Melanie Herring / Purplekecleon / PK / PapayaKitty / GlitchedPuppet / Ash Hazel Woods / Floraverse - Abusive, manipulative SJW artist ex-husband fucked a dog and teenagers and whose current husband thinks he's trans because of a TF fetish, admitted to fucking a dog herself

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Semper Fidelis to all our based Kiwi researchers.

Melanie Herring / Ash Hazel Woods / PurpleKecleon / GlitchedPuppet

A stagnated artist who draws porn for a living. A sex-addicted Asexual, who used to be well known for their pokemon art and pokemon roleplay community "PMD-E". Currently runs a shitshow of a webcomic known as Floraverse.

Alexander Munroe / Eveyln Clover Woods / Eevee

Glips "wife" who cucked Marl. Scriptkiddy who hosts the Floraverse site, was Glips side bitch when she was married to Marl, built the Veekun pokemon dex, wannabe indie game dev. Tends to have spicy opinions on child porn and zoophilia. Currently lives with Glip in Colorado.

Jayson Garcia / Lycus Woods/ Marl

Glips now ex-husband. Was last heard living with his parents with Glip / Eevee. Dogfucking pedophile.


Melanie and her family have poor hygiene as their old house her cat's cat tree was littered with throw up and shit
PK made one of those filthy cat trees her own table for eating on and not to mention that she and Eevee have bathed with their cats before, of which these cats have frequent diarrhea and someone mentioned she had gotten UTIs from this. According to at least one witness, they fuckin' smell. Oh right and she likes to mess with her period blood.

As this Medium Article that featured Glip articulates - Above all else Glip is a sex pest who has an interest in exposing children to her porn
This is to say nothing of the controversial fan artist “Purple Kecleon,” hired by Boom! Studios as a cover illustrator for the official Steven Universe comic series. Kecleon’s infamous porn fan works have typically featured Pokémon and other small animals, such as My Little Pony characters (“foals” included), rendered with infant characteristics. Even before Kecleon was hired, the artist had posted publicly — on one of several Tumblr accounts they acknowledged as their own — about their overriding interest in porn that depicts “innocence being broken.”

Eevee was Glips side bitch and he's now her "wife". He's her number 1 bootlicker and has some fascinating opinions from time to time.

Eevee thinks a zoophile is less boring than him

Glips Art Communities
Kid Friendly Pokemon Sex RP

This is where shit started to happen. Glip opened a deviantart based pokemon-themed roleplay group called "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Explorers" . The main characters were self-inserts of the mods. Glip often wrote and drew porn for this story, and it was difficult to avoid.

PMD-E was a grooming tool, and involved a lot of sexual story elements that were horribly separated from the main content. This led to a lot of children being exposed to things they should not have.
A doodle of Glips self insert having sex with her cats self-insert

Painting of Glips self insert and a child character in the plot

Glips self insert having sex with her sisters self insert

The group ended because Glip got bored. Glip let other people run the group for a bit before unceremoniously shutting it all down because Glip didn't like what they were doing with it.

Oh and Glip / Marl entered one of their own events under an alias and won (Marl's admission)
Pokemon Sex RP for kids but with knockoff pokemon & furries

When Glip shut down PMDE, they moved onto their own creative endeavor: Floraverse. Floraverse itself is sfw, but, in order to get the full story you need to read ForbiddenFlora. Where the same characters from Floraverse rape each other and develope from it.

There is an entire write up on the comic itself on badwebcomicswiki should you care for that.

A year a plush Kickstarter Melanie started another crowdfunding campaign to create vinyl figurines. She asked for $27,000 for two figurines with additional stretch goals up to $57,000. She only managed to raise half of her base funding.

Rather than admit defeat and try again later, she extended the campaign to the end of the year.

When it became clear she still wouldn’t reach the goal ESC-Toy decided to pay the remaining thousands of dollars needed.

EscToy broke ties with Glip later on due to the pedophilia accusations.


Marl is Revealed as a Pedophile & Zoophile, Glip is Revealed as his Accomplice

tldr; For years rumors persisted that Melanie's husband Jayson was a zoophile who used the communities Melanie created as his personal playground to sexually harass adults and minors alike and find people to groom into having sex with his dog. In 2018 chatlogs proving these accusations were true went public. In the following months the trio fled their Nevada home, legally changed their names, and got a divorce. Jayson eventually posted a final message to the internet admitting guilt. Alex and Melanie have turned the entire situation into being about them and their victimhood while quintupling down on their belief the minors who accused Jayson--minors whose stories match those of Jayson’s other victims including Alex and Melanie's own friends--are liars.

Lain’s Accusations
In 2015 a person going by the name @lainiwakuraa came to Kiwi Farms accusing Jayson of sexually harassing and attempting to groom her when she was 13. In her testimony, she claimed they met through the Floraverse IRC in the spring of 2014, and after talking with him privately he began pressuring her into accepting bestiality, showed her photos of dog penises, and talked about he would love to have sex with her.

The kinds of behaviors she accused Jayson had been corroborated earlier by an ex-partner of Melanie's - Pengo- which gave some merit to her story.

Alex, Jayson, and Melanie denied the allegations, insisting Lain was just a spiteful kid who was upset they had kicked her the from Floraverse IRC. Melanie accused Lain of being a serial abuser who had made similar allegations against multiple others and claimed to have logs proving Lain sexually harassed older men, but never shared them.

PengoSolvent steps forward about Glips abuse and Marls Zoophilia
(And gets lawsuited into silence for mentioning the dog fucking!)

Pengo and Glip dated for a bit and had a falling out. Pengo ended up making a document about how Glip was abusive and it became a huge public fallout for Glip. Archived by @1d4 Below

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When Pengo came forward about being abused by Glip and Marl- people approached Pengo about Marls zoophilia.

Glip responds by filing a law suit- notably avoiding the zoophila talk and focusing on how Pengo is mentally ill and made it all up.
Pengo then would take down the zoophila asks, despite getting this little delightful message from Marl.


We'd find out from Pengos friend
But essentially,

Glip sued Pengo mostly because he mentioned Marls zoo habits. This is important in the context of Glip supposedly only believing that Marl was into fictional zoophilia.

Bigfluff’s Accusations & The Truth Comes Out
In 2016 another person going by the name bigfluff came to the Farms with a very similar story of Jayson. She said she had visited Jayson at his home, and Melanie had hung around her in the nude.

On April 4, 2018 Lain dropped chatlogs between Jayson and bigfluff.
In the logs Jayson tried to groom bigfluff into having sex with his dog, creating pedo-zoo porn, and using Bad Dragon sex toys.

@Hellfire provided an excellent breakdown of the chatlogs here.

@hambulocetus was able to contact a Floraverse Discord mod to ask about the logs. The mod replied with a message from Jayson admitting guilt.

After realizing what they’d done the mod proceeded to backpedal before banning hambulocetus from the Floraverse Discord and running damage control.

The Fallout
Exty, one of Melanie’s exes and a former contributor to Floraverse, came forward to share his experiences living with the group.

Later on Junglekawa, another one of Melanie’s exes, shared their experiences dealing with Jayson. They described Jayson trying to cheat on Melanie with them and make them have sex with his dog.

In addition to losing personal connections, Melanie lost her two major business connections: Hiveworks, and ESC-Toy.

Trio On The Run
After ignoring the logs for two days Melanie locked her public Glitchedpuppet Twitter account down. She tweeted she was leaving the internet forever.

Alex claimed the logs were “edited,” which conflicted with Jayson’s confession and Melanie’s claims the logs were completely faked.

A month after the logs dropped the trio put their home up for sale.

On the same day Alex made a Patreon post painting him, Jayson, and Melanie victims of harassment. He proclaimed Floraverse was dead because Melanie could not work on it without breaking down into panic attacks. Despite this they left both the Floraverse and ForbiddenFlora Patreon pages up to continue collecting money on their “dead” project.

A few months later, based on photos posted by Melanie of her latest designer cat, @LemonCake was able to figure out the three had been spending the summer with Jayson’s parents in Arkansas.

Confessions, Name Changes, and A Divorce
On July 22, after a few months of relative silence, Melanie returned to Twitter to announce she was divorcing Jayson.

Shortly afterward she published a letter written by Jayson finally addressing the allegations. In the letter, he says the logs were both edited and faked to make him look bad but also says they perfectly capture his predatory behavior. He confesses to being a zoophile and trying to get multiple people to abuse his dog Apollo. He confirms Melanie knew he was a zoophile, but says he only told her it was a fantasy and never something he would actually do in real life. (This would later prove to be a lie as Glip talks about how she knew Marl had given Exty stuff to watch involving their dog)

@PopcornTin made an important discovery nearly two months after the announcement. Shortly before the divorce Alex, Jayson, and Melanie had all legally changed their names. Alex is now Evelyn Clover Woods (name chosen because it was the closest he could get to being called Eevee IRL). Jayson is now Lycus Argent Woods, Melanie is now Ash Hazel Woods.

In spite of saying they fled Nevada and tried to hide their name changes out of fear for their lives, Alex would go on to confirm rumors that he and Melanie currently live in Colorado Springs, CO.

This lead to PopcornTin finding their current dox.
Lessons Not Learned
Alex and Melanie to this day insist bigfluff is a liar because she didn't know the exact amount of time Melanie hung around her naked. Despite Jayson sexually harassing minors and potentially abusing animals Melanie is not interested in getting the police involved. Ironic, considering she doubts Lain for allegedly doing the same thing.

They have shifted the narrative to focus purely on themselves and the abuse Marl put them through, treating his other victims flippantly. Melanie acknowledges Jayson hurt others then immediately follows it with “but 99% of it was on me.” When Melanie entertained the possibility that bigfluff had been hurt by Jayson, the most she could muster was “that sucks.”

As when the logs dropped, their stories remain inconsistent. Sometimes Lain stated she was 13 in IRC and other times Lain didn’t disclose her age. Sometimes they never had minors in their home and other times bigfluff did visit them.

Later, despite Glip saying they had NO IDEA Marl was a zoophile, leaked logs showcased that Glip casually talking about how she knew Marl was involving their pet dog in his sex life.

Glips side of the story, in general, has been inconsistent. She flip-flops regularly on how much she knew of Marls zoophila habits. As noted by @Legosi

Something I don't understand is that if Glip were aware that Marl was into animal sex why did they keep him around? We know Glip normally doesn't do things that don't benefit them in some way, right? Any sane person would've seen that and immediately broke all contact, but Glip didn't. I know their defense was they thought it was fiction, but this completely contradicts that: View attachment 1000663
"watching stuff with our dog at the time" So apparently Marl had videos made involving their own dog, too, and yet Glip kept insisting they had no idea/that it was just fictional and even had Marl claim it was lies.
View attachment 1000673
Marl even repeated the tired "Glip and Eevee never knew" thing, but more of the above discord caps proves the opposite.
View attachment 1000675
They even knew enough about it years before the Exty thing to specify he not use their dog for it.
View attachment 1000679
If Glip knew it was "purely fictional" why even have to specify something like that? After seeing your husband watching porn involving your own dog why continue to keep him around?
There's so many contradictions to this that I'm baffled anyone could believe a word out of Glip's mouth anymore.

Leaked Chat logs
After the fallout, Glip started to rebuild Floraverse by dropping all plots (again) and vaguing people through shitty MS Paint updates

This pushed a member of her inner-discord community to leak month's worth of chat logs. Specifically in the "scene" channel where most discussions of drama took place. You can download them here.

Random Highlights:

-Opaopa13 got a divorce
-Glip convinces someone they did something they do not remember doing and gets them to apologize for it
-Eevee doesn't like Axi cucking him

-Random highlight reel


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Isn't this person involved in some capacity with veekun...?

EDIT: I looked into it a bit further. Well shit. There are fewer degrees of separation than I thought.
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Isn't this person involved in some capacity with veekun...?

EDIT: I looked into it a bit further. Well shit. There are fewer degrees of separation than I thought.
How so?
I know she did the Eevee pic for the site. Is it run by Lexy or something?
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their prosthesis is a keyboard and a screen so nobody tells them to their face how fucking stupid they are, and so they can't be doxxed.
Oh some people have. Then she gets Lexy to deal with them for her.
For someone who criticized her ex-friend for not being self reliant enough (what, someone who literally just came off an abusive relationship may have extra problems?) and for a feminist she sure loves falling back on having a man do all that nasty arguing for her. Again, practically an attack dog rather than a boyfriend.
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