Male General / - 4chan, but for gay revenge porn

Leonard Helplessness
I'm interested by their "lol, fuck you if you try to take down any revenge porn that we host" policy. It's familiar, specifically after the saga of Craig Brittain.

That particular lolcow thread was stillborn, but I remember his antics from elsewhere. He ran a website called where he posted shitloads of revenge porn, and posted any threats/takedown notices that he received along with his hee-larious responses. The only way to remove pictures from the website was to send an official "legal request" to an "attorney" who would see to it that the offending content was deleted in exchange for a "legal fee" of $250.00. This "attorney," by the way, was one of Craig Brittain's sockpuppets.

It was some hilarious shit. My understanding is that he eventually got sued to hell and back by an actual attorney, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if he's now involved with this site.

e: appears to be dead or something at the moment or else I'd post links to relevant sites that documented Craig Brittain's escapades back in the day.