Navigating the Gunt Board (Update 11/12/2021) - Does anyone even hate watch anymore??

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From GayGayte to felon, now savior of the White race, the gunt delivers. Welcome to the board.
This post will be updated accordingly.

Gunt's social media:
:gunt: Twitter:
:gunt: Telegram:
:gunt: Gab:
:gunt: Facebook:
:gunt: Instagram:
- Remember to archive (
- Not an autistic illuminati

When in doubt, contact and/or @ a janny.
Jannies: @AltisticRight @Sam Losco

Where can I find the gunt's streams?
Stream snipes by PhoBingas:
PhoBingas' Odysee:
Official link on Trovo, only accessible via a direct link:
Gunt on Odysee [by]:
Gunt on YouTube under the guise of not owning the channel (a lie):

Archive streams (Gunt edits them, he removes arguments and gamer slurs):
Bitchute: (No longer uploading there as of July 16th, 2021)
(Not that kind of AV, I hope, we can all hope)
Unedited archive here:
Gunt's compromised paywall: Likely not coming back. Ask @Sam Losco for something from there.

Historic Killstream archive (Zencast uploads from mid 2018 - mid 2020):
The podcast service Ralph used didn't delete the files after he cancelled it. I believe this is how Gator was able to recover the lost audio.

You can obtain a list of urls from the latest archive of the rss feed here (broken but still usable archive on With a modification to the url, you can still access the audio. For example, take
and change it to

Attached is a copy of the rss, a list of links to each audio file, and the data for each show to make it easier to find a specific show. There are a few missing because I know he had at least up to 480 on there. Perhaps the rss feed is still live, but I could not find it.

Gunt's website:

When to make a thread? What has been made?
- There's containments for memes, art, videos etc. Original content is encouraged
- There's a thread for the show in general
- There's a thread for his Twitter spergouts, and another for his Discord, Telegram et cetera
- If you think something is worth its own, make a thread
- In general, significant cow crossover and new articles on the Gunt's website warrants a new thread

General posting guideline:
- Stay on-topic
- "Chit-chat" is tolerated to some degree but please don't shit up threads by overdoing it
- When responding to the gunt's takes "live", try to actually reference the statement and preferably include a rough timestamp

Main Threads:
Threads for those unfortunate souls caught in the gravitational pull of the gunt:
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