New Years Resolutions - What do you plan to fail at for 2019?

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I've already made good on part of it--clear clutter out of my house. I just made a second trip to the dump this morning with a couple of old mattresses and some busted furniture that was taking up space in the garage, and two weeks ago I packed a Sprinter van to the roof with trash, recycling, and stuff fit to donate to Goodwill. I still need to take electronics recycling in, and dispose of a dead fridge, but I've made huge progress. It feels really fucking good, having all of that shit out of my life, as if a massive weight has been lifted off me. Plus, it's easier to clean my house, and that will help when I finally get around to re-painting this spring.

The next step: get the shit I decided to keep better organized, because my half-assed, ADHD-addled "system" doesn't fucking work, or at least not very well. It's what allowed me to end up with a house full of crap and the necessity for such a massive cleanout in the first place. I have everything I need to do all the creative stuff I love to do, but the constant struggle with disorganization keeps me from doing it.

This year, I bought my first acoustic guitar, and started to learn to play it. After lots of struggling and frustration, I bought an electric guitar, and holy shit, it is so much easier to play. I was practicing pretty consistently through the summer, but life happened and I haven't picked up either instrument since October. So in 2019 I want to get back in the habit of practicing every day. Also, my passive-aggressive neighbor has been annoying the shit out of me these past six months, so once the weather warms up and I open the windows again, I'd like to spend as much time annoying her with the sounds of my repeated, fumbling attempts at Nirvana songs as I possibly can.

I also want to learn to play bass, but I think that's going to have to wait until 2020.


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To attain all the milestones expected of a woman my age, e.g., further my career, have another midlife crisis, buy a fancy BMW, own a fake-fur leopard-print coat, and shag the hot hipster boy that works at the local organic coffee shop and is half my age.

Standard, really.


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I've had some successes this year paying off my school debts and hooking up with a new awesome gal pal, but I still got a lot of shit left to do.

First is that I need to regain some semblance of humanity left. That sounds very pretentious I know, but the fact that the job I'm at is killing me emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, and, while I'm okay financially, I think I can do better. However, I'm usually so fried, exhausted, and apathetic that it is difficult for me to even figure out I can ever get out of this hole.

I'd like to have at least a day where I'm not angry or depressed or blacking out due to exhaustion.

I'd like to actually get good at something. I think what I'm skilled at is adequate, but nothing stand outs, and everyday it gets increasingly harder to focus on what I am capable of doing.

Also, I'd like to eat at a White Castle again. That would be nice.

Spend less time online and maybe try to go out and socialize more. Or a more realistic one, get S rank in all missions in the upcoming DMC5 on Son of Sparda.
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