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This is a good cat picture
He probably thinks all racing should be like NASCAR where all they do is go at triple digit speeds in turns. I love the idea that he thinks smashing into corners at max speed and having a massive speed drop is a better risk than slowing down into a handbrake turn, going slower but maintaining a constant speed to avoid crashing, then spending less time accelerating out of the turn to max speed.

Maybe he thinks all racing games are like Fast and Furious stunts?
Therein lies your mistake. Phil never thinks. About anything that isn't fast food or money. Specifically how he can get more of them.


Waiting on that race war that'll engulf society
There's always excuses with Phil no matter what. Remember this?

Phil was the only complaining that the cabinets were using Japanese joysticks or American joysticks or something. No one else complained and Phil came in 9th place at that particular tournament. There's always going to be some sort of BS excuse from Phil.

He looks incredibly uncomfortable.

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It's really easy to imagine Phil bitching about taxes and those booksmart YouTube nudniks to LowTierGod.

So my guess would be yes. I wonder what will happen to LTG now that he has been caught in the autism magnet.

I just hope he doesn't turn into a new paypig for phil

andr0id psycho sho(ker

I destroy internet memes with my creepy stare!
With what money? He works at Goodwill

Given that a good number of Phil's donaters use their parent's money, I can see Low Tier god donating to Phil like a lot of Phil's supporters. It's not the issue of having not too much money, it's been willing to spend some on something so frivilous


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Holy fuck, I keep finding blatant lies from Phil. I have to reiterate that I'm not an ST expert by any stretch of the imagination but when even a dumbo like me can spot the lies then you know Phil's fucking up.

Timestamp at 11:30 Phil states that Chun's HK AA doesn't work at certain angles. Let's check the SRK ST Wiki:


No mention whatsoever of her HK being a bad AA. You can clearly see in the footage that the move traded but it still served as an Anti-air.

How dare you to question the best super turbo player of the country and 2nd best Deejay of the world!!!

Ugh I myself, is a FORMER, PRO fighting game player...........

I can be good at this game IF I WANT TO,

so if you question me..............

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Anyway, in the WiP, he asserts his side of the story about LTG again. He also shits on EA and refuses to cover their E3 conference on Saturday (It's always his day off with his girl! Even though this is only recent...). He speaks as though they did this to fuck him specifically.

The new sub goal (which may be 475, but may also be 450 instead) is for a "Rageathon" where people will nominate games that they think will make Phil rage. He mentions 'Scarface' as the type of shit that people would drag up. If his fans have a brain between them, they'll use this to force him into SFV, or at least force him to take executive action to avoid it. But they won't.

Then he concludes with my favourite portion where he tells everyone that he needs screen templates for E3 (including a 'podcast style template' for a speshul edition of Hate Live, where he will tell us about secret behind the scenes stuff, including how things are going with Kat). He gives a list of templates that they need, then says if someone could whip those up for him, that would be great. Sloth, sloth is massively strong.

He's drinking some odd brown liquid out of a water bottle tonight... Anyone know what this is? He still swishes it as he normally does... followed by abnormal amounts of lip smacking.
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Philly boy quit hitting that gin and is now hitting that jenkem boii tahaa
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