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Excuse me while I whip these out
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Are you telling me that you drew those backgrounds? Also the origins of that sprite on connor thorn are dubious to me.
Don't even get me started on your youtube account, that's a DMCA claim waiting to happen
Would the stolen art be not only the backgrounds but also the photoshopped images such as the Death Star?

Creative Commons Fair Use. All open to the public, as long as it is not used for profiting. It's been open the whole time and is stuck that way.
You have used it for antagonistic harassment against my direct orders for you to stop. That is MORE illegal than use for profit.

As Saney said, don't insult the users. That can get you into trouble.
You are blatantly ignoring everything insulting that is being said towards me here for the sake of trolling. Cut it out.

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Hey Gabe. (Can I call you Gabe?) please let me be the first to extend the olive branch. I, personally, don't spend time in this thread, so I have nothing against you, and you have nothing against me.

Listen, I can completely understand where you're coming from here. I would be frustrated too if I was in your shoes, but you have to understand that trying to solve this problem the way you are now is a fight that you just can't win. But nothing is impossible, and you can easily go back to living in peace if you just do a few simple things.

Look at the other "lolcows" on this forum. The two biggest, Chris and Jace, have both saved themselves just by calming down and walking away. It's all that you really need to do. And that DOESN'T mean that you have to stop posting your art and stories online if that's what you love doing. By all means, go ahead with that. It's just a matter of not taking the bait and responding to trolls, or antagonizing others for that matter.

The first thing you should do is stop coming here and starting arguments. Like others have said, that will only stir the pot and ensure that your infamy will stay alive. Second, you should take a deep breath and relax. Trolls are just out to get you riled up, when you try to argue or freak out you're just giving them exactly what they want. Thirdly, understand who we, the CWCki Forums, are. We're a forum of discussion, not trolls. No one on this forum is out to get you (and if you think any of us are, by all means tell a mod and they'll look into it) so please just relax.

I really hope you take this into consideration. Once again, I have nothing against you.