World Mark Zuckerberg is the New Political Villain for the Democratic Party -


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Good. Good.

This is Warren's only good take. I hope actual electable candidates who might actually follow through like Bernie, and female Bernie with nice tits, take this up.

Since when is Zuckerborg a human being...?

Anyway, if Facebook is toxic and a threat to democracy, it's only because the organic user demand to silence or eliminate everyone and everything they don't like is unachievable. Democracy in the U.S. is in trouble because Americans themselves want that.
Shhh we can't have self reflection and introspection. We might learn something


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Liz is right, Zucc is a fucking villain! The right needs to appropriate the narrative of Zucc and the rest of these tech billionaire vultures as villains from liberals, no matter what all these chamber of commerce cucks say about muh free market. Don't let the J-left take populism/anti-elitism for themselves.

conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch
Excuse the fuck out of me? They're open border activists who want to legalize drug dealing.

“I would let everybody in who comes here to contribute, and no one who wants to come here to do harm, and see how easy this is,” the billionaire industrialist said on Monday in Redwood City, Calif. “This goes to our whole philosophy of openness. … We have to have an open society – open to ideas, people, goods and services – to learn from each other and have us all benefit.”
“If you’re selling pot or something and you know you’re going to get 20 to 30 years, you run,” he said. “You may get in a gunfight. Whereas if you had a reasonable penalty of some kind – if there needs to be any! – then you won’t risk your life. But now we're turning a minor misdeed into draconian situations.”
Washington Post (so ignore if you want to.)

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This is the Democrats and their media allies seeking revenge on Zuckerberg because of the Russian interference narrative. They all spent a decade believing that the evolution of social media was supposed to be entirely on their side and use propaganda/manipulation to get their Hillary elected. They aren't mad because Facebook can be manipulated, they're mad because it was supposed to be used for their benefit and it didn't work. As far as I'm concerned they're turning on him for the same reason they turned on Harvey Weinstein. If Hillary had gotten elected they would've done their best to bury every claim of sexual misconduct that got brought against Weinstein because he would've been presumed still useful to their war machine, and Zuck would be a hero of progressivism because his usefulness similarly wouldn't be in question.


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I have been looking for this thank you

Do you have any idea how hard it is to search for V?
There’s a weird amount of V things that were made. The original series, the remake, the comics, and something else I fell like I’m forgetting. I feel like it’s overlooked when people talk about sci-fi. But, that’s a tangent for another day.

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Nervous laugh, nervous laugh, affirmative, it appears that this Zuckertron-1000 is in a state of legitimate threat. This is the result of accurate coverage via electronic devices reporting that a Mrs. Warren called this unit out by model designation. In no way is her aggression fradulant, and we have not come to a consensus regarding a deception of the voting populace for the purposes of acquiring mutually beneficial governmental capacities.

Remember, orange individual identified as "bad." 99.9% Caucasian Native American identified as "good."

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