Mr. Magenta has a desire to have sex with Trent on 7-04-2019 - Fourth of the July. So Patriotic

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Feb 16, 2017
When? 2019. Where? Australia. Who? Mr. Magenta. His desire? To have sex with the anus of a man named Trent on the fourth of July, during the year 2019.

Mr Magenta looks at his calendar. It is June 30th. Mr Magenta desperately wants to get to the U.S.A and have sex with that Trent anus. He lets out a long sorrowful sigh. 'Whats wrong Mr. Magenta?" Mr Magentas wife says. "Oh, nothing honey. Its just that, I need to go on a business trip to the USA pretty soon." Mr Magenta explains to her. "Okay. Have safe travels." Mr Magenta wife says.. "I simply will." Mr Magenta explains.

July 3, 2019. Mr Magenta hops on the first flight directly to Chicago Illinois. He takes a cab and goes directly to Trents house. He kicks in the door. "Time for anus!" Mr Magenta screams. Mr Magenta sees Marquis, Jamal, and DeAndre chilling on the couch. Mr Magenta quickly pulls out his pistol. "WHERE THE FUCK IS TRENT!!!!" Mr magenta screams. "We just had sex with his anus and then he left. He said something about heading directly to the white house." Marquis says. "I must be too late." Mr Magenta says and sits on the couch, with a defeated look on his face. Trent walks out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. "Mr Magenta! What are you doing here??" Trent says. 'You know this man??" Jamal says. "Mr magenta im sorry but Im headed directly to the white house right now. I really dont have the time. Deandre tackles mr magenta from behind and points the gun to mr magentas head. Jamal pulls out his pistol and points it at trent. "TRENT YOU ARENT GOING NOWHERE!" He screams and then tackles Trent to the ground. He quickly slams his penis into the anus of Trent. Ejaculate Marquis quickly runs out the back door. Mr Magenta back kicks Deandre in the balls and the wrestle for the gun, Mr Magenta quickly shoots Deandre directly in the forehead. Jamal grabs trent and uses him as a human shield and takes outside. with mr magenta in hot pursuit. "Just let me at that anus of trent, and you can walk away and live." Mr magenta says. "No, I need this anus way too badly." Jamal says and pushes trent into the car and gets in and speeds off. Mr magenta fires several shots into the back windshield as he runs after the car, but the car gets away and speeds off.

"Holy hell, that was a close call!" Jamal says. "What now" Trent says. "We gotta find a place to lay low. and a place for me to slam my penis into your anus." Jamal explains. He takes trent to a cheap motel and they rent a room, and engage in sexual activty all night. Jamal constantly slamming his penis into the anus of Trent all night. The next day, July 4, 2019. Jamal and Trent walk out of the hotel and walk towards the car. Jamal is quickly blasted in the back of the head by a sawed off shotgun. Darius is the one who fired the shot. "WHAT DA FUCK???" trent screams. "I NEED ANUS!" Darius screams, and tackles trent to the ground and quickly slams his penis into the anus of a man named trent. Ejaculate.

Mr Magenta fires his pistol into the air and approaches. "Tsk tsk tsk, black on black violence yet again Darius?" Mr Magenta says. Darius looks at Mr Magenta with a stunned look on his face. "Well, it looks like you have caught me with my pants down, literally." Darius says. "I want to thank you for killing Jamal for me. I have no quarrel with you Darius. Just hand over that anus, and you can leave." Mr Magenta says. Darius runs away as he is pulling up his pants and runs down the street and runs away.

"Man, I sure did have a crazy night. Thanks for s" Trent starts to say but is interrupted when mr Magenta screams, "NO TIME FOR SMALL TALK, JUST ANUS!" Mr Magenta quickly tackles Trent to the ground and slams his penis into the anus of a man named Trent. Ejaculate. "Sexual pleasure on the fourth of july, LOL!" Mr Magenta says. "Lets go back to my house" Trent says. Just then a man fires his pistol into the air and approaches. It is Chavel! "Mr Magenta there is no need for you to die today, but I simply must slam my penis into that anus of Trent right now." Chavel says. Mr Magenta puts his hands up and slowly puts his pistol on the ground. "Have it your way Chavel." Mr Magenta says. "Dont mind if i do!" Chavel says, and then quickly tackles Trent to the ground and slams his penis into the anus of a man named Trent. "Mr Magenta now!" Trent screams. Mr Magenta quickly grabs his pistol and shoots Chavel directly in the side of the head. "Crisis averted yet again!" Mr Magenta says. Six cop cars quickly fly up with lights and sirens blareing. The cops get out of their cars with their guns drawn. "SHOW ME YOUR HANDS!" A cop screams. Mr Magenta and Trent raise their hands up above their heads. They are quickly handcuffed and taken to jail. After they sort things out, Trent is released without charges, but Mr Magenta is charged with First degree murder for the shooting of Chavel. He faces the death penalty by lethal injection if convicted.

A police detective approaches mr Magenta in the interrogation room. "Just take a plea deal and accept 40 years in prison mr magenta." he says. "hellas no." Mr magenta says.

Mr Magenta goes to trial, He pleads not guilty by reason of stand your ground law, and takes the stand in his own defense. Trent also testifies in his defense.

'We the jury, herby find the defendant, Mr Magenta, not guilty by reason of stand your ground law!" The jury says! Mr Magenta and Trent head out of the courtroom and go directly to Trents house.
"Welcome home trent!" Trents mom says. "No time for talk mom, me and mr magenta have to, uh, go play video games in my room." Trent says. Mr Magenta and trent go downstaires into trents room. Mr magenta immediately tackles trent to the ground. "Time for anus." Mr magenta says. "Anus for a man named Mr Magenta." Trent says. Just as Mr Magenta is about to slam his penis into trents anus, He is grabbed from behind by ICE immigration officers! "We followed you here Mr magenta! You may have been found not guilty of first degree murder, but you are still a illegal immigrant and must be deported immediately!"
"NOOOOO!!!! BUT HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO HAVE SEX WITH THE ANUS OF A MAN NAMED TRENT IF I AM DEPORTED BACK TO AUSTRALIA???" Mr Magenta screams. "You should have thought about that BEFORE you became a Illegal immigrant!" He screams. Mr Magenta is put on the next flight and flown back home directly to Australia. He walks inside his house. His wife is standing there looking at him with a stern look on her face. "Where the hell have you been Mr Magenta!" Mr magentas wife says in an angry manner. Mr Magenta pulls out a huge stack of american dollars and throws the money at her feet. She suddenly smiles and says, "Lets have sex!" Mr Magenta and his wife have sex that night. And she becomes pregnant.

Meanwhile back in the usa, Trent heads directly to the white house. The secrete service pull out their guns on Trent. but then they receive a message in their ear pieces. "Trent! You are allowed to go inside the white house." They tell trent and escort him inside. He goes inside a private room and sees Donald Trump. "Sexual relations with anus." Donald Trump says and then quickly tackles trent to the ground and slams his penis into the anus of a man named Trent. Ejaculate. Trent then goes home. Donald Trump types Trent Anus into google. He reads a site that talks about how a man from Australia named Mr Magenta came to the usa for the sole purpose of slamming his penis into the anus of a man named Trent. Donald trump makes a tweet. "Australia is bad news. I am issueing a travel ban for all Australians to the usa and vice versa." Trump tweets. A Australian man tweets and says, "What why?" DOnald trump tweets back saying, "Just like I had to issue a travel ban on americans going to North Korea, I must also issue this one because australia and australians are just as dangerous." "Oh okay. I guess so." The australian man tweets back.

21 years later. Mr Magenta arrives home from the office and goes inside his house. "How was work today?" Mr Magentas wife says. Just then the door gets kicked in and mr magentas wife is blasted in the back of the head by a sawed off shotgun. Its Trent. "Trent! This is Australia! How did you get to australia!" Mr magenta says. "I followed you here Mr Magenta. You have been ignoring me for the past 21 years. Mr Magenta jr walks out of his room with a baseball glove on his right hand and a baseball in his left hand. "Want to go out back outside and play a game of catch Dad?" Mr Magenta jr says and then he sees trent holding a sawed off shotgun and sees his mom dead on the floor. He lets out a scream of terror. "Its okay Mr Magenta jr, I have everything under control." Mr magenta says. "You have a son??" Trent says. "My wife got pregnant the very same day I got deported back home! I had to stay here. Plus the travel ban and everything as well!" Mr Magenta says.

"You want to know the good thing about Australia?" Trent says, with a evil smile. "What?" Mr magenta says. "In Australia, the good guys dont have guns, only the bad guys have guns." Trent says. Mr Magenta reaches into his pocket to pull out his pistol, only to realize he has no pistol! "They took my pistol away when they deported me and sent me to the airport and put me on a flight back home! and the laws here in australia dont allow me to have a pistol of my own here! Damn!" Mr magenta says. "Your son dies today!" Trent screams. Then trents cell phone rings. he awnseres the phone. It is donald trump. He wants trent to come back to the usa so that he may have sex with trents anus. "It looks like its your lucky day mr Magenta. Donald trump wants me to go back to the usa so he can slam his penis into my anus. So I wont be killing your son today." Trent says. and then turns around and walks away towards the door. Mr Magenta and Mr Magenta jr let out a sigh of relief. Trent has finally come to his senses and all is well again in the world. Trent quickly spins around and shoots Mr Magenta jr directly in the forehead with his sawed off shotgun. "NOOOOO!!!!" Mr magenta screams, and runs to his dead son and cradles him. "Trent you said you wouldnt!" Mr magenta screams.

Trent just shakes his head, and a evil smile goes onto his face. "I was simply hella jokes, son." Trent says. Trent hops on a plane and flys directly back to the usa. Mr Magenta raises his fist to the sky and screams in agony.

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Apr 19, 2019
I'm not sure what I just read, but it was certainly a thing I read.



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Feb 9, 2018
I really don't see how stand your ground law applies to this situation. I mean, mr magenta kicked the door in, so he had no right to be there, and he was hardly trapped with no way out or alternative. What's up with that?

Freddy Freaker

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Nov 8, 2018
When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they have sex with the anus of a man named Trent.

Marissa Moira

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Apr 19, 2019
Gonna be honest, this feels like retread of the first one written by a different person and trying to pass it off as a sequel. You really should have taken some of the stuff from the Trent/Magenta Expanded Universe. Like the strugglings of the morning after when Trent needs to pee real bad but has a raging erection, it's one of the few pieces of fiction in the canon where it specifically focuses on Trent rather than Mr.Magenta and helps expand Trent's character more.