Mundane Matt strikes back - Boulder Talk Radio archive related to Ethan

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I saved audio version of most of the Boulder Talk Radios that Matt did on the Gunt. Might not be the most riveting content but there's some good stuff here.


  • 0 - Boulder Talk Radio 000-1UJBbXXlupQ.mp3
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  • 1 - Star Wars Baby Name Drama + Penis Shooting + LIVE CALLS - BTR 001-kdS1Fic_urw.mp3
    82.4 MB · Views: 0
  • 2 - We're Entering Boulder Country + LIVE CALLS - BTR 002-1vilemdeUOc.mp3
    36.2 MB · Views: 0
  • 3 - Virginia Man Bad + AH4lfWayCrook Chat + LIVE CALLS - BTR 003-ELg6BEmQg7k.mp3
    75.9 MB · Views: 0
  • 4 - JUST A BORING CALL IN SHOW - BTR 004-FlVDbYMumRw.mp3
    56.1 MB · Views: 0
  • 6 - Vengance Comes Wearing a Fedora - BTR 006-B7rmMvhuc3w.mp3
    63.1 MB · Views: 0
  • 7 - Chatting with Drumr828 - BTR 007-FwDjS_VSBek.mp3
    26.1 MB · Views: 0
  • 7.1 - Who IS Rad Roberts + LIVE CALLS - BTR 007-rvwS1Rie7yE.mp3
    61.3 MB · Views: 0
  • 8 - Rad Roberts - A Villain or Victim - BTR 008-jmAQDFhBvIQ.mp3
    59.2 MB · Views: 0
  • 9 - Sunday Night Quick Stream + LIVE CALLS - BTR 009-6-ow0Gev-Ag.mp3
    34.5 MB · Views: 0
  • Another Day. Another Boulder. + LIVE CALLS - BTR 011-tIYbbgLg3Tc.mp3
    54.9 MB · Views: 0
  • Ethan Ralph can't melt Steel Vickers - BTR 009 (Streamyard Link in Desc)-4IgH96ETwhw.mp3
    44.8 MB · Views: 0
  • Illegal Wiretapping is the new Punk Rock + LIVE CALLS - BTR 011-CtWr-OT4bOA.mp3
    84.8 MB · Views: 0
  • Leafy Isn't Here, Man + LIVE CALLS - BTR 010 (Replay)-QFaqDelKjHQ.mp3
    40.6 MB · Views: 0
  • MattReadsTheTimeline.mp3
    25.8 MB · Views: 0

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

From Arby's
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I forgot to add the one where Keemstar/Boogie2988 call in. And the numbering is wrong on a the first few because Matt can't count to 5, apparently.


  • Should Boogie have fired...or is it Kayfabe + LIVE CALLS-RVCbdZLR5Ss.mp3
    90 MB · Views: 0

I am not a fan of Matt, he's really boring for the most part, but how things turned on their heads over the past few months and his ability to dab back at the gunt was really entertaining to me.
His shows are good background noise when its just shitting on the gunt then all of a sudden he drops one of his poltical takes that are so fucking dumb that you have to rewind to see if you heard right or when he tells one of his stories like the one where he has army buddies that are secretaly gay and lusting for each other.
He has callers that has some real lolcow potential like that tranny? The Voice he was called and he got catfished by someone claiming to be a jap waifu.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

From Arby's
True & Honest Fan
He has callers that has some real lolcow potential like that tranny?

Honestly if you listen to the episodes I uploaded he usually brings in a caller, but when it's one of his "fans" I swear to god, every one of them sounds mentally challenged and I mean that literally. He seems to humor them for a bit, but they actually sound like some of them are special needs. To his credit, he works well with the differently abled.


Adezero buck broke Ethan Ralph
Taken from the gunt report thread

Chris Kerr confirms on Matt Jarbo’s bouldertalk radio (4:30 Onwards) that Faith was sending sexual images and video calls to him while in Ralph’s bathroom. Kerr admits that he received nudes from Faith when she was only 15 and he was 21.
Found the clip
original date: August 17, 2020