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If this is true then it gives further credence to the theory that mark intentionally sabotaged 8kun by started a coup. You don't mention it in your post but the original timeline regarding mark leaving and the loli ban was:
0.) A few days before all this shit goes down, Mark contacts Josh asking for ownership of 9chan /v/.
1.) Mark makes a sticky asking the Watkins (8kun owners) why loli boards were not being reimplemented, then claims the Watkins are selling 8kun out. He links his backup board vch in the OP.
2.) Ron fires Mark from his job but allows him to remain as the BO of /v/, says he'll reinstate one of the loli boards in the coming weeks.
3. Mark leaves 8kun for good, linking to a new board (fatchan or something) but due to various fuckups he has to then make another new board and maybe one more after that, which would be
4.) A few users in the thread begin questioning the legality of loli, debates break out. Ron contacts multiple lawyers. (This is also where Nick Rekieta ghosts him LOL)
5.) Lawyers recommend he err on the side of caution due to certain legal ambiguities. Loli is essentially banned from 8kun.
Mark didn't actually leave because of the loli ban, but he claimed the loli boards not being restored was proof the Watkins were sell-outs. But if Gahoole is right and Mark actually had control over whether the boards were restored he could have set the whole thing up. This is further evidenced by Mark's insistence on controlling a board named /v/ with loli on 9chan.
Also here's a video of Mark paypigging a vtuber:
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Mark continues to delet threads he doesnt like, users are not happy and all of the Alt Chans are abuzz.

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Mark is considering stepping down from being a BO of /v/


Does anyone have screenshots of Mark being a shitty mod? I never had a problem using /v/ under him but that's just my experience. And /v/ on seems nice.

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