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NeoGAF & ResetERAThe Hilarious N̶e̶v̶e̶r̶e̶n̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ Splintering "Gaming" Forum Circus

Discussion in 'Community Watch' started by Alan Pardew, May 17, 2015.

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  1. I see Alice has a FFXIV avatar. I bet he's from Gather Against Fate in Ultros.
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    Snowflake Buster

    Snowflake Buster Bustin' special snowflakes makes me feel good

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  2. I think you should keep it here, I am planning on sweeping that place for SJW stragglers, whose shrieking is rendered funnier by the fact that the mod team is far less receptive to their ideas of how discussion should go.

    Plus, there's still some drama going on between the two sites, the suicide posts are still going on GAF, and it's only recently that Tyler talked about DDOS attacks on the site right after he got #metooed, so further revelations may come at a later time..
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    neural Slayer
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  3. I'm still in shock Malka managed to pull his head out of his ass and uncuck his forum.
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  4. No he didn't. All the SJW faggots and troons who were paying his bills abandoned him. The only play he has left to regain (a modicum of) relevance is to call after them, loudly so everyone else can hear it, "I never liked you anyway!"
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    frozenrunner I could really use the salt

  5. If he overturned every ban, admitted his own mistakes then neogaf could've had a chance, but he blew it.
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  6. Hey guys, big fan of this community, ive been meaning to register for a while but finally had the time to do it.

    I was a former Neogaf member back in the day, Its the most toxic, cancerous place I have ever been apart of. I was permanently banned because I said I couldn't immerse my self playing as a female character in a video game. It doesn't make me sexist pig, I respect women but its my preference to play as a male character in a game. You can imagine the responses in the thread..

    Its also sad to see some of my favorite game developers joining resetERA. I guess most game developers are sjw so it shouldn't come as a surprise.
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  7. Does it still involve the captcha of listening to a raving troon phone call & typing out a phrase? This site has a pretty fun sign-up process.

    Some digging really needs to be done on the ResetERA staffers re: how they keep attracting these developers. It's got to be some insiders forcing interaction at this point. KotakuInAction just had a highly rated post today of ResetERA's "feedback" for the Persona games(for the unitiated, they're jap games about emo/scene kids summoning spirits to solve supernatural threats to the world, with dating elements), which reads more like a ransom note from terrorists having a standoff in an airport: https://imgur.com/a/XpWnd

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  8. None of this matters to the shut-in NEETs who buy the games in Japan, the domestic audience of the game. If these Western players were the primary audience of the game, then Atlus JP would make these changes.

    At least put your glossy infographic in Japanese, too.
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  9. I think the hope is that they get the US translators to "Treehouse" future releases and try to re-write/re-design as much of the game as possible, despite that not being the point. I think there's also something to be said for "ask for 100 demands, when you really only care about 1 or 2," in getting some pervy jokes removed regarding trannies and LGBT characters. Thankfully true blue weebs hold all the power with their disposable income and propensity to engage in feedback for fanservice.
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  10. Persona 5's localisation had parts that were personally overseen by the Atlus execs (it's why some things like Ryuji's surname were weirdly pronounced). There's no way in hell short of a complete overhaul in the executive board of Atlus and a shift in opinion towards localisation that their games will get "Treehouse'd."
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  11. Say what you will about puritanical SJWs, but they dream big.
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  12. Did this inspire them to make fake infographics with the Resetera name on them? Gamergators really love infographics.
  13. Welcome man. The bright side of NeoGAF being the shit show that it was is that it brought a lot of us together here or anywhere else to mock it. They're fighting a war that they can't possibly win and knowing that is awesome.
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  14. "Tone down on having pervert party members"? I don't get it, didn't NeoGafsetera always want to be represented more?

    Anyways back on topic I guess the thing is, that's the best major gaming forum with the community kinda fitting for more high profile industry insider, despite all the LARPer idiots pretending they know about videogames. Like, the Reddit's major gaming subreddits are shit and cancer, full of crap meme posts and other rubbish. r/gamedev is mostly hobbyist and beginner gamedevs. The specific game or series dedicated subreddits don't work if you wanna talk with other industry reps outside of those you could already meet during a coffee break. 4chan and to some extent other imageboards could be fun for insiders if they wanna shit talk without nobody being wiser about them breaking NDA, sure, but it's infamous for forgeries, has bad rep, and anonymous nature means people will demand proof you're from company X every damn time. Twitter has lots of industry people including living legends, notable indies, and some AAA CEOs, buuuut it's not a forum for long form discussion. There are some other blogs too but I guess they died out as people converged to NeoGAF, where the strict moderation could actually appeal to insiders who don't care about shitposting and any sort of fun because they're AAA game devs so fun is anathema to them. When the schism happen, many could have just moved with the flow hence that one ended up with so many insiders and leaks.
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  15. I like how they claim to not want to dictate what the devs do. very disingenuous.
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  16. “Male players should be forced to relate to female characters!”

    > Consider an adult cast in a workplace or college setting

    “Waaah! We can’t relate to the teenage characters, change it immediately!”
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  17. Oh man the Alex Jones clip had me rolling haha. Yeah in a strange way its hard for me to find enjoyment playing some of my favorite games knowing the developers are interacting with the bunch of morons at ResetERA. I think only a handful of devs had the balls to call out GAF community for what they really are.
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    #6399 BoostedOmega, Apr 16, 2018 at 7:11 PM
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018 at 7:20 PM
  18. Thanks a lot bro :)

    ResetERA is basically all the SJW and pedos from Neogaf condensed into one site. Its only a matter of time before they crash and burn.
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