Marissa Davis / rabbiedee / cabbagebagger - "Jewish" tranny E-beggar, too stupid to know how to change light bulb, has butt hair between fingers


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Meet Rabbie Dee (real name is Marissa Davis) aka the-trans-agenda (and more recently; rabbiedee). A 22-year old trans person (they/them only guise) from Winona, Minnesota, who until recently was living in Columbus, Ohio and is now living in La Crosse, Wisconsin. They are "ethnically jewish and spiritually buddhist" and read tarot cards for money (in addition to doing "sex work" at dommecarmine). Of course, they spend all of this money on hookahs and alcohol.

And in true Tumblr fashion, beg for money constantly and claim everything is abuse. All of their friends have turned out to be "abusive", including Komeda (despair-komeda)(here is Marissa's call-out blog for them), Nicci (flyingbeds), Beck/Margot (ratverse), and Kahle (judgementalshoelace).

I've followed this cow for about three years ((:_() and there is so much drama, I don't know where to start. If you have questions, I'll probably know the answer!

Previous urls: rabbiedee, transgenderdragon, polydragon, rat-dragon, rocketrissa, rissathebuttmaster

NSFW blog: rabbiekink

Call-out blog for Marissa: cabbajime

Old Youtube channel and current Youtube channel, if someone could archive the videos, it'd be appreciated!

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Kiwi Farms' Liquor Of Choice™
This person does... sex work? Good God.
Not really, they're a findomme who sexually humiliates guys in exchange for money (despite being "sex-repulsed") and I highly doubt anyone has taken them up on this offer.

It's extra funny, though, they made this post on their sex work blog saying that one of those guys bought her stuff off her wishlist but it was a lie. About a week earlier someone sent them a message on their main blog saying "hey i sent you a amazon package filled with toilet paper since you don't have any" LOL.


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Yeah, she does and so does her "datemate" Beck/Margot.

Tarot readings are ridiculous. It's a goddamned card game, people! (and a very entertaining one at that.) A card game that was derailed into woowoo shit during the 19th century psychic craze. Nothing mystic about that.

From her NSFW blog:

For fuck's sake, woman, if you really wanna do ~sex work~, pick sexier lingerie.
My grandma wouldn't be seen dead in this.
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