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Jason Hommel was the guy he sued.
If someone wants to spend the money to grab the court records. Otherwise, they are free in some Chinese file hosting site I don't trust. No desire to let my computer get the electronic COVID equivalent.
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You can PM me the Chinese sites hosting this stuff. I'll see if I can get them.
Chinese file hosting sites are generally very safe due the state requiring them to monitor the contents so naughty stuff doesn't get uploaded (generally porn and politically insensitive videos).

Mr. Manchester

"-bake cookies and bear children, now shut up."
Mr. Vickers, don't give up! Now you are free to return to twitter and open your weird fucking website again. Go on Tachy and Ade's stream or something, maybe make an account here and type a bunch of retarded shit cool messages that we will all enjoy and give you attention for.

You can't let Ralph get away with it Mr. Vickers! You just cant!

LMAO. Apparently Vickers, with all the stuff going on, decided his time was best spent talking about the Suit Yourself and Cuck Kerr bullshit with his gay site. What a retard.

EDIT: Apparently my link is shit. Not sure why. Entering url directly works fine Here are screenshots anyway.
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