Mr. Magenta has a desire to have sex with Trent on 7-04-2019 - Fourth of the July. So Patriotic

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Feb 16, 2017
Gonna be honest, this feels like retread of the first one written by a different person and trying to pass it off as a sequel. You really should have taken some of the stuff from the Trent/Magenta Expanded Universe. Like the strugglings of the morning after when Trent needs to pee real bad but has a raging erection, it's one of the few pieces of fiction in the canon where it specifically focuses on Trent rather than Mr.Magenta and helps expand Trent's character more.

You liar! I wrote all the Trent anus stories!

Aug 1, 2019
Mr Magenta he just heads to the USA on the fourth of the July hello guys it is actually the Fourth of July hahahahaha whoaaaaa what’s up everybody noooooo ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Magenta is looking for a hella bang on the 4th he seeks that explosion in simple terms hella blatantly