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Louis is having a furry identity crisis! What should his new fursona be?

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he's a good boy
I believe we have a screenshot of him on the other side of this argument earlier in the thread. How many times has he flipped between voting for Biden and not voting for Biden now?
He's flip-floppin' for corn-poppin'

Speaking of iPads...Also, I think someone else archived this before me but here it is.
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More "food" money down the drain as usual. How many iPads is this now?
That -has- to be Louie dearest. That shitty fucking photo, plus he's selling something that... looks like it's about $340? Maybe I'm missing something, but a real quick google shopping search brings up around 5 different listings for the ipad mini 5 64GB at $339.99. ONE listing puts it at $399.99. IOS is shit and I hate it but it also doesn't take up over 20 fucking gigs, as the first image points out, so he clearly hasn't factory reset the thing.

To minorly PL, I used to sell shit like tablets and phones. Back then you were able to do some minor repairs on Apple products without them bricking because the most-likely-regulators are too busy chimping out about revolution to care that their overpriced patron saint of bourgeois privilege has decided to lobby aggressively for the extreme destruction of independent repair, and so Applecare was kindof an overpriced add-on I would move people away from. I remember it being something like $125 at that point in time, after which people still had to pay pretty big fucking fees on their shit.

Nowadays, if your thing runs into problems outside of warranty, the cost to get it repaired 'officially' is higher than the price of just buying their newest piece of shit. Meaning if you at all want to make it affordable in the long-run, you have to buy into their shitty insurance scheme or get fucked. It took a while to find the new pricing buy-ins: there's a $199 plan and a $299 plan (which, of course, still require high service fees and a pretty ridiculous shipping fee. It really does cost more to get less, folks.). Ah, but you can pay 'em in monthly installments, at least!

This means that anyone who picks up this thing is paying more than the cost of the item BOUGHT NEW, has to wonder why this mook is trying to sell it after like two fucking weeks (and is unable to return it), and would have to fork out an exorbitant amount to get the thing covered by Apple's extortion scheme, which would be the only reason to pay around $450 for this shit. (How the fuck did he lose the lightning cable that came with it in TWO WEEKS?)

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but now I am more inclined to believe lardass is getting rides and all the travails about taking the bus are just part of his pity story.
It's Lou. It's simpler than that. He never takes the bus - I'm betting ever. He just lies that it costs the same amount as home delivery does.

There's no point in working out how he could save money other than as an intellectual exercise, because whatever he says he's doing he's lying. He makes no effort unless forced to. He likely hasn't left the house since the last selfie he posted.

Humans aren't automatically good at dealing with continuous lying. We have a tendency to default to accepting things as true unless given a reason not to, at least if you're basically an honest person. Lou isn't a Jake Alley, who generally has a nub of truth buried under all his bullshit.

He never tells the truth if he can help it because the truth is he doesn't put any effort into anything. Even his lying. He just says what he thinks will get him sympathy or will win him an argument he's started. The only thing he seems to have learned in the last nine months is the scam trick of not even trying to make your requests believable - scam emails with bad spelling and grammar are actually more effective, because someone taken in by a professional appearance is more likely to notice discrepancies, while someone who replies to your scam even though it looks fake is also someone more likely to send you money.

Tl;dr: Lou orders delivery and lies about the bus. He almost definitely only leaves the house when his dead transphobic mother drives him somewhere.

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Wait, so he bought a new iPad two weeks ago?

What kind of fucktard doesn't check MacRumors before buying ANY Apple product?


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You have 14 days to return an opened iPad, with accessories but at a -25% repackaging fee. Slimy practice but don’t buy something you aren’t going to keep.

He must be set on getting all his money back, but like a new car electronics lose value as soon as you open them.

Also he lost two cords within one room he never leaves fuckin lol

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Bro, don't even bro, bro.
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Wait, so he bought a new iPad two weeks ago?

What kind of fucktard doesn't check MacRumors before buying ANY Apple product?
Someone who is a consumerist whore and gadget junkie, like Louie. He'd gladly waste money on a current item today, then buy the newest version tomorrow instead of just saving the money for the latest version when it comes out. He's incapable of delaying gratification even for a short while. I'm not exaggerating or being hyperbolic when I say Louie is like a junkie always jonesing for his next fix.

Crippling depression and anxiety don’t “keep dysphoria at bay” you fucking lunatic
Exactly. The whole "you don't need to feel dysphoria to be trans" fucktards are bad enough, but this? This absolutely bug-shit retarded line of shit Louie just laid out? Depression and anxiety would contribute to dysphoria, not "keep it at bay". It would make things worse, not better. It's almost like Lard-o has no idea what being transgender is like.
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>Does fapping count as an emotional response?
I stayed up late in a call with some friends doing shots and one of them was a trans lady and I showed her the link to Louie boy saying that depression and anxiety keeps his dysphoria away and now that I’m sober enough to type again I figured I’d let you all know that she laughed so hard she knocked her glass off her desk and then declared “I want whatever that man-sized meatball looking ass motherfucker is smoking because that is not how it fucking works but I wish it was” :story:

Now I’m off to pass out.

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What would be considered a normal break from Twitter each night was a traumatic lock on his account for a tweet he deleted so it doesn’t even exist
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I mean, no one was actually wondering, Lou, but hey go off.

That said, it seems like Athena Vixen / Foxyautist / @KrabFish has a new twitter account and was involved in that little Twitter timeout.

Foxyautist New Account.jpg

She's bragging about her involvement in Lou's latest Twitter jail stint on one of Lou's sperg-uments from yesterday not once, not twice, but three times. Actually four times if you count her replying with the same screenshot to some rando who wasn't even involved.

Foxyautist at it again.jpg

She apparently also used her brief time here on the Farms to expand her vocabulary and is not showing off her shiny new word to the rest of the world.

Learning from the Farms.jpg

Of course, the Foxyautist has earned yet another Twitter shadowban for her incoherent screeching so she'll be hopping to the next account any day now.

Shadowbanned Foxyautist.jpg

pussy raptor

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Considering he's morbidly obese this is gonna be one hell of a pricey funeral - you won't find a casket that fits and if they decide to light the chunky man-child candle on fire for a more managable size they'll have to chop him up before squeezing him in the cremation machine.

You could heat an entire orphanage through the winter with the amounts of lard dripping off him. Finally Lou can be useful!