Nikocado Avocado / Nicholas Perry - Gay faggot who cries because he eats and eats because he cries.

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This dude is so fucking bizarre and I say that even as I laugh at this shit.

Is it like an Andy Kaufman-esque work like that coppercab guy pulled/pulls? I get that he's a grifter and found his niche by bilking feeders and literal fatfuckers but he's just so weird on top of it all that I wonder if it's some kind of post-post-ironic comedy shtick on top of it or something. Maybe it's just typical LA attention whore degeneracy or one of a thousand possible end-results of spending too much time obsessing over social media.

Like, he's definitely self aware, but his whole persona and all of his antics are so fucking weird.

Private Joker

I am vomit

Everybody hates Chris
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He looks like he’s pregnant with quintuplets.
Dear lord last time I checked in with this absolute train wreck of a sub-human he was about half this size. What the actual fuck. If anything this is an official PSA to stay away from gorging yourself on camera, to anyone even considering it. This looks like cursed deviantart mpreg photoshop "art" of him.


Get back here, you bacon stealing bitch!
Nik got no action from Matt Stonie, so he's now desperately trying to get MrBeast interested.

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Y'know, I look at something like this and I wonder just how empty he feels when he's not in character. Not to get too deep, because Nic doesn't really deserve true introspection, but I have to wonder: Who is Nic outside of the character? Does anyone know the real Nic? Is there a "real Nic" there at all? It's just all so performative, I keep thinking of how miserable a normal person would be trying to keep that up - but then again, maybe that's genuinely all there is to him.

Gorgabesch the Unholy
I wonder what Nicholas’s parents think of him now.
This is sad to think about. I've seen his adoptive father briefly in some of his videos and he seemed caring. It's a damn shame. Or maybe there is a sliver of chance they don't know what he does... and I'm really hoping they don't. They should keep that part of themselves intact.

Or...maybe they disowned him? Even Nickocado is, well, out there in all his disgusting facets I can't help but think there's something deeper to all this depravity.