Moleman Wars Episode I: The Nickname Menace -

Ivan Komarov

Gaben Bizarro.
Gay Pen Sbarro.
Glazin' Crowbarro.
Lathe Private Villa of Corrupted Crops.
The Unamazing Bulk.
Morgan Spergman9000.
Ricky Moleboa.
Sperga Sperg.
Gabemaster Flab.
The Amazing Autismist.
Gabic the Drughog.

Need I go on?
El Gaben De Bizarro
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Moved the posts to a new thread since they take up most of the FAQ thread. Enjoy.


Has a camera, will kick butt
Like a ghost he comes in, says dude, complains, and leaves. Like spergy, spergy ghost.
(Jace, describing his noble fight alongside Gabe:)
...The rest returned to the web browsers, and took up positions beneath the deleted posts of their fallen lolcow brothers. As they lay in wait, the blood from the deleted posts poured over them. The essence of stubbornness stuck to their skin like a shroud. Changing them. Anointing them. When the CWCkians drew near, the remaining two rose out of the lurking shadows. They were like righteous debate correctors that couldn't be seen, using random ninja posting times their enemies couldn't predict. When the men ran dry of arguments, they used their sheer rage...and when their lungs grew sore from screaming, they used their Ctrl+C Ctrl+V. When the forum software finally recovered from the attack, only one CWCki Forum moderator had survived. He was picked up in the interwebs, wandering aimlessly, traumatized. He expressed warnings to others of a band of spergs so stubborn and irritating, it could only be described as supernatural. He called them..."Ghosts".


Gabelicous Nava-reeno
Gabens Never Say Die
Gaben Ron-Santo
Gabey Cakes
Carlos Chantor
Osama bin Gaben
The Red Hot Gaben Peppers
Gooben Nurembergo

Gay-Ben the spergy ghost
The spergiest ghost you know.
He thinks it's right,
'Cause he ain't bright,
The to fondle the children so

He always says hello (EXPLAIN).,
and he's really glad to yell and fuss.
Wherever he may go, eyes roll
He wants to murder us.

Grown-ups all understand
That Gay-Ben just won't grow up
But Poor Gabe Navarro
Just keeps making his own sorrow,
Gaben the Spergy Ghost!

I've had that damn tune stick in my head all thread.