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Mariah caught in another lie. She tried doing her usual act of ripping off a cuter cosplayer by order the exact same outfit. She also wanted to look like a legit cosplayer so adding that people should use her code for a discount. Problem is, she has no code because no one will sponsor her flat ass.
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Wasn't Bunny one of the girls she groped? Fucking hell


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Double post! Mariah just had a freak-out!




And more or less around the same time, she posts this...


Apparently, she was visiting her "friends" Miso Tokki and Squarenoodles in Portland. Miso and Noodles broke up some time ago (plus Miso decided not to move to Vegas), so people are already wondering if Mariah tried to put her paws on Noodles (let's be real, he's Asian and was taken until few ago so he fits Mariah's "type") and got told off, since this is stuff that she usually pulls when she fails to hook up with a dude she's fixated on... :story:

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It always cracks me up when she freaks out occasionally about being a pay pig. Paying for everything and spoiling people is literally the only way she can get people to tolerate being around her and doing things with her. And it never lasts. Like, has she done anything with the three people she took to Hawaii, who never once posted a photo with her, or tagged her on their IGs while talking about how much fun they were having with their friends on their amazing trip? Eventually, all the crap and trips in the world aren't enough to keep people around her.

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Down I believe. She had 1700+ at some point iirc
Ikr, it was hilarious a couple months ago to see her patrons drop just before she reached 2000. But my point is, Mariah's gotta be the only person that do special things when she reach a milestone.... BY DECREASING. That's really not a reason to celebrate, although she's probably not celebrating, more like desperately trying to get new patrons again.
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She had 1989 or somewhere close to that, plummeted to just under 1400, now she’s pretending it never happened and that she’s reached some milestone. Amazing.
I guess it's a little bit amazing it went back up to 1500 considering how worse her output has become, and how many thots are out there on Patreon that are much, much prettier than Moo.


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What the hell with that image quality? She looks like she has rhino skin or something.

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