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UPDATE FOR PRESENT DAY, Feat. current account links

MagicNanners has quickly become a mainstay cow from the Rat King the past few months. First rising to prominence through interactions with Nora Reed, David Gallant, Sarah Butts, MisAndri, Timothy Craig, and having a small defense force of their own.

Nanners is the creator of a game called T-Runner (affectionately nicknamed Trooner and Testosterone Runner by our humble forum) which is a 2D side-scroller/platformer thing starring a trans woman character. As well as an upcoming game anounced on Valentine's Day called "Gone Fishing" about a trans woman and her wife coming to terms with her gender identity. Nanners gets payed about 30 dollars a month on Patreon to work on games. Nanners is also a Let's Player on youtube that has done a playthrough of Deus Ex.

Nanners is also notable for launching or taking part in drama and harassment with her close friends. In the OP below I mentioned a handful of cases that already occurred by the time this thread was started back in early June. Since then, Nanners, Nora, and a handful of their followers began a twitter assault against the creator of Minecraft, Notch, stemming from accusations that he's a transphobic shitlord that came so far out of left field that Notch just wound up blocking all of them. This added Notch to the infamous "Nora Cycle"

On top of everything previously mentioned, Nanners has also gained attention for screencapping and arguing with posts in this thread on twitter and has seemingly vowed to never create an account here, despite Jake @KingOfCucks Rapp having done so already. Nanners reason? Not wanting to be associated with us ("a harassment forum") despite being associated with notable harassers like Nora and outed sexual harassers like Timothy Craig.

Proof of Donut Fetish:

From Hellfire

Tumblr: (about:
XDA dev profile:
(Milford, New Hampshire, USA? Interesting)
found this cheapassgamer profile:
His name is likely Mark Boyd.
Also be on the lookout for tigerthecat5 and cheapymark

Other Aliases 'Ashley Butts', 'Cutie GF Jenny', 'Ashley B'.*





Archive of a conversation between MagicNanners and ladyserenakitty

I think this thread has been a long time coming Kiwis, the Rat King behind Nora Reed and their harassment of Randi Harper, Jesse Singal, and others is a large network with a lot of these people big enough to spin off into their own threads so as not to clutter the Reed thread.

Like Nora, Boyd is obsessed with GG, Randi Harper, Vidya, and being a screeching SJW loudmouth in general. All further Boyd discussion shall occur in this thread (unless it's a twitter thread with Nora or another lolcow, then crosspost it)

Hi there Jenny, I know you're reading this!

Edit: More tweets

Here is a gallery of tweets with Sarah Butts

They tweet Zinnia, too.


Perving on NekoArc

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I don't get how these... people can be so obsessed with being "cute".

"Am I still cute?", "I think I look cute like this", "how cute am I right now?"

For GodBearJesus's sake, if you need to fish for compliments like this all the time to feel good about yourself then you have really deep issues that need to be addressed by a professional and getting asspats on twatter isn't it.


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A while ago, before I found KF, I thought it'd be amusing to deep cover troll ratking types by infiltrating their social circles and posting as a fat bearded fuck to seeing how many people I could trick into acting like I was a woman purely on my own insistance. In the end I was too busy to dedicate that much time to something that was ultimately a really stupid idea, but I sure as shit got a laugh when I saw Mark doing exactly the same thing. Thanks for proving my intended point, brother.

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From 'her' patreon:
My current project doesn't have a formal name but I've been using the name "TRunner" internally. It's an endless runner about a trans woman trying to escape her ties to her past while avoiding the obstacles of her present and future. I don't have a current time-frame for the release but I expect it to be completed well before the end of 2016.
wow such graphics


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No, there's almost no market.
Transsexuality is statistically very, very rare.
Once again, transsexuals can't hammer it through their head that the entire reason why there aren't all that many products for them is simply because it's unprofitable to make them.


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No, there's almost no market.
Transsexuality is statistically very, very rare.
Once again, transsexuals can't hammer it through their head that the entire reason why there aren't all that many products for them is simply because it's unprofitable to make them.
Not that society, with it's sheer productive capability, couldn't accommodate them in principle. The problem, as you pointed out, is that no private for-profit company is going to make this kind of investment because they would not make their investment back.

This is compounded by the fact that transexuality is a phenomenon which has had relatively recent attention given to it. Activism and scholarship surrounding it is much younger than the stigma. So basically no ttrans person should be surprised by a lack of transexuall-focused products. I'm not saying they should be happy or accept it. But there is no reason for surprise.

How can you expect people to call you a "she/her" when you can't even bother to shave your face? God damn.
This was my very first thought.

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