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I don't know how some chicks enjoy playing the damsel in distress their whole lives. Relying on men to pay their bills be it through thottery or through a marriage or whatever. How is that liberating? How is that empowerment. They are still ultimately relying on men to do things for them no matter how they spin it.

They preach feminism or whatever but at the end of the day they're entirely dependent on their attractiveness and their ability to get men to look at them.
The exact thing they whine about. Beauty standards. Blah blah blah. It's all bullshit.
It's called laziness.

Most people enjoy not having to work, and having stuff provided for them.

However most have a moral compass that drives them to make their own way, as living off other people makes normal human beings feel crappy.

Some women have just figured out an aspect of themselves that gives them an extra ability to sit on their ass.

It's the same mindset of all grifters. Some fake disability. Some fake oppression. Some use their vagina for a free ride.