motivation - what motivates you to work out and stay fit?


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1. Seeing too many fat fucks at the hospital. They are there for a reason after all. Looking at fat fuck's lab results for a living and drop 25% of your body weight and counting diet. It seems like every single fat fuck has the beetus. It is difficult to palpate for veins on fat fucks too. One time the tourniquet totally popped off of a Slaton sister lookalike.
2. Scuba diving. Fat absorbs too much nitrogen. Being fat also requires more weight to sink you. You also need to be in shape to scuba dive.
3. I have more energy and rarely nap anymore despite working rotating shifts.
4. I am very proud of myself to go from class 2 obesity to being overweight. Newsflash PCOS is a total excuse why you is a fat fuck you cannot lose weight. Eat moar protein and less sugar.
5. My cholesterol and liver enzymes (ALT and AST) are finally within the reference range. Fuck yeah.
6. I love seeing my progress. Ten miles on a stationary bike used to be difficult, but I can easily do fifteen miles now. My heart rate is also not as fast when working out now.
7. It is expensive to be a fat fuck. I’d rather spend 40k on fun stuff than medical care.
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I don't have a car so I have to bike to work because lolpoor.
When I had to work from home I still kept biking because I got used to eating whatever I damn well please.