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The Outer Worlds was generically praised upon release but I had to force myself to finish it. Its constant one note stream on the failures of capitalism got old, and the gunplay was weak. How am I supposed to roleplay as a sociopathic corporate agent if my character is wearing heavy armor and wielding an ax, as opposed to a suit and either no weapon or a handgun?

As someone who doesn't even like the series, Borderlands is a better take on the same basic concept (albeit being less of an RPG and more of an action game). Speaking of, Borderlands.

Fallout New Vegas
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Nintendo in general is massively overrated in the same way The Beatles are, yes both were/are incredibly important and influential for their respective industries, but the blind cult-like tribalism I see surrounding Nintendo makes me really not like them. Especially when people their fans think it's totally OK for them to shutdown romsites and then provide no alternative to acquire these games? Sure, you'll always be able to download Super Metroid, A Link To The Past, and all the other big name old games on the Virtual Console/(insert current iteration of it for that Nintendo system, even though the libraries for the VC each generation have been getting smaller and smaller lol)

But what if I want to play a game like Magical Pop'n? which goes for well over a $100 on eBay? Or other games Nintendo doesn't bother to put on the Virtual Console, guess I'm just shit out of luck if I don't want to be a filthy degenerate pirate using an emulator that's a million times easier and better to use.

Oh and most Nintendo games aren't jaw-shatteringly amazing either like people tend to proclaim. Some are good, most I find to be derivative like most Mario and Zelda games.


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Persona 5, its a decent to mediocre game still using an even more simplified and outdated digital devil saga combat but its gets a hard pass because muh style/waifufags
Ironically I still prefer main branch SMT and DDS over Persona. Personal preference, 1+2 of persona wasn't that bad, it just people wanted waifus and shit but no one doesn't want to fight Hitler with Nyarlathotep as a stand (Yes, that happens in the second game).


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FF7. Overrated as hell if you've played most of the others. (FF4, FF6, FF9 I thought were better)
Disagree. Ive played all of them and i could see saying 4 and 6 were better but 9 had a ton of issues. The plot took a nosedive in quality after the first disc and the whole game was just slow as hell.
Aeris dying was a genuinely shocking plot twist and thats probably in part why it got "overrated"


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The MGS trilogy.

In terms of stealth games, the original Thief. Still a great game, but some of its bullshit doesn't really hold up. The Metal Age is much better.
The original Thief game is not overrated no way you can say that while every Metal Gear Solid game under Kojima would get near perfect scores and the entire video game media raving about it.
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WoW is literally the best MMO ever created and given how stale the genre has been for over a decade it will be the best MMO to have ever existed.
The genre is shit and designed to waste your time so judged as a game it's not particularly fun.
Your favorite MMO is also shit so don't come crying at me how I'm wrong because you loved to waste time with your internet friends on some other boring time waster.
Disagree. Asheron's Call was the best MMO ever created. But WB shut it down a couple years back, so WoW is probably the best still running.

I don't know which installment in the series is the most overrated game, but the Call of Duty series has to be the most overrated series of all time.