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same smug assholery in writing, and blocky necks and pillow shading in art
Also, same bullshit and lying. They might not yell, but people like her throw an absolute fit about being misgendered - just later, online, where they can draw a comic about what they wish they'd said and pretend it's true. Considering how melodramatic they are about how misgendering murders troons/enbys constantly, to suddenly back away from that and suggest that who does it and in what context actually matters does not match up with their previous behaviour.

It just emphasises that basic rule of SJWs - they attack their own almost exclusively because those are the only people who might care about their opinions. A 99% ally is going to be mobbed much more often than a right-winger because of the two, only one has any reason to care about someone like Luna's opinions of their allyship.

Also, just to point out to Luna that just because someone knows you and knows what pronouns you prefer, doesn't mean they either like or respect you enough to deny reality to appease you. And that when you've presented yourself as some tough gender warrior who asserts herself in the face of all 'ignorance and bigotry', it's definitely hypocritical to act like these grey anon strawmen's actions are, again, reliant on context and your personal whims rather than a solid set of morals that you pretend to apply to all situations.

But what am I saying. It's not like Ol' Toothpaste Hair's comics have ever been anything but one in an infinite line of wannabe artists, where aggrieved assholes just replay or even create conversations where they get to actually 'win' whatever argument they can think of.


You should be grateful.
She fails to understand that anons could be anyone, especially someone who is new to her scrawls and delusions. They're not a hivemind.
On a different subject, does the bitch still wear/draw herself wearing fingerless gloves with everything she wears? That's really shit fashion sense. Though now that I think about it, most genderspecials and tumblrinas tend to have horrible taste in fashion.
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