New show Labour of Love sees 15 men compete to impregnate 41-year-old woman - Labour of love aka sloppy fifteenths - Coming soon a new addition to the tard baby thread


A new reality series is sparking controversy with its promise to 'skip the dating and go straight to the baby-making'.

Fox's Labour of Love sees 15 men competing to impregnate a 41-year-old woman they have never met.

Kirsty Katzmann is the singleton hoping to bag herself a baby daddy on the never been done before series.

In last night's debut episode, Kirsty introduced herself to the hopefuls as a professional and a divorcee from Chicago seeking to find the right man to have a child with.

After having no success on the dating scene, Kirsty said yes to the divisive premise because she felt her 'biological clocking was ticking' and wanted to achieve her dream of motherhood.

"I had just turned 40 at the time and I had just gotten out of a relationship. I was trying to navigate dating, knowing that I still wanted to start a family and that time was definitely not on my side," she revealed.

Enter fifteen potential suitors who all moved into a house together and take it in turns to date Kirsty in the hopes of one day providing her with their sperm.

As well as trying to impress Kirsty with their looks and personality, the men must also undergo sperm analysis to make sure they are the right candidate for her.

"It might sound like a total dream to date 15 incredible men at, once but it’s actually super overwhelming. I think it really requires you to stand in your own presence and really know what you want," said Kirsty.

Hitting back at critics suggesting the though show lacks heart, Kirsty said she was conscious throughout to not be cruel to the rejected contestants.

After having had bad experiences with dating herself, Kirsty said she took the time to get to know each man properly and was also keen to avoid 'ghosting' when it came to giving those she turned down the boot.

"Every time I sent a guy home, I had a real conversation with him," she said, adding: "I had real relationships with these men."

The show is hosted by former Sex and the City star Kristin Davis, who is mother to two adopted children.

Playing Charlotte York on the HBO provided Kristin with information about the struggles of infertility through her characters battle to become a mother.

"There are so many choices now, for men and women, in terms of how they become parents and what their family might look like,” said Davis, who is also an executive producer on Labour of Love. "I am proud that our show can examine these very real options and hopefully allow the audience to think and discuss their own thoughts about the many shapes a family can take."

Now that's all out the way, what level of clown world be this?

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Gotta be honest, I dont see Who wants to baste the Roastie? being a major success any time soon

EDIT: Wait...the implicit nature of the show just hit me.....please tell me its not gonna be 15 guys fucking this sow in a single night and them waiting 9 months to figure out which one of them had the fastest sperm?
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Why do women still think it's ok to have kids when their biological clock has become nothing more than a fancy paper weight?

At that point, just give up, there's plenty of other options.
  • Find a guy that already has a kid
  • Adopt a child
  • get a pet, its pretty much the same thing
  • skip all of the above and save your money.

Gotta be honest, I dont see Who wants to baste the Roastie? being a major success any time soon

EDIT: Wait...the implicit nature of the show just hit me.....please tell me its not gonna be 15 guys fucking this sow in a single night and them waiting 9 months to figure out which one of them had the fastest sperm?
That would be..... Peak clown world but sadly nah, they'll weed it out and checky his gravy is healthy. If only .....


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You know the 41 year old skank is going to be abnormally hot...

Not the reality. It's going to give ideas to impressionable idiot women..
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It's fucking hilarious that the men are going to have their sperm examined for quality to impregnate a women 3 years from menopause. How the hell will fox avoid being sued when the mongoloid eventually gets crapped out.

Executive: We need a new way to attract the 28-40 single women demographic any ideas.

Fox Writer: Well at that age they are going to be worried that they may never find anyone good enough to start a family with.

Exec : Great so how do we use that to get them as repeat viewers.

Writer: We'll make a show that makes them think they can not only have a kid but will have hot men going after them even when they are only a few years from menopause.

Exec: Beautiful, sell it to me

Writer: Okay we'll find a single women desperate to have kids but thinks no man is worthy of creating them. She has to be at least 40 years old.

Writer: Then we'll find 15 men a good mix of simps and hunks we pay to be on the show and compete for her love.

Exec: Beautiful, but how is this any different than the bachelor

Writer: Simple the goal is to impregnate her, with a relationship being optional.

Exec: Woah, won't we and the winner be liable for the screeching autist she'll pop out.

Writer: Simple we'll put it in the contract that all participants understand that the child will not be taken to term and will be terminated after conception. We'll shove it in the middle where she won't read it and when she keeps the kid she'll break contract and we'll be free.

Exec: Genius, who will direct it

Writer: We got that washed up chick from sex in the city that had to adopt kids.

Autistic of me sure, but it's no where near as autistic as that kid is going to be,


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"Her biological clock was ticking"
Bitch you're 41, your biological clock already counted down to zero. Just like how because a girl menstruates at 11 it's not a go ahead to start childing herself (for non ☪), just because you haven't hit menopause yet isn't a go ahead to still try. Have fun with your retarded baby, if you can even conceive. I feel bad for it already. Give me my tophats, I'm mad at Barb 2 Electric Boogaloo, not even gonna lie.


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Never thought I'd see a shitshow that makes that polyamorous preggo in the Pink! shirt with the five guys living with her look wholesome. I also never thought I'd find myself cheering on Sharia Law in Britain, but....GOOOO Sharia Law!!!!!

If you Britains can't use sex responsibly, you shouldn't be able to have it at all.
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