Lolcow Maurice Yandiorio / Josh B. Ek/Mori / TheJoshVlog / / @DJoshShow - Socking Serial Harasser, Faked Suicide, Wannabe Journo/Musician/KEEMSTAR/Anti-Bully Activist

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Feb 11, 2016
He also does a ton of bullshit to his site's codes make it difficult to archive by using archive-breaking pop-ups and shit. Enter at your own risk because these sites are super fucky and I don't trust any of his shit, because he's insane.

"Some just cant identify an approaching tsunami. They think ifs business as usual.
When d ocean recedes unusually rapidly, that water hits back unusually hard."


(But enough build up and foreshadowing...)

Maurice Yandiorio (popularly known as TheJoshVlog, Josh Mori or Josh Ek) is, to put it simply, an insane drama monger, stalker, serial harasser, and sock puppeter extra-ordinaire. For many years he has fluttered from community and occupation to community and occupation causing problems along the way.

He had an old thread that was kind of half-assed (sorry to OP of that thread) and it really didn't do justice to exactly how batshit he is. I will now go into detail.

Part 1: Websites and Accounts
Maurice has a bad habit of DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING to cover up his sperging and deceptions, so a ton of his internet history is lost to the sands of time (but a lot of it has been preserved by other drama sites, who's threads I used to help reconstruct his shitstorm of a life)


So here is his known, currently running, internet presence (LiveArchive) (empty, but important) ( ( ( (The Josh Show)

(used to have 8chan boards /serialsocialharassers/ and /internetharassers/, link on the latter goes to an archive for posterity. the former is lost as its archives show it as already 404'd)

Has also socked on twitter as the following deleted/suspended accounts: Needle in the Eye (@needleindeye), Melissa Knits, and Sandra Almen (sandratheAlmen), @dzealots, and AnonTrustedUser.

Part 2: Current Activities
He announced his return to the internet in this post, promising that he would have an explanation up soon about any questions about his drama, claiming he will make "everything public"

However, this has not happened yet. The only videos up on his The Josh Show channel are videos about the John Kuckian controversy he made over a year ago.

He posted this pinned comment, and links to a wip site he has about a "smear campaign" against his good name.

The premise of the site is that this Kaitlyn girl is slandering him and trying to ruin his life, along with "5 friends". So he doxes her and is putting together his "case" against her. He also claims he has doxes upcoming on these people.

These are the pages in question (using archive links only because he "monitors" visitors, and I don't want to give this faggot SEO using the full name of this girl he is stalking by linking that site) (Blackmail part 1) (Blackmail part 2) (take note of how he talks about a "harasser distancing herself" when an anon states she doesn't agree with another poster about a particular video of his being that bad) (this may look like a repeat, but it's a gem too)
Josh has received one message aimed at discourage him to come back to YouTube showing a poor use of the english language (file availage down below as soon as it's corrected by a professional language teacher), so it's fair to assume the harassers have a low educational background level. (this one is extra special. in it, to refute accusations of hiding pedo codes in his video titles, he admitted he plagiarized another shitty family vlog channel, while one of the crux's that he's being "smeared" is accusations of plagiarism. :story:

If you notice in the two videos that he has on the Kait site his "proof" of blackmail and extortion is completely fabricated and she never threatened him with anything. She only spoke about his and Onision's drama.

He quite literally is the slanderous sociopath and conspiracy theorist he laments in an above attached post.

Part 2.5: The Zealots & AnonymousHarassers
Meanwhile, he's been running two other sites ( and

TheZealots appears to just be a news blog. Notable is that he sticks up for lolcow Joy Sparkle in this article:
[this article claims to be written by a "Sue Heywood", Sue does not actually exist, and clicking on "her" profile just brings you back to the main page of TheZealots.

The one of direct interest to the KiwiFarms, however, is, where he mentions us on the home page and has a profile up on @Null and this site among others.

Kiwi Farms grew out of the groups who harassed Chris-chan in 2007. KF’s first wiki, “the CWCki,” was created because users felt Chandler’s page on Encyclopedia Dramatica wasn’t detailed or accurate enough. Since 2008, every drawing, video blog, tweet, Facebook post, eBay listing, Etsy item, and PSN purchase Chandler makes has been archived on the CWCki and exhaustively discussed on the forums. During this time, various accounts of hers have been hacked, and the leaked data hosted on the CWCki. A whole coterie of KF members have also pretended to be Chandler’s friends and romantic partners in order to con Chandler into giving them more embarrassing content (photos, videos, drawings, etc.), which are then used to torment her. The most extreme was a psychopathic 13-year-old boy masquerading as a 19-year-old girl who had a phone sex with Chandler and posted the whole phoce call online, threatening him to call the FBI and accusing him of being a pedophile.

The Kiwi Farms community is obsessed with its own warped ideas about mental illness.

Everyone KF targets is “crazy” to them, and everything KFers find funny or worthy of disdain is justified as evidence of this perceived mental illness. “Crazy” is both a catchall justification for anything they feel like paying attention to, and the reason KFers will indulge themselves with lengthy armchair diagnoses about their targets. Their deep and abiding scorn for people with mental illnesses leads them to classify anyone they target as mentally ill, and to focus their energy on those who appear most vulnerable. Those people tend to be minorities, women, LGBT people, or kinksters.

Victims who exhibit mental strain as a result of being hounded by KFers are subject to a redoubling of efforts, in the hopes they can precipitate a breakdown.

To date, two targets have killed themselves after being featured on Kiwi Farms, and many others attempted suicide and suffered severe emotional distress as a result of their harassment.

Profiles currently up on mods including alleged doxes on @Randall Fragg and @emspex

From the em profile:
- Allegedly EmSpex enjoys doxing people based on their sexual preferences, describing her victims as "fat lesbian writer" and "angry, autistic manlet".

Being an autistic manlet is apparently a sexual preference :story:.

Maurice falsely believes that Josh owns the imageboard, a site that is among his most sworn of enemies

And despite complaining about people spreading internet rumours about him, Maurice has no qualms including "alleged pedophile" and "alleged tax evader" among Null's internet crimes

- Owner/Administrator at and, websites masquerading as honest spaces where "anonymous" members believe that can slander internet celebrities without repercussion.
Members are subtly encouraged to degrade their targets for their appearance, to invade their privacy, and are constantly looking for ways to report them to law enforcement for any sort of thing.

- Joshua Conner Moon aka Josh Moon is a far-right, racist, Islamophobic, transphobic internet troll who operates the forum Kiwi Farms and Lolcow, widely considered notorious hate-speech sites for attacking LGBT (especially transsexuals and the transgender Trans Lifeline), various other minority groups and people with mental disabilities, e.g. autistics.

- Victims are named lolcows by Kiwi Farms, defined as persons "whose eccentric or foolish [internet] behaviour can be exploited to amuse onlookers".

- Critics note that Kiwi Farms is infamous for its cyberstalking, trolling, harassment and doxxing.


- Tells people he owns a company called, although the company has shut down years ago for Administrative Dissolution (Public Documents), the worst that can happen to a company. Administrative dissolution is the taking away of the rights, powers, and authority of a domestic corporation, LLC or other statutory business entity, by the state administrator overseeing business entities, due to the entity's failure to comply with certain obligations of the business entity statute.

- Alleged pedophile (Internet Rumours)
(Please report him to the FBI: +1 850-432-3476)
We're working on it.

- Alleged Tax Evader: Joshua collects e-money to support and expand his defamatory and harassing websites (screenshots below) avoiding traditional means of collecting donations. He blames his decision on "activities of actual terrorists". Unknown whether he pays taxes.
(Please file a report HERE or by phone Within Florida: 800-352-9273 - Outside Florida: 850-717-6994)
We're working on it.

- Although Twitter has banned Joshua/Kiwifarms from using its platform he always gives it a try. Reported on September 01, 2018.

The descriptions of the other sites involved are also funny: is a branch of, a place where teenagers go to harass, slander and stalk the people they are obsessed over.

There is still a larger concentration of Tumblr users on Lolcow than on any other chan.

All users start their harassing activity on Tumblr and Twitter, little abuses that escalate as individual trolls try to one-up each other. In the eyes of the mob, the target’s life is a game, and the object is to screw it up as much as possible.

This community of criminals is obsessed with its own warped ideas about mental illness, and ban anyone that tries to bring some sense into their threats (USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE).

He falsely claims to be an American-Israeli organization when he's actually just a fat insane dude living in Seoul, South Korea. (Formerly in Japan)

He was reported to godaddy by a twitter user for doxing, and while the site is still up and running, he deleted the associated twitter account (@AnonTrustedUser)

And he even put a profile on his own account up on anonymousharassers as a troll targetting Onision and JoySparkleBS :story:

idiosyncrasies in writing prove Maurice is the Admin on AnonymousHarassers

Read any post Maurice/"Josh" makes about bullies, and compare it to his posts on AnonymousHarassers. Note: Maurice denies he made this site and includes it as one of the bullet points in the "smear" campaign against him

Proof the Zealots is him.

On top of this, via his Live Archive channel linked above he has continued to post in comments about his grudge against, one of the sites he is going after via the anonymousharassers site and the kaitlyn site

Part 3: His Sordid Past of Autism.
As stated before he has a long history bouncing around various failed careers. One of these was journalism when he tried to brand himself as "One Way Japan News" and used a logo based on BBC because he's lazy and unimaginative:

He also used to run a fb page called Chef Fanatic where he would take photos for a chef in a restaurant and help advertise:

the high like count compared to every other internet page he shat out with 2k or less subscribers has led people to believe that he's bought likes and fake followers in the past in order to gain more attention and notoriety.

And most hilariously (in my opinion) was his failed music career as Neal Century and the sockpuppetry that surrounded his edits to various sites to include mentions of and pages about himself.

His page being set for deletion due to lacking notability caused Maurice (under the sock account Toratte) to chimp the FUCK out for paragraphs at the other wikispergs

It was to the point he was using multiple socks backing up his torratte one

He also enjoys sending spurious legal complaints against detractors, so anticipate DMCA abuse.

Part 3.5: Alienating his friend, ReadyToGlare, with his bullshit
Ready is a youtube and twitter user who was close to Maurice before his fake suicide attempt. Once he re-surfaced she posted about his sorry not-sorry "apology" and has joined the rank of his critics.[Archived Copy]

Part 3.6: lol poop

H/T to the lolcow farmers and PULL, their full threads about him are at the following links.
Remember to archive everything, because it's going to be deleted when he gets tired of this ( ( ( (contains all his lcf posts, as identified by the farmhands)
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Jun 6, 2018
There’s actually already a thread about this guy

Your OP is definitely more up to date and informative though, so maybe the mods could merge the two threads. I’ve been following this guy’s threads on both lolcow and PULL for a while now and he really deserves more attention

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Feb 11, 2016
There’s actually already a thread about this guy

Your OP is definitely more up to date and informative though, so maybe the mods could merge the two threads. I’ve been following this guy’s threads on both lolcow and PULL for a while now and he really deserves more attention

Mentioned that one already in my OP.

He had an old thread that was kind of half-assed (sorry to OP of that thread) and it really didn't do justice to exactly how batshit he is. I will now go into detail.


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Jun 6, 2018

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Feb 11, 2016
Mauron was caught doing a big oopsie doopsie plagiarism again over on his Zealots site.

Also word on the lolcow farm is he's harassing KA because she refused to help him dox a girl named Katie, who is apparently underage (15 years old).

So yes, he is willing to dox actual children for the sole crime of being mean to him on the internet I guess.


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Dec 19, 2018
I don't think I'd feel safe clicking those links even with a VPN. This guy is a full on nutcase. At least our Josh is the good kinda nut.


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Jun 6, 2018

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Looks to crazy to touch unless behind the proverbial seventeen proxies. Still, I like crazies but I just don't think I could devote the energy to dealing with this one. I prefer my crazies thinking Harvey Weinstein posts here and that Kiwis are all waiting outside her door to sodomize her.

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