My idea for a Chris-Chan miniseries -

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So, first of all, this thread is optimistic, not realistic. Let’s face it, if Hollywood got their hands on Chris’s life, they’s either make it an Oscar bait drama or a PG-13 Adam Sandler movie. However, if I made a Chris-Chan miniseries, this is how’d I’d make it.

I’d actually make it a miniseries, as there’s too much shit to fit into one movie. This miniseries would be a part black comedy, part drama, part cautionary tale. What I’m thinking is that the series can have someone as the real Chris (Robin Williams, Chris Farley and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are dead, so I honestly think that Jonah Hill is our best bet) and someone else as how Chris sees himself (I think Michael Cera would work). The series would switch between Chris’s perspective on his life and Chris’s reality. We can have all the “sweethearts” be played by super hot girls, sometimes change reality to make it go the way Chris wanted, etc. Let’s also try to come up with a director that has a unique, no limits style of comedy. Let’s also try to make Chris a sympathetic figure (as a joke) while still making him an insufferable autistic cunt.

Cast (tell me any suggestions to change):
Jonah Hill as real Chris
Michael Cera as CWCville Chris
Kathy Bates as Barb
Dustin Hoffman as Bob
Edward Norton as Cole
Meryl Streep as Mary Lee Walsh (reality)
Cate Blanchett as Mary Lee Walsh (CWCville)
Betty White as Rocky Shoemaker
Chris Pratt as Sonichu
Tara Strong (unlikely) as Rosechu
Craig Robinson as Black Sonichu
Adam Sandler as Wild
Kristen Wiig as Bubbles
Bill Hader as Magi-Chan
Amy Poehler as Angelica
Jackie Chan as Punchy
Jennifer Lawrence as Megan
Gal Gadot as Blanca
Ariana Grande as Julie
Some kid as BlueSpike
Emma Stone as Ivy
Vanessa Hudgens as Vanessa Hudgens
Kristen Stewart as Kacey
Paul Rudd as Kacey’s father
Megan Fox as Jackie
Seth Rogen as Adam Stackhouse
Danny McBride as Jason Kendrick Howell
James Franco as Clyde Cash
Jeff Goldblum as Michael Snyder
Idris Elba as The Pickle Man
Oscar Issac as Joshua Martinez
Jon Stewart as Liquid
Seth McFarlane as Alec Benson Leary
Sacha Baron Cohen as Surfshack Tito
Eminem as Lars
Heather Materazzo as The Wallflower
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