Artcow Manny (Manolo) Corobo / Kiingcorobo / Stardustandgust-arts / Shitbin Motel / Brickoppy / Hickoppy / Malewifebranch - Chronic Sufferer of Vivziepop Derangement Syndrome, Troll Fucker, Horse Cock Connoisseur, Prolific SJW Artcow, Batshit A-Logger and Cancel Culture SJW. Wants to take down the Farms.

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Which LOLCOW trait of Manny do you find funniest?

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Certified Tard Magnet
May 22, 2020
Meet Manny (Manolo) Corobo/Person/Dejesus, a 20-year-old manchild who is a self-proclaimed artist that claims to be a Black-Dominican, Aromantic, Homosexual, Non-Binary, Transgender Man. They have an irascible hatred of Hazbin Hotel, VivziePop, PewDiePie and many other “problematic” shows and people along with being an extremely hateful individual who will go as far as to start entire campaigns to take down the people they hate. They get into lots of drama and frequently slander others.


He is also a rabid Cookie Run (They recently left the CR fandom over some "Goblin" Cookie since they thought it was anti-semitic), Smile For Me, No Straight Roads and Trolls 2 fanboy with an obsession with the character "Hickory" from Trolls 2. They have been mentioned many times on the SJW Art and Extremes thread. @Celandine provided most of the screenshots while I took the liberty of archiving many of his posts, social media as well as providing more screenshots that have not been documented.
Manalo Dejesus.png

Details on their transition.

They has confirmed themselves to be a fatass, and more of their violent threats yet again.

SJW Artworks, Blackwashing and Redesigns
He can't draw for shit.
  • All his characters look the same.
  • He can't connect lines.
  • Uses barely any shading. When the shading is used, it is usually done badly.
  • Most of the time his art is an incoherent mess.
  • A good chunk of their artworks are done out of malice and have spiteful intentions.
  • They often look like borderline racial stereotypes.
  • Same face syndrome and a lack of diverse bodies (mostly just fat blobs being used).
  • He constantly complains about whitewashing (especially in the Cookie Run fandom) and he doesn't believe in blackwashing even though he constantly does it.




The Simping Saga
Manny is notorious for having a high sex drive and how much they lust after certain characters, with their most famous example being their obsession with Hickory from the Trolls World Tour/Trolls 2 movie. They have also simped for DK West from No Straight Roads, Balan from Balan: Wonderworld; Dickory, Chaz, King Quincy and Lownote Jones from the aforementioned Trolls 2 Movie and several more fictional men. Even their followers poke fun at them for their simping and it has become somewhat of a meme within his friends and fanbase.

They are obsessed over the Trolls 2 movie, & have become an insane Hickory fan who constantly makes art of him, yet denies any sexual attraction to him.

Hell, he even made a sona which he calls a Future Funk troll (Techno-Funk Troll hybrid apparently) or some kind of troll offshoot.

And to top it off, he made a hastily-done scribble which shows his incredible obsession with Hickory.
Furthermore, he headcanons Poppy, Branch, and Hickory, his husbando, in a polygamous relationship. They have made more than 200 pieces of fanart of him along with more Trolls 2 fanart.

Friends and Close Associates
While Manny is a pretty hilarious individual by himself, he also has a small, but incredibly rabid and hilarious fanbase that eat up all his art and bandwagon his opinions like blind sheep. Notable examples will be listed below.

White Knights and Fanbase
The biggest white knight and follower, ohitisnowisit (Loulo, old name: Toby/Tobias/Tove), a non-binary genderfluid person who is basically a Manny clone in terms of behavior and beliefs but milder, but still plays a fairly major role in Manny's behavior and can be pretty hilarious at times. As of late, they've changed their name to Banjo, identifies as a transman and now uses both he/him and it/its pronouns.
Next would be crying-all-night (Toty), a gay agender who goes by it/its pronouns and is obsessed with Guy Diamond from the Dreamworks Trolls Movies. "It" is a huge fan of Manny himself and also shares the same opinions he has. Both of them are huge fans of each other's art, and love to support each other with them almost constantly reblogging/liking each other's posts and art.
One of the biggest white knights would be aceoftheatre, a White-passing, a Cocsa&CSA survivor, Aroflux, ace and, Polygender, ADHD and Autistic person who is a huge fan of Manny and is in many ways just as terrible as the person they idolize such as rabidly hating on Vivziepop and Hazbin Hotel and much more. More info can be found on this post right here. Recently, Ace has left Tumblr forever and they're currently nowhere to be found, but they've decided to go out with a bang by getting even crazier, as mentioned in this post.
cringeyass front page.png
The second white knight would be the freakshow that is cisphobicscrina, a batshit insane 14-year-old Aroace Mistgender Non-Binary Transgender Man who goes by He/Him and It/Its Pronouns, and has ADHD. Basically an Aceoftheatre in their later stages where they got worse, but with better art and being worse in some ways. It has discovered its mention here and has freaked out 2 times over its mention while declaring war on the Farms.
Third biggest white knight would venus-doe who is a self-proclaimed csa survivor and obsessed Lemongrab fangirl that frequently reblogs his shit. The three love to lap up his bullshit and are fellow Hazbin haters. More info on Venus can be found in these two posts. Recently, she has started identifying as "Bigender" and now uses he/him in addition to she/her pronouns. She is born on 1st December 2002.

Dealing With Criticism
Manny has a strong hatred of criticism, and often lashes out at it, makes excuses, tags the message containing the criticism as dumb or some sort of bigotry, or try to slander the user. While sugarcoated soft "criticism" is what he prefers, something harsher than that would make him fold over like a lawn chair and go bonkers.

He also has a tag titled "#dumb anons" which is basically a goldmine for his reactions towards criticism, both constructive and destructive. As usual, he can't take any of it at all and would give nonsensical replies, bigotry against the majority or some other shit he pulls out of his ass.

On his new blog, he has made yet another tag which is the exact same as the old #dumb anons tag.

Racism, Heterophobia and Cisphobia
As stated before, Manolo has shown numerous instances of being racist towards white people and even said that people should punch them. Not only that, but he is also pretty heterophobic and cisphobic too. Manny has repeatedly stated they "hate white people so much its fuckin' unreal" and often equate cishets/cisgendered/heterosexual people as villains, bigots, the far-right and more.
white boi!.png
He also enjoys headcanoning unlikable characters and villains as cishet, cisgendered, or heterosexual while he makes practically everyone else that is either the hero or likable characters (and sometimes even random minor characters) LGBT, though it's not as insane as his rampant blackwashing.

Hateboners and A-Logging
Manolo is an extremely hateful person who frequently a-logs anything that manages to anger him enough, with his most notable hateboner being against Hazbin Hotel, which so far seems to be his current negative obsession and possibly the worst one out of them all. However, he also a-logs on many other media or people such as:
  • Miss Zi Zi
  • Pewdiepie
  • Attack on Titan
  • Steven Universe
  • Killing Stalking
  • Homestuck
  • etc.
Woke to the max.png
PK Bare Ass.png
His fans tend to bandwagon his opinions especially, and while his reactions to the things he hates are hilarious enough, it gets really funny when multiple fans of his join in.

Manny's Hazbin Hotel Hatetrain Station
Tthe Vivziepop-related content requires its very own special subsection as to make sure the post didn't get too messy to read. Manny's hatred of Viv is so intense that it could easily mess up an OP.

Based and Redpilled.png

Threats of violence against his so-called nemesis Vivienne Medrano.

He also made some redesigns of the Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss characters out of spite, and they are FUCKING HIDEOUS.

His Shitbin Motel blog is friends with Hazbinhostile, a critical blog responsible for tons of drama and is run by some random dude (Mod Magenta) and a chronic Vivziepop A-Logger (Mod Red), and Mod Red in question has gotten mentioned at least three times on the Hazbin thread with one of the comments featuring her tantrums being highlighted.

This could be some new lolcow cult from Tumblr, specifically a small group of people who constantly bash on Viv, Hazbin and Helluva for woke points. They seem to be called Hazbin Criticals, but like SU Criticals, they are mostly seen as absolute jokes to most of the outside community.

And as for the cherry on the shit-cream sundae, Manny is so insane that he literally designed the most widely-used Anti-Hazbin Hotel flag on Tumblr possibly with the help of someone who goes by bimbocore (They can’t be found, it seems like they have permanently deactivated their account).


Miss-Zi-Zi Drama
He recently called out a youtuber called Miss-Zi-Zi who makes art related videos. Her most popular one is about the Tumblr/SJW artstyle. As a result, he accused her of the following:
  1. She is a pedo, because she shared a "nsfw" Cookie Run OC on the Cookie Run discord server while minors could see it (the oc in question was wearing a latex outfit and was mostly covered) and she called someone's underage OC a loli.
  2. She is transphobic because she used the "t-slur" on her Twitter and Tumblr (not sure if the t-slur stood for tranny, as I couldn't find evidence on kiingcorobo blog cause it's a mess and he never reposts them).
  3. She is racist because she drew Asians with gray skin?

More racist.png
He fails to provide evidence for most of his claims & opts to shitposting, weird replies or insults when criticized.

Manny Discovers Us
As previously stated, Manny has been mentioned many times on the SJW Art and Extremes thread to the point where he's become aware of the thread's existence. As expected from the average Tumblr user, he hates the Farms with a burning passion and has said many negative things to say.

On another occasion when mentioning the Farms, he sticks up for his friend Destinytomoon who has a thread here.

He also thinks we mentioned him just because he draws only brown people, when in reality its because of how much of a crazy SJW he is.

As expected, he doesn't get a hint to why he got mentioned here and as usual he defends fellow SJW artcows.

Greatest Hits
The post wouldn't be complete without a dedicated section showcasing Manny's past spergouts that got documented on other threads on the Farms before their thread was created. Not only that, but their best moments and each saga throughout the thread will be listed here for convenience and to help navigate through an ever-growing thread.
Due to a lack of space, it will be located in a separate post:
Page 45-46 - A Gacha Life kid depicts Manny as a woman, Manny sent their personal army after them, chaos ensured.
Credit: @Celandine
Redesign of Manny's Angel Dust redesign.

Credit: @bowow

Credit: @Badonkadonk Trash

Credit: @Rubbermaid Eater

Colored version is a collab with the OP of the thread.

Credit: @Junkail
Self Drawing Redesign.

Credit: @Sì.


Credit: @Grape_Soda
KLK redo.jpg


Credit: @WalterPresson96

Credit: @Vihainen Suomalainen
Horse Cum jar.png

Credit @KaibaCorp ToeSucker
we all know history.png

Credit: @Marnie

Credit: @Spergenschütz
Manny Milk.png
Tranny Bowling.png
virgin manny vs chad zizi.png
Manny and Loulo.png


Redesigns/Corruptions of 2 of their artworks.

Manny Cycle.png

Account Links
Tumblr: (Archive: and
Old Tumblr: (Archive:
OC Tumblr: (Archive:
Anti Hazbin Hotel Tumblr: Deleted (Archive:
Old Twitter: Deleted (Archive:
New Twitter:
NSFW Twitter: (Archive:
Instagram: (Can't be archived for some reason)
DeviantART: (Archive:
Buy Them A Coffee: (Archive:
Discord ID: 279798201320603649
Use this to find out their latest tag:
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Jun 9, 2020


Suppressed glee
Jul 9, 2019
The "They threatend me because I draw brown cartoon people." comment is really funny to me. I think I was the first one to make a post about him in the SJW art thread (maybe even the first person to post about him on this site) so let me tell you: I didn't make a post about him just because he draws brown cartoon people (if that was the case then people would probably threaten me as well). I posted about him mainly because he sounded like an ass and his art looks bad. That's all.

Wheezy Asthmatic

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Dec 3, 2018
Still reviewing your OP. It could use some cleaning up but otherwise it's a good run for a first attempt.

Wanted to mention about SpoctorTech though as he crosses over into the Pkrussl thread I wrote: Spoctor admitted to owning CP of a 13yo and destroying the flash drive it was stored on before anyone found out. He told SEVERAL people (including Pkrussl) about it so he is DEFINITELY a fucking nonce.

Edit: Actually, I agree with him as far as the Anti Rebecca Sugar & Pkrussl sentiment. Can't fault him there. James (Pkrussl) did in fact post his asshole & balls for minors to see on his Twitter. You can find the archive towards the bottom of the OP.

On Sugar, her drawing porn of Ed, Edd, & Eddy is definitely fucking weird & there's been at least 3 other people that worked on SU who were outed for being into pedo shit. It's also just a poorly written & animated slophouse. You can watch any of E;R's or EZ PZ's videos on it and get a good feel for my opinion on it.

Everything else, yeah he's a 5'3, fat, manlet sperg but I don't see that much funny. He's just a whiny brat which is most of what tumblr fags are. Find me some spats between him and another lolcow or just him getting severely dunked on by someone larger than him and you might have something.

Doxing isn't mandatory for a thread but it definitely adds flavor to the thread. I'd like to see what this dude looks like IRL. With as many accounts as he has online, he's gotta have a pic of his face somewhere.
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Dec 3, 2018
I think I figured out the REAL reasons why your guy was so upset at Zizi.

And then here's the bad takes:
Someone tweeted out about the Rebecca Sugar controversies.

PurpleKecleon has a thread here if you'd like to know more.

Her response to the above.

She might be drawing minors in sexual situations

Admittedly, I was on board with most of her points up until it came to discussing depictions of minors. She uses the same talking points that Zaush and Jasonfex use when they're
(rightfully) criticized for their art. Your guy is still a tard but it might be worth looking into whoever this bitch is too because I don't trust that kinda snake oil talk for a minute. Women can be predators too.

For future reference, if you ever come across someone during your searches into a cow, be sure to look up their accounts and see if they've been archived on Archive Today. This is how I found those Twitter archives for ZiZi
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Sep 19, 2017
Admittedly, I was on board with most of her points up until it came to discussing depictions of minors. She uses the same talking points that Zaush and Jasonfex use when they're
(rightfully) criticized for their art. Your guy is still a tard but it might be worth looking into whoever this bitch is too because I don't trust that kinda snake oil talk for a minute. Women can be predators too.
A quick scan over all of her readily available art shows that it consists of either of adult females or is not sexual at all. Even most of the adult females are actually toned down and less sexual than they were in their original medium, in fact.
She's been at shitslung at over "lolicon content" before because she retweeted a screengrab of an old 4chan thread in which a suggestive situation with a minor from the series Pokemon was derailed by someone else roleplaying a character from Team Fortress 2. While risque, the image is ultimately SFW and doesn't go past the realm of "suggestive", and she didn't post it initially. Defending ZONE and greentexting is a little bit suspect, but if "going on 4chan" is a surefire sign of "predators" then the FBI are going to run out of vans trying to round up KIwiFarms alone.
"I don't support lolicon content" is a pretty unequivocal denial, it isn't even followed up with a "but," and this was the best thing the accuser (probably Manny) could dig up.

The comments about "big boobs and grown women" are a reference to the notorious neogaf post by practical invalid Jason Schreier that claimed, in reference to an adult woman character from a beat-em-up game intended for adults, that "what's problematic is that the character is explicitly designed to draw our eyes to her huge breasts," not because sex is bad of course, but instead because "they're part of a lolicon fantasy, drawn to appeal to people who are interested in lolicon fantasies (and people who are interested in large breasts)". This is in reference to a character who resemble Jessica Rabbit, not Alice in Wonderland.
The claim that drawing big breasts is somehow dogwhistling to lolicons is still repeated to this day (mostly in jest, in homage to just how far Schreier had to overreach to try to paint his own designated readerbase as pedophiles).

Ultimately, Manny isn't that interesting, Zi-Zi is even less so. She's a young, slightly edgy, sex-positive woman who is willing to defend (borderline?) lolicons (I am by no means a ZONE expert, but did he even do loli? I thought he steered clear,) but does not support or produce the content itself. That's not the default position by any means, but it is a dime-a-dozen, not unique or extreme.

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Apr 12, 2018
How about "no"? If you aren't willing to explain me your retarded cartoon background info and act like an "oldfag" elitist, I couldn't care less about its drama.
If I may interject, Vivziepop is a popular artist who worked on projects such as Zoophobia (a webcomic) and now Hazbin Hotel alongside Helluva Boss, which takes place in the same universe. Apparently she did some shit several years ago and now people won't let her go, even after she apologized. And also apparently Angel Dust (a character in Hazbin Hotel) is transphobic because he's a drag queen.

Yamma Damma

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Dec 24, 2019
I'm still new to the farms myself but Ive lurked enough to know when an OP is good. And this is good. Well fucking done. :drink:

Moving on to the cow, funny Mammy Manny here hates SU to the point his caricature takes so much inspiration from it. From the lumpy bean head to the creepy cat-lip design. There's so much projection too, how has this psycho lived for 20 years without dying of pointless rage and inadequacy? I get the feeling if we saw an IRL photo of this creature he wouldn't pass the brown paper bag test let alone as a man.

Apparently she did some shit several years ago and now people won't let her go, even after she apologized. And also apparently Angel Dust (a character in Hazbin Hotel) is transphobic because he's a drag queen.

Vivzie's case of apologizing to woke mobs is a curious one.
Normally when others do it it's because the mob came to them on a large scale (usually via Twitter) and they apologize hoping their careers are saved, but they're not. Vivzie went to them and apologized and while she kept her career and then some, the extra stubborn ones won't forgive her. Luckily for her, they're also the ones so pants shittingly insane that even Vivzie's harshest critics won't validate their hateboners.

How is it Vivzie apologized to the woke mob worked out good for her but badly for someone like Jenna Marbles? Whatever it is, Manny here clearly doesn't know the meaning of "let shit go, life's too short to stay mad".

Baron Vain

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Jun 9, 2019
If I may interject, Vivziepop is a popular artist who worked on projects such as Zoophobia (a webcomic) and now Hazbin Hotel alongside Helluva Boss, which takes place in the same universe. Apparently she did some shit several years ago and now people won't let her go, even after she apologized. And also apparently Angel Dust (a character in Hazbin Hotel) is transphobic because he's a drag queen.

And Vaggie is a latina and lesbian stereotype1!1!

Helluva Boss said the "r" word1!1!1

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