Moleman and Parkourdude, 'til the Cows Come Home -

I will laugh it becomes a repeat of Tyce again with Molay.
It will be, Moleman will backstab Jace. Im trying to warn him but he won't listen. History does repeat itself, eh?

Also, is Jace a lolbull? Is isnt a cow, he seems more like a lolbull, an aggressive form of lolcow.
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Judge Willow Giovanna

Judge of the Dongsquad Sperg Genocide Unit
Jace, Moleman will confess that me, Shazb0t, and Enig the ones behind trolling him. It is us you want, I don't want you turning against your friends on Cwcikiforums because of this fiasco. If you have a problem with Moleman being "trolled", please take it up with us.


Retired, Wounded Veteran.
I am done arguing with you folks. This is not a message to them its a message to you mole man. The message is this: No soldier will be left behind!

No soldier, No "Cow" will be left behind, on the Cow Revolution. I am standing up against the bullies one step at a time! And together we will prove that we arent just "Autists" We are gamers.

That is all. I am done with this crap site, I have a mission to finish tonight. Goodbye.
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