Music that is the audio equivalent of shitposting -

friends o' niall

backpack-wearing behaviours
^That one sounds decent and the lyrics have some Midwestern vibes I like. Shit, I once dated this art school girl who rocked the black DMs and yellow Kanken, and gave me one of the Scott Pilgrim books as a gift. Guess I belong to an eerily specific loserdom niche. Just @ me the next time.

Back on topic... 8ish months and no Alexander Marcus? Shame on you, German Kiwis.



Burning in the Melting Pot
a new incel-tier classic.
this is an excellent one too, I won't lie, I kinda like it.
lmao how could Scott Pilgrim ruin a generation of women when no one saw that movie??
otherwise the track's pretty decent.


Repented Before The Emperor
Literal shitposting
No, this is.

And the worst part is, I might even make an Asgore for this AU. But it would be for Null (since he lives in Ukraine, which is just bootleg Russia). I wonder what it would be like if he sees it.


C'mon, get happy! Laugh all your cares away!
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The entire album this song came from, "The Left Rights", is entirely made up of shitposting. 75% of Mindless Self Indulgence's discography is shitpost magic.

Can't believe no one's added any HGich.T. I swear that the reason HGich exists is so some middle aged dudes can go video tape themselves getting wasted on drugs, hang out with college aged girls and call it art.

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