts to use others knows no limits, as he has been caught trying to grift and panhandle off of major politicians and national celebrities.

There is an unending and growing stockpile of examples showing how Louis doesn't want friends, he wants money and servants. There is no way to "befriend" Louis, regardless of how kind or delicate the individual. Any person who attempts to will find themselves soon tallied among his increasing list of enemies. As long as one has nothing to give him, he looks upon them with absolute disdain and hatred. Louis lives in a world of his own creation. All the misery he "suffers" is by his choice or actions, with all of his misfortunes caused by his self-perpetuated cycle of grifting. But, most importantly of all, Louis sees all his problems stemming from everyone but himself, and has remained unchanged in every single regard for literal decades, sans his rapidly deteriorating health. There is zero reason to believe Louis can improve in any way, shape or form, meaning he will predictably keep his oh-so-despised Kiwifarms thread alive and flourishing for endless grift cycles in his foreseeable future.


Click here.


Louis "Lou" Gagliardi

DOB: October 16, 1983
125 S Hamilton Ave, Greensburg, PA
Phone: 1-724-989-5637
Personal email: [email protected]




Twitter (direct ID link)
Wikifur Article
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Supporting Trump is worse than supporting ISIS according to Diana

Blaming being broke on capitalism

I don't think this was in the OP, but still gross.

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Nov 25, 2017

02/18: When called out for lying about where his money is going, Louis states that "once people donate, [their money] is not their business." He also reveals to be in direct contact with Matt Myers, a fellow pathetic loser furry lolcow pathetic loser.

02/19: Right at the 24 hour mark, Louis catches wind of the thread. He predictably uses this as an opportunity to beg.

02/19: Panicking intensifies. Louis also states that he believes changing his fursona to a fox will help obscure his identity from Kiwifarms.

02/20: Louis has sent Null a complaint directly. He was kind enough to use what is almost certainly his personal email to do so.

02/20: Louis's mother appears in the comments for a news article discussing how she stole homeless children's toys (yes, really). Amusingly, her conduct online is identical to her son, including getting notably angry, insisting they're the victim, and inadvertently revealing even more information about themselves.

02/20: Louis's phone number and address was confirmed via a website he used to host an "18+ only" My Little Pony podcast.

02/20: Louis posts claiming to need $500 for a furry convention despite saying he needed $200 out of a combined $1000 total donation for it (even though it's just a weekend trip to the convention), showing he was either lying about needing $200 (and was going to take more than he claimed he needed), lying about needing $500 (in order to receive more donations than he originally needed), or lying about both (inflating the money he needed arbitrarily). Keep in mind that he's allegedly taking from the same pool of money he needs for food.

02/26: Louis announces he preordered a Nintendo Switch game, revealing he both is still purchasing new releases and owns the most recent video game hardware. Upon receiving criticism, he deleted his Twitter posts before instantly going back to begging, suicide baiting, and saying he can't afford anything.

02/27: After revealing he owns a Nintendo Switch, Louis reveals he also owns a Sony Playstation 4 apropos of nothing, further demonstrating that he blatantly lies about his money troubles.

02/27: Louis calls out a politician as a liar. The irony is palpable.

02/28: Louis needs nearly $500 for an iPad, apparently. According to him, he only used it for playing music, but realizing that this excuse is stupid, he says he needs it for "writing and coloring on the go," despite never leaving his house. He of course blames his family because his mother made him give it to his hospitalized brother. In an attempt to garner pity, he claims to have fallen out of his chair.

02/28: His ego knowing no bounds, Louis sends his Paypal link to Ted Cruz literally begging for pizza money.

02/28: Doubling down, Louis has now increased his begging amount to $2,000 from $1,000 because his brother borrowed his iPad.

03/01: Showing off his artistic ability, Louis demonstrates his newest career choice: using the paint bucket tool on pre-drawn art to fill in the lines with flat colors. He claims to need a $500+ iPad to do this.

03/05: Louis proves himself a liar by inadvertently providing evidence that he still has his iPad. He then confirms he owned an Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, and is excited for new game releases he shouldn't be buying. He also states to have spent over $20 on a personal dinner, despite allegedly being strapped for cash. He also flip-flopped from hating his family to wanting to buy them gifts due him seeing the latter as more expedient towards begging. To finish, he has alienated even more of his followers by snapping at them for voting differently than he does. Naturally, he claims to be the victim.

03/09: Louis has a cataclysmically fierce argument with a fat, furry "sex worker" for some reason. He quickly threatens to sue them.

03/10: Louis tries to deny having a CuriousCat despite owning three, and then complains that people aren't being fooled by his lies anymore, opting to justify why he lies instead. He also was banned from another furry Twitter-like for his argument with a fat, furry "sex worker," claiming the ban was "without a reason," and threatens to starve himself to death as a suicide attempt if he doesn't get money. Afterwards, he reveals what his standard dinner consists of: sixteen boneless wings, two liters of soda, and a Pizza Hut pizza delivered to him, totaling possibly around $35 for a single dinner by himself. He justifies this by saying he lives one mile from a grocery store (asserting that this is a distance too far to walk). He then brags that he's buying Doom Eternal (an upcoming release) as a counter to people accusing him of wasting money on video games; Louis's reasoning for this is unclear.

03/11: Louis gets in yet another argument with some other stupid furry. He proceeds to mock them for being poor, calls them a liar for citing information Louis himself shared, and threatened suicide when they argued back.

03/12: Louis reveals another one of his small meals: four entire sloppy joe sandwiches; he also accidentally reveals that he owns an expensive gaming laptop, which also demonstrates that he especially doesn't need the iPad he's been begging for in order to work portably.

03/13: Without a hint of irony, Louis complains that a person he supposedly gave money to isn't doing what he wants with it and chose to block Louis, despite Louis himself bragging he has done the same thing to other people earlier. He then claims to need $500 for a new pair of socks.

03/16: Louis tries to sell one of his two iPads by lying about the price he bought it for in order to break even on the resell (marking up the price by $100 and selling it for the price he actually bought it for).

03/18: Louis complains about Kiwifarms keeping track of his frivolous purchases, and tries to lie saying that every single video game console he owns and his iPad were inexplicable gifts.

03/20: Showing how frugal he is with his money, Louis brags that he purchased yet another identical reference sheet for the exact same character he's been using for his fursona along with yet another day 1 full-price game release. The minimum total for purchasing both is $100 when he supposedly only had around $20 to his name in his Paypal. He went on to also purchase a $250 phone and trick a disabled artist who draws with their mouth to donate $20 to Louis out of pity.

03/21: With zero self-awareness, Louis goes from bragging about buying a $10 CD and offering to purchase it for anybody who messages him to immediately begging for food money, worried he may starve if he does not get the money.

03/24: An insider shares that Louis often buys electronics to attempt to scam companies out of more money, a method of fraud he learned from his mother. They also further reveal that Louis begs so much due to a formative experience where he received a large quantity of donations totaling over $1,000 which he had spent in a week afterwards, explaining his begging habits.

03/27: Louis's paperwork proving he has assaulted people arose along with photo evidence that he dislikes the very nephew he's used to beg for money. In the meantime, Louis loses an argument to a 15-year-old, tries to use literal dreams to beg for money, and asks American celebrity Taylor Swift for a donation.

03/29: Louis protects his Twitter and a Kiwifarms user manages to predict the exact moment he unprotected it.

03/30: The true hardship of the length Louis must travel for sustenance is revealed: 160 feet from his house. He also reveals that he's still ordering from a food delivery service despite saying he never will ever again just a day before, and shares that somebody was actually dumb enough to put Louis on their mobile phone plan.

03/31: To disprove he has a gaming laptop despite photo evidence proving he does, Louis shares that he has relatively decent specs on his computer which are able to run PC games fairly well. He also backtracks on a lie and says one of his video game consoles was bought using his own money rather than a gift.

04/01: Louis assumes a person is a troll because they give him honest money advice. He proceeds to complain that people are calling him a scam artist for some reason, then has yet another identity crisis and believes the problem is his fursona. Again.

04/01: Louis's web history is discovered, revealing his gradual progression into being a pathetic leech. He then yells at a person for trying to help him (with the other individual not even trying to offer advice, just trying to give him words of encouragement).

04/03: Louis scams people out of money by saying he needs to pay his water bill. Beforehand, he had gotten angry at people repeatedly informing him that he didn't need to due to a quarantine, proving that he knew the payment wasn't needed. He then claims that he paid the bill despite the company saying it wasn't necessary, and Louis "mysteriously" announces he's decided to spend allegedly unrelated money on video games, take-out, and furry porn commissions.

04/06: Louis tries his hand at scamming food delivery services using the same methods he scams electronics companies. He then gets angry at a user for saying "Jesus loves you," climaxing with Louis saying the world would be better off if said user and religious people like him were dead.

04/08: In response to his favorite presidential candidate dropping out, Louis promises to delete everything. He was immediately on Twitter with his "deleted" account complaining afterwards. He also reveals he pays money to furry Patreon users for no reason.

04/11: Louis denies having a criminal record to prove an asinine point. He then interrupts a conversation to complain about Christianity. Again.

04/12: Happy Easter! Louis posts a video of his mother complaining he doesn't help her. Louis takes the opportunity to share his room along with his excessive spending habits, and throws out a couple of obvious lies along the way.

04/13: Louis tries scamming three different companies again, unaware that his constant complaining makes it all the more clearer that he's trying to cheat them out of money. He gets angry at this mother suggesting he may be diabetic soon after. When a poster gently suggests Louis should consider checking if he has diabetes, Louis gets angry and demands people report the poster for harassment.

04/14: Louis muses on paying $5 for pregnancy fetish porn of his fursona.

04/15: Louis confirms he's using the Chromebook he supposedly bought for his nephew by complaining about the Chromebook's operating system not letting him use Discord properly. He then fakes his own harassment, posting an email he sent to himself within literal seconds of him receiving it on his main account.

04/16: A troll shades one of Louis's wastes of money and overlays it with text insulting him. Louis, clueless and shameless, offers to pay money for the work without the text.

04/20: Louis, on a topic regarding comics, talks down to an artist who has been working on major comics for decades. When the artist points out that Louis doesn't know what he's talking about in comparison to somebody who's been in the industry for ages, Louis continues to act superior, believing he still better understands the artist's profession than the artist himself.

04/22: Louis tries scamming another company while showing off even more soda he shouldn't have bought. He then states that watching furries streaming video games is the only thing keeping him alive.

04/23: Louis tries to lie about his glasses being broken in another scam attempt by showing a pair of glasses which both were clearly broken intentionally and which were different than the glasses he's taken pictures of himself wearing.

04/26: Louis confirms he still reads the thread by talking about Instacart, a service he was unaware of until just hours after somebody brought it up. He then complains about Kiwifarms keeping track of his lies and acts racist towards a Pakistani girl he doesn't know. He attempts to justify his racism by claiming that any person could be any identity online, so his racism against a specific ethnicity doesn't count. He follows this up by claiming that anybody who disagrees with him is a paid Kiwifarms troll.

04/27: Louis sends more fake emails to himself, once again posting the screenshot of the email within literal seconds of sending it to himself.

04/28: Louis's toenail has fallen off after allegedly turning green. He denies this being related to diabetes, believing it's simply from walking too much. He instead uses it as an excuse to get money for yet another reference sheet of his fursona instead of seeing a doctor. Later on, he posts a picture of his nail-less toe with an open, festering wound and gets furious when people suggest he get help immediately. In related news, Louis doubles down on his "broken glasses" lie. In unrelated news, Anthrocon is cancelled. Predictably, Louis uses this to beg since he's yet to get the money he put aside for Anthrocon back, even though he alleged to responsibly use money he didn't need towards buying a ticket for it before.

04/29: Immediately after saying he's leaving Twitter forever, Louis comes back asking to buy yet another laptop.

05/01: Louis complains about having to play a used copy of a AAA major game release he shouldn't own (being Fallout 76, a game infamous for being a drain on the player's real wallets through microtransactions).

05/02: A list of Louis's Switch games leaks.

05/08: Louis comes up with a new excuse for not getting a job: he doesn't want to use the bus.

05/12: Louis buys the special edition of Final Fantasy 14 and says he wants his 5-year-old nephew to use a furry porn character as a role model.

05/13: After doing damage control for hiring an artist who draws cub porn, Louis has an absolute meltdown because somebody showed him his own Kiwifarms thread which Louis already knew existed.

05/14: Louis flips out and attacks a random user because he misread their "cycling oxygen levels" as them literally "cycling" on a bicycle.

05/15: Louis responds directly users in his thread.

05/16: A long and well-documented history of Louis's habit of spending endless amounts of cash on porn is posted, including some of Louis's fetishes.

05/20: Louis gets banned from Twitter and uses this as a chance to beg.

05/24: Louis responds to his thread again for some reason.

05/28: After bothering comedian Graham Linehan for a while, Louis gets noticed and mocked by him. Louis then claims to have reported his mother to child protective services because she spanked his nephew as a punishment.

06/02: Louis decides to buy a game he already owns for another console and bids $240 on a Wonder Woman comic.

06/05: Despite claiming to partake in the 2020 protests, evidence shows Louis spent his time during the protests to complain about Kiwifarms unprovoked.

06/07: Louis thirstposts about horse penis.

06/10: Somebody flags Louis's latest suicide bait, and he gets angry when Twitter sends him a form letter regarding his suicidal thoughts. After threatening to block this person, Louis complains that other people are blocking him.

06/11: Happy 100 pages! Louis celebrates as well by making the quintessential Louis-post before losing a friend because he couldn't help but insult them for being from the south. Louis goes on to delete his Twitter account again because a person made a single post suggesting he should save money rather than spend it on more art. Louis concludes this person is a Kiwifarms user. He comes back instantly and pulls the "rape" card for pity. Despite claiming to only use his account for "transequality" issues from then on, he immediately goes back to begging for money. Somebody falls for it and Louis promptly goes and spends the money on yet another trinket.

06/12: Louis tries to rebrand as a news source.

06/13: Louis's account gets banned for presumably scamming. When he returns, he threatens to delete his account again again (again).

06/14: Another person from Louis's circle shares how much Louis has been outed for being a scammer in the communities he partakes in.

06/15: Louis finally says "sorry," but for something he doesn't need to apologize for in order to seem more pathetic to gain pity.

06/15: Louis blocks a person because they calmly stated they did not agree with his opinion about pizza.

06/16: Kindly being considerate of his observers, Louis decides to archive his own meltdown for Kiwifarms before nuking his account after a catastrophic meltdown.

More updates here!
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Lmao, how the fuck did this fat fuck manage to spend 36 years of his life without even a fast food job to save up to leave his house for even a year? Even Chris held a fucking job once, and he was and is in a worse state now than he probably is.

Oh right, "Diana" is a tranny who wears 5x to 6xl shirt sizes. Obviously no one wants to hire him because they can't see him as a woman, not because he would probably have a heart attack doing a half mile jog, let alone doing 9-to-5. Fucking capitalism.