Nefertiti "Whitewashing" - WE WUZ KANGZ AND SHEEIT

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I ain't watching all that, just looking at the thumbnails gave me :autism:.

Don't worry. All that hotep stuff is the same anyway. They want to claim Egypt, Europe and the Americas. Some of them even believe the Olmec were Africans based on nothing more than their statues. But there are Amerindians alive today in Mexico that resemble those statues. Hell, George Lopez looks like one.

The videos can be good for a laugh though. They seem to think the white devil is hiding the truth. How ashamed can you be of your own culture that you want to steal the "perceived as better" cultures of others? Shouldn't their claims of "We wuz kangz" be seen as cultural appropriation? I even saw a rant once claiming that blacks were the original Russians and Poles.:lol:

Stop claiming other people's cultures and embrace your own. What happened to blacks walking around in African colors with Africa medallions? That used to be a big thing. I guess the trend wore off.

Yo, dem wypipo be stealin our history and shit, mang! Dem muhfuckaz think we melanated ppl don't know our history! Dem evil cave devil genetic recessive neanderthals have oppressed our asses for centuries! Dem edomites don't know what's comin when Yahawashi smites they pale asses! We gon be sleepin with dey white bitches all night long and they gon have frizzy haired brown kids! BLACK POWAH!

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Tumblr is salty as well.

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Thing is if you wanted to it would be very easy to spin all these findings as a celebration of how ethnically diverse Egypt was. It was probably one of the first real multiracial empires, being at the crossroads of Africa, Asia, and the Med. Lots of different races present, including people with mixes of traits that probably aren't well represented anywhere anymore.

But no, blacks have to have everything.


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As hilarious as this is I have to wonder how they reacted when genetic testing confirmed Ramses the Great was a soulless ginger.

A lot of mummies have red hair. And it's not blkpipo hair either. Which just brings the hotep excuse that black Africans can be good hair Becky too. There are many Somalians, Ethiopians and Eritreans with straight, soft hair. This is true. But they also have ancestry from North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. You can see it in their facial features. Some have kinky hair and some don't. But they are markedly different looking than the West Africans that were brought over as slaves. You wuzn't kangz. You wuz nowhere near Egypt at the time. Unless maybe you wuz slaves there too. Africa is a continent. Not a country. It is not and never has been a monolith culture. Stop claiming all of Africa like it's one big black lump. It's still very tribal anyway. Just look at Nigeria for example. Maybe you can't tell them apart but they know and don't like to marry outside of their tribes much of the time, even in the cities.

I don't think Nefertiti even looks that white in that reconstruction. What do they mean by white anyway? Because I think European. Not lighter skinned Middle Eastern or North African looking person. What was the salt on King Tut? His reconstruction didn't look remotely kangz at all. but it was awhile ago and I don't think I heard much salt. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough.

Here's another mummy reconstruction of a girl named Meritamun.

When they reconstruct mummies this is what they tend to look like. Not kangz.


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these niggos aren't willing to put the effort into making something of themselves, so they take the easy route and just claim to be descendants of great civilizations from the past (i.e egypt), even if they have to rewrite history to do so


can someone explain to me what the fuck is going on in that picture?

are they fondling their balls? measuring them? jerking them off?

i can't tell

I'm thinking it's circumcision. But I'm not really sure. That person sure picked a good pic to refute that hotep heffa though.:lol:

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The artifacts in King Tut's tomb had explicit racial imagery and clearly depicted Nubians as being the enemies of Egypt.

Tut going full Moonman on Nubians in his chariot


Images of Nubians on his sandals so he could symbolically crush his enemies when he walked.


Tut's walking cane depicting his enemies.


Just want to add this also.
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I'm surprised I didn't see this sooner, honestly.

Hello, resident Ancient Egyptian sperg here. I was made aware of this article a few days ago.

We can thank Akhenaten's (king Tut's father and Nefertiti's husband) heretical nature and deviations from the norm (as well as probably mental illness.) He did away with the ancient Egyptian's divine grid system in art, and put in-place his own system where we get a more natural approach. Before, everything was rigid and lacked character.

I'd like to think that with the introduction of this era of art, that we'd see more honesty in how the subject is depicted. As seen in the spoiler, Tut is seen with a cane because of his gimp leg. The bust of Nefertiti, as shown earlier in the thread, is the opus magnum of some Amaran artist. It's beautiful, to put it lightly, and depicts a woman of what looks to be possibly Indo-European descent. She's definitely not lower African, as she'd definitely be darker-skinned (as the Egyptians were not shy about painting the Nubians pitch black.) We honestly don't know much about Nefertiti, and her mysterious disappearance only adds to it.

In fact, we don't know much of anything. Zahi Hawass, someone I can't fucking stand, refuses to retest mummies (especially Tut because god forbid he's actually wrong on something [hint: he usually is]) because, "the science has a 40 percent chance for error" despite that these tests only improve with time. This is the guy that said King Tut was murdered instead of the fact that the poor kid died from being so inbred.

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