Music videos that shaped your childhood - MTV, BET, Youtube for zoomies. Whatever left an imprint on you as a kid.


Standing in the school hallway.
My mother really didn't like it when CBC Video Hits played this one particular Billy Idol video with lyrics that might have been a little too suggestive for afterschool television in 1984.

My youngest brother was only just turning 5 around the time this video was released so my mother probably wasn't just concerned about her oldest son seeing it.

My cousin played the music video to Welcome to the Black Parade to scare the shit out of me as a small child, along with some Dir en Grey music video I forgot the name of where Kyo vomits yogurt all over himself.

On a more positive note, this jpop video pretty much singlehandedly started 8 year old Elysian’s weeb phase:


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In the more enlightened time of the 1980s, Hong Kong singer Anita Mui had this video. Please excuse the poor quality, it must be an VHS recording because there is no chance that it gets re-released today:

The song is a boring reminiscence of someone towards her ex-lover, but the video makes the lyrics reverberate with unsuspected meaning.

If you are just feeling despondent
Why do you forsake me?
Everyone has a beautiful flaw. Me and you.
Why escape now that we are in love?

I stick to you in daytime
I think of you at night.
My dreams bring me smiles.

With you my breath quickens
For you my breath stops.
I'll never be tired of you
Let's ignore all the talks and taboos
With you I sense vitality.

The Token Ethnic

I really liked the animation for Peter Gabriel's video whenever I'd watch it as a kid. Surprisingly enough, Aardman Animations (Wallace and Gromit) and the Brothers Quay worked on the video.
Nintendo was using this song in their edgy "we're not just for kids" campaign in the mid 90s. One of the animators, Wes Archer, had his "Jac Mac and Rad Boy, Go!" video play on Liquid Television and the art style looked familiar in this video.
This Primus video came out around the time Duracell used similar looking characters in their commercials. It was a weird video, but it introduced me to the band since it was a "buzz clip" video.

Bowl of Ramen

Oodles of Noodles
From my earliest memories. George Harrison - who’s totes doing the stunts, don’t tell me otherwise - bringing the quirk. George was a staple of my youth, being my mother’s favorite Beatle. Thirty Three & 1/3 was religiously played on a wicked set of speakers she had that made George sound more frightening than he really was. This assuaged my little soul:

Also a goofy video I loved then, and still do:

Speaking of frightening me (and no, not because of it being Madonna). I loved the song as a two-year-old, but couldn’t understand why the statue was bleeding.

More videos, but I don’t wanna turn this into a novel: