Nikocado Avocado / Nicholas Perry - Gay faggot who cries because he eats and eats because he cries.


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I wonder what Nicholas’s parents think of him now.


geh, tis good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
"Maybe we should have taken the spastic, cross eyed ginger girl from the Ukrainian orphanage..."
i don't know if this is still in Ukraine , but there is a thing that if u where in a disabled orphanage you could get slapped with the label "unrehabitle" which in short means that you cant marry, get kids, nothing of the sort because you dont really exists.

and then you see this dumpster of a human. and wish he got slapped with that label

I’m no fat expert but are stretch marks supposed to reach THAT FUCKING FAR? They look like fucking lightning bolts, no, they look like seaweed
Its probably because he put on so much weight so fast. Most of the other death fats have always been whales so the ones that are dumb enough to think people want to see them naked won't have stretch marks as long and prominent.


Yeah..I miss you.
Y'know, I look at something like this and I wonder just how empty he feels when he's not in character. Not to get too deep, because Nic doesn't really deserve true introspection, but I have to wonder: Who is Nic outside of the character? Does anyone know the real Nic? Is there a "real Nic" there at all? It's just all so performative, I keep thinking of how miserable a normal person would be trying to keep that up - but then again, maybe that's genuinely all there is to him.
That reminds me of a youtuber named Sky Williams(The Nintendo Smash House guy). He used to be a league player but is this really over-the-top gay black guy. He's obnoxiously gay, virtue signals about everything, etc and it makes me wonder if that is his actual personality. So like him, I am curious what Nic's actual personality is like. I can't imagine that this is who he is all the time.


AMA cis straight meat eating female
Dear lord last time I checked in with this absolute train wreck of a sub-human he was about half this size. What the actual fuck. If anything this is an official PSA to stay away from gorging yourself on camera, to anyone even considering it. This looks like cursed deviantart mpreg photoshop "art" of him.
I genuinely wanna see progression pictures from the beginning til now year by year . Just to see the magnitude of it


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To be honest here, Nikocado reminds me of FGTeeV and other similar channels in a way. Both use extremely exaggerated and hideous (or entertaining depending on your view/opinion) thumbnails yet their actual content is generally mediocre and unentertaining. Now while I find most clickbait thumbnails boring and uninteresting, its safe to say that a good chunk of the entertainment I get from Nikocado and FGTeeV would be simply from their thumbnails alone.

If I could give Nikocado some credit, at least his food fights with Orlin had me laughing while FGTeeV's actual content is just boring.