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Dramacow Milo Yiannopoulos / Milo Wagner / Milo Hanrahan / @neroGets banned from everywhere, Stole charity money and general supervillan antics

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Ass Manager 3000, Aug 19, 2016.

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  1. If you live in a state that has you register a party, yeah. It's all online.

    BillionBisonBucks Soon will be worth five billion pounds

  2. That's a bit shitty, it should all be private tbh
  3. You know, you could make a thread about this. If you think there's a big enough case for Kurt Cobain being a lolcow, go into the music threads and say your piece. There's no point sperging over Kurt in a thread about Milo Yiannopoulos.
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    Diabeetus Ice cream and apple pie

  4. Only reason I did is because Milo is genuinely a celebrity and non YouTube/exceptional individual cows are hard to come by.
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    dominatrixman 5/23/22

  5. Milo is famous because he’s a Lolcow
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    JaneThough Part of your world

  6. I wouldn't say that.

    Milo's famous because he milked the funnies from lower hanging fruit. He became a lolcow when people realized he had funnies of his own.
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    Diabeetus Ice cream and apple pie

  7. No, there's specifically a rule against having celebrities as lolcows on kf. What @JaneThough said.

    Christorical Figure True & Honest Fan

  8. I'd say he drifted further and further into lolcow territory the more it became clear how much of a desperate attention seeker he was.

    Two of the main qualities that set a lolcow apart from a non-lolcow in my estimation are self-awareness and self-control, and Milo increasingly doesn't appear to have either of these qualities. As his fame has dwindled, so too has his perception and control over how he is perceived by the general public, and it's pretty sad to watch.
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  9. yo weev come back to #egg
  10. milo is mad nobody sent The Daily Beast a pipe bomb, The Daily Beast is mad milo isn't banned from Instagram. (link / archive)
    milogram 1
    milogram 2
    update: instagram removed the "sad they didn't go off" post, Free Speech is dead, etc. etc.
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    #2290 CervixHammer, Oct 25, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2018

    CervixHammer Internet ist Krieg

  11. He just sounds like Onision at this point with the petty and desperate attempts to be controversial... [​IMG]

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    Shiddin Fardin

    Shiddin Fardin make komaeda black you cowards

  12. David Horowitz's Restoration Weekend 2018, Katie Hopkins, Milo and his husband John-McKinley Campbell. IMG_20181117_200627.jpg
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  13. Tragic doesn't begin to describe this image.
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    Man vs persistent rat

    Man vs persistent rat A good egg is a nice person

  14. 20181117_223225.jpg Katie is 43, believe it or not.
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  15. Just did an image search on her and jfc. I'm only a decade behind her but holy shit I can't imagine looking as wrinkled and burnt out like that in 10 short years.

    Megaroad mobile suit: autism

  16. Milo showed up because he thought it was a convention for foreskin restoration. Then he realized it was David Horowitz.
    Wesley Willis

    Wesley Willis Rock over London, Burn down Chicago!

  17. She was in the British Big Brother, and had to have a separate bedroom, where she was strapped to the bed as she always had fits in the night.
  18. Milo must have saved up enough money to hire the black dude to pretend to be his husband for another night.
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  19. I disagree. Milo has self awareness. I still don't think he's a lolcow. He exhibits a lot of self-deprecating humor, and just because he "wants attention" doesn't separate him from every single celebrity, businessperson, or anyone who has ever been the subject of an interview. People being upset about the Privilege Grant or him being late on promises doesn't necessarily make him entertaining, Elon Musk makes big promises too, all sorts of people do.

    His fast rise and quick descent was pretty interesting and embarrassing, and everything to do with him suing his former publisher was really cringey, but he has close to a million subs on YouTube and seems to have reached some sort of professional equilibrium. Maybe something big will happen after his next book launches but I think trying to over-analyze his lolcow status is only happening cause he actually isn't doing much of interest at the moment, and like Anita and other savvy people he's actually remarkably difficult to bait.
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    Rekkington Obama chuckled. "You mean the chaos emeralds?"

  20. You are wrong, public records indicate John McKinley Campbell and Milo are married. Campbell's 16 y old son lives with them as well.
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